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Template:Infobox organization The Kisan Swaraj Sangathan ('kisan Swaraj) (Template:Lang-en) (Hindi - किसान स्वराज संगठन ) organization,founded by Bhagwan meena in 2020.[1] The organization ( NGO ) registration Trade union of India Law, organization working for farmer welfare and justice,It has presence in the states of Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh,Gujrat,Rajasthan.[2]


Different people were working in the country to raise the issues of farmers, who were in constant contact with each other since 2014,[3] these 7 people together formed the organization on 25 February 2020 and got it registered in the trade union as per the Indian Constitution. People from other states joined the organization. Bhagwan meena a member of the Kisan Swaraj Organization, has led the country's big movement, the village bandh movement in 2017, the village bandh movement in June 2018.[4] [5] Madhya Pradesh has a major dominance. Establishment of Kisan Swaraj Organization in Nasrullaganj Tehsil of Madhya Pradesh that the objectives of the organization are raising the issue of the common people by creating a nationwide organization for the farmer laborers,[6] the main objectives being to raise the issues of water, forest, land. Therefore, the problem of Adivasis and people living in the village is increasing.[7] [8]


The functioning of the farmers organization is constitutional The organization has its own constitution.[9] According to which it is run. From the village committee to the nation committee is made. Farmer laborers are its members. Registered the organization in Madhya Pradesh Trade Union. Is a non-political and social service organization.The main objective of the organization is to benefit the peasant laborers and to bring their rights and justice.[10]

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