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Musical artist

Konk West (born November 24, 1978[no citations needed here]), also known as Lucas Konk West, is a French-Argentine DJ, producer, and sound engineer who worked in the area of electronic music during his time in the music realm. West is recognized for incorporating "house music", "hip hop", and Latin musical styles into his musical output and cofounded the KW Music Group (consisting of four record labels) with Ciudad Feliz in 2001. West has performed as a live act, including DJ sets, internationally and has produced music (house and other genres) since 1994. As a DJ, West held residencies in Paris, France; London, United Kingdom (UK); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan; and Barcelona, Spain, in addition to live shows throughout Europe.

Due to a severe ear injury sustained in late 2006, West officially retired from the professional music industry in late 2008[1] and has subsequently moved into the fields of visual art, writing, and acting.

Early years

in Buenos Aires, Argentina, West's interest in music commenced when he started playing drums at the age of four. He left Argentina with his family in the mid-1980s, who relocated to Paris, France, the city in which the next stage of the family's life began.

West was fascinated by "U.S.-made and engineered" productions from the mid-1980s, and he joined punk, jazz, and funk bands in his early high school years.[no citations needed here] As a teenager, the aspiring musician honed his craft in an empty hangar near Paris. West's first contact with electronic music production was in 1991, during his high school years, while he attended mandatory music classes. West's music teacher utilized MIDI-based programs, such as Steinberg Cubase, and introduced his students to early sampling machines.[no citations needed here]

From DJ to producer

In 1994, at sixteen years of age, West was a performing DJ in the Paris metropolitan area during a period when a new wave of electronic music artists was developing in France. Versailles, Yvelines was a particularly fertile area for this new emergence and artists such as Daft Punk, Air, Etienne de Crécy, Alex Gopher, Jef K, and Crydamoure were members of the Yvelines département.

From 1998 to 2003, West introduced a Latin-influenced style of "tech-house" to French electronic music fans. West worked with de Crécy, remixed material for Ludovic Llorca, and released music on reputed Canadian labels, Stickman Records and Aquarius Recordings. In 2002, West also achieved success with dance music released through Red Menace Records, Initial Cuts, and Four01 Recordings. West’s recordings appear on compilations such as DJ Dan – Roundtrip,[2] Ministry of Sound, Hatiras (Electronic Luv 2/Blowmedia), and DJ Tsuyoshi (Japan).[3][4]

Between 2002 and 2003, West's releases were played by popular DJs, including John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Hernan Cattaneo, Jon Acquaviva, Fafa Monteco, Didier Sinclair, Lee Burridge, Seb Fontaine, Superchumbo, Plump DJs, and Danny Rampling.[no citations needed here]

From 2003 to 2006, West worked on different projects within the dance music scene and released his first album, entitled Play It! (KLWP001), in 2006.[5] He also produced a remix for the launch of UK-based label, Premier Cru that was released in June 2007—the parent label of Premier Cru, Grape Records, stated in its press release: "Lucas strips down the arrangement, pumps up the dirt and filters the filth with a dynamic analogue-sounding bassline and complementary kick drum to deliver an addictive 4/4 adventure."[6] In May 2006, West released the Broken Crepe EP (FBSS 003) through Canadian-based record label, FullBodySoundSystem.[7]

West is the cofounder and manager of the KW Music Group that consists of four record labels: KW Records, KW2Records, PIP Music, and Konk West Records/Publishing. West has become an internationally recognized producer, known for his dance floor tracks and perspective towards music. The KW Group is promoted as the: "First and only French based label promoting an international, mature and flavored Progressive House sound".[8]

As of 2013, West resides in the United States (U.S.), following a long period in the local Parisian house music/dance scene.[no citations needed here]

Life changes

In November 2006, while in Miami, U.S., West sustained a serious ear infection that was later confirmed as an “ear collapse” by medical professionals. Partially deaf, suffering deep tinnitus and hyperacusis—the latter symptomatic of an auditory system malfunction—West decided not to end his music career at the time and planned on releasing his second album by September 2007.[9]

In January 2008, West, using his real name, "Lucas Bailach", was involved in the visual arts scene in Miami, Florida, US. West decided to transition his career into the area of mixed media arts and produced contemporary art with encouragement from supporters such as, Miami Art Museum director, Terrence Riley.[no citations needed here]

While new recorded output has not been released, through either the KW Music Group or any other record labels, a selection of rare remixes and old unknown productions have been released since 2005, through unofficial channels.[no citations needed here]

Visual arts and contemporary art scene

West's visual art draws on the experiences of his youth in both Argentina and France; he is also accomplished in the film industry and is an honors graduate of the Cinema School of Paris—West has received recognition for the short films that he has directed. West has cited everyday life—West used the term "tales"—as a formative source of inspiration for his visual art work.

West has worked with urban artists, such as Jonathan Spitzer (aka "Burglar") and Antoine the Crow, who have influence the development of his work—West is inspired by graffiti culture, "digitalism", and electronic music. During 2006, West briefly met with artists, Jin Meyerson and Spitzer, in Miami during the Art Basel Miami Beach art show; West has identified this experience, which occurred at Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, as highly significant in terms of his visual art. West's subsequent art has been recognized for its combination of traditional and non-traditional techniques.[no citations needed here]

Film work

From 1999 to 2002, while attending the Cinema School of Paris, West participated in both short films and full-length movies. He directed a music video, "Step", in downtown Paris in 2001, enlisting the help of several fellow students.[no citations needed here]

West was a producer for a Takeshi Kitano-inspired slide movie called The Fan, a production that was released for free in 2004—the production was broadcast by ARTE and Canal+ France.[no citations needed here]

While continuing to release records, in addition to a role as a music producer in a musical comedy called SOBE Wonderland, West returned to the film scene. In 2005, West participated in Vale Tudo Project, an independent German-Brazilian movie production that was filmed in Miami Beach, Florida.[10] In Vale Tudo Project, the narrative depicts fighters, drifters and criminals fighting in the Miami underground for their own survival; West also acted in the role of the "French Tourist" and assisted the sound crew.[no citations needed here]

Philosophy and writing

West participates in numerous organizations with the objective of educating young people in the areas of science, arts, and music. West is a member of the South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association and is an active amateur astronomer. He is also an active member of The Church of Spiritual Humanism of Pennsylvania, and actively promotes humanism and the church philosophy: "Spiritual Humanism recognizes that any religion not based on the Scientific Method can never fully reveal truth to its members." West disseminates education on the Church's basic aim to promote the Cult of Reason.[no citations needed here]

As of January 2013, West continues to work on a compilation of essays and writings from a ten-year period; however, no title, publisher or preface author has been announced.[no citations needed here]


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