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The Kayyali Space Foundation (KSF) is a non-profit foundation established in 2016[1], registered officially as NGO in the United Kingdom.
The foundation was created to support space R&D missions, supporting and guiding institutions and industries to develop nanosatellite & microsatellite technologies to space and developing technologies to facilitate cost-efficient access to low earth orbit with zero-environmental impact flying solutions.

Board of Directors

The Foundation steered by a board of directors with notable achievements in science ,engineering and space industry. The board of directors and committees members - is a volunteering positions.

The Foundation Committees

The foundation will have three committees:

  • Funding committee
  • International coordination technical committee
  • Media & press committee

Members of the committees basically coming from major space agencies and organizations like NASA,ESA, JAXA, where other members participates from aerospace industries and universities in the world, gathering volunteers space experts and scientists.

Experimentation Opportunity Program

The foundation created a program where worldwide universities and research institutions can participate in space research with minimum cost, the KSF “Experimentation Opportunity Program” dedicated to developing and developed countries, where universities / institutions from developing countries can collaborate and participate with other developed countries to develop space mission.

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