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Musical artist

Kimberly Laurice Ward better known as LaReece, is an American rapper and singer from St. Louis, MI. She was signed to Thugline Records in the early 2000's. She had been featured on Krayzie Bone's songs include: Thug On' Da Line[1], If You A Thug[2], Rollin' up Some Mo'[3], If They Only Knew[4], Ride If You Like[5]and Can't Hustle 4 Ever.[6]

Early life

LaReece was born in St. Louis, Missouri and says her first influence into making music was Micheal Jackson.

Signing to Thugline Records and working on a new album

LaReece first met Krayzie Bone at one of his video shoots and had auditioned to become a rapper and be apart of Thugline/Loud/Columbia Records and was later sign at the end of 2001.[7]She also appeared on his albums include Thug on da Line and also on Bone Thugs-n-Harmony album Thug World Order. At the end of 2001 or early 2002 LaReece was working on her debut album entitled "LaReece's Pieces" the album was supposed to released in December of 2003 however it was shelved due to commercial failure.[8]


In 2002 LaReece was working in a hair salon and Simon Webbe had walked in heard LaReece singing to herself and wanted to hear more. Simon was totally impressed with LaReece’s style, hard hitting, truthful lyrics used in her rap sequences. LaReece started a english band group with two others under the name L.A.D.E. Simon was managing the group and be touring the UK with Blue as they promote their latest single Bubblin' on which LaReece performs the rap section and she also in the video with her band.[9][10]


Featured singles

Year Title Album
2001 "Can't Hustle 4 Ever" (featuring Krayzie Bone & Young Dre The Truth) Thug on da Line
2001 "A Thugga' Level" (featuring Krayzie Bone & Boss) Thug on da Line
2001 "If They Only Knew" (featuring Krayzie Bone) Thug on da Line
2001 "Ride If You Like" (featuring Krayzie Bone, Asu) Thug on da Line
2001 "If You A Thug" (featuring Krayzie Bone, K-Mont, Asu) Thug on da Line
2001 "Rollin' Up Some Mo" (featuring Krayzie Bone, Asu, K-Mont, Boss & Keef G) Thug on da Line
2001 "Thug On Da Line" (featuring Krayzie Bone, Asu, K-Mont, Wish Bone) Thug on da Line


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