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Lancaster University Table Tennis Club, or LUTTC as it is better known is a club affiliated to the Athletic Union of Lancaster University.


The recently upgraded LUTTC logo was designed by 2008/09 President, Robin Honey. The shift came about at the time of the overhaul of the website in order to both modernise it and bring it into line with the style and accessibility of other Athletic Union websites.

The current logo has obvious table tennis insignia - it's ball shaped, small and white, like the majority of table tennis balls used in matchplay worldwide. The more astute among viewers will also notice that the 'L.U.T.T.C' acronym and the 3 "*s" are, stylistically, in line with the production of table tennis balls. The 3 "*s" are akin to the 3 stars that are found on a table tennis ball, used to indicate its quality. Only balls of 3 star quality are permitted for match play. The small red logo and 'L.U.T.T.C' are placed as the brand logo and brand name would be placed on a table tennis ball. The small red logo is the (now legacy) Lancaster University logo and L.U.T.T.C stands for 'Lancaster University Table Tennis Club'.

Local League Competition

Lancaster & Morecambe District Table Tennis League

Winter League

Lancaster University plays in the Lancaster & Morecambe District Table Tennis League.

Division Teams Finished Captain
Premier A 1st David Bruce
B 7th Daniel Jackson
Championship Vipers 4th Matt Old
Cobras 3rd Stephen Ince
Pythons 11th Adam Forshaw
Division Teams Finished Captain
Premier A 6th Alex Tyson
B 9th John Firth
Championship Vipers 3rd Michael Orford
Cobras 4th Stephen Ince
Pythons 9th Anthony Kun
Division Teams Finished Captain
Premier A 2nd Luke Blackburn
B 10th Suet Tang
Championship C 8th Kyriakos Stasi
D 10th Josh Blake
E 6th Michael Orford
Division Teams Finished Captain
Premier A 3rd Luke Blackburn
B 9th Kristian Ashley Hawkes
Championship C 8th Matthew Hemstock
D 11th Ashley Wilkes
Division Teams Finished Captain
Premier A 2nd TBC
B 10th TBC
Championship C 5th Kristian Ashley Hawkes

University A, Prem – Finished 2nd
University B, Div 1 – Finished 1st
University C, Div 2 – Finished 4th

University A, Prem – Finished 1st
University B, Div 1 – Finished 1st
University C, Div 2 – Finished 3rd

University A, Prem – Finished 6th
University B, Prem – Finished 10th
University C, Div 1 – Finished 6th

University A, Prem – Finished 3rd
University B, Div 1 – Finished 1st
University C, Div 1 – Finished ???

University Bob, Div 1 – Finished 1st

Unicorns, Div 1 – Finished 1st (Aris Papadakis, Nick Canham, Chris Hodges, Marc Dupla, Alison Smith)

University, Div 1 – Finished 1st

University A, Div 1 – Finished 1st
University B, Div ? – Finished ???
University C, Div 5 – Finished 1st
University D, Div 6 – Finished 1st

Summer League

1st Division Winners - Clare Wydell / Heiko Kausch

L&MDTTL Individual Tournament

Premier Singles - Alex Tyson (Runner up)
Premier Doubles - Alex Tyson & Xiao Collins (Winners)
Handicap Singles - David Bruce (Runner up)
Championship Plate - Josh Ackroyd (Runner up)

Premier Singles - Rowan Campbell (Runner up)
Premier Doubles - Alex Tyson & Xiao Collins (Runners up)
Championship Singles - Anthony Kun (Runner up)

Intermediate singles – Joe Breen (Winner)
Intermediate Doubles - Joe Breen / Kristian Hawkes (Winners)

Masters singles - Jose Mira (winner), Stephen Arliss (Runner up)
Intermediate singles – Rob Browne (Winner)
Doubles - Stephen Arliss / Jose Mira (Runners Up)

Masters singles - Lok Wong (Runner Up)
Intermediate singles – Robin Honey (Winner), Seth Butcher (Runner Up)
Doubles - Stephen Arliss / Lok Wong (Runners Up)

No University Winners (competition held out of term time)

Masters singles - Lidong Lai (Winner)
Intermediate singles – Seth Butcher (Runner Up)
Doubles - Lidong Lai / Heiko Kausch (Winners)

Intermediate singles - Heiko Kausch (Winner)
Handicap Singles - Clare Wydell (Runner-up).

Inter-University Competition

BUCS (Previously BUSA)

In the 2007/08 season under President Sam Barnes, Lancaster re-entered a Men's 1st team into the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Northern 2A League and had a fairly strong first season, finishing 3rd behind Liverpool 1st's and Manchester 1st's. In only their 2nd season back, under President Robin Honey,the Men's 1st team was able to finish 1st in the Northern 2A league with an unbeaten record, gaining automatic promotion into the Northern 1A league for the next season. This was a big step forward for the club as it gives them a change to compete with the some of the top Northern teams in the 2009/10 season.

BUCS League

Lancaster University Men's 1st Team

Year Competition Finished Captain
2014/15 Northern 1A 3rd Xiao Collins
Trophy Last 32
2013/14 Northern 2A 1st Xiao Collins
Conference Cup Winners
2012/13 Northern 2A 2nd Rowan Campbell
Conference Cup Quarter Final
2011/12 Northern 1A 5th Alasdair Fuller
Trophy Last 32
2010/11 Northern 2A 1st TBC
2009/10 Northern 1A 6th TBC
2008/09 Northern 2A 1st TBC
2007/08 Northern 2A 3rd TBC

Lancaster University Men's 2nd Team

Year Competition Finished Captain
2014/15 Northern 2A 4th David Bruce/Adam Stewart
Conference Cup Last 16
2013/14 Northern 2A 5th Sam Law
Conference Cup Quarter Final
2012/13 Northern 2A 5th Matthew Hemstock
Conference Cup Semi Final

BUSA Northern Conference Women's 1A 2006/07
Lancaster University Women's 1st – Finished 2nd

BUSA Knockouts Women's Championship 2006/07
Lancaster University Women's 1st – Lost in Round 1(Quarter Finals)

BUSA Northern Conference Women's 1A 2005/06
Lancaster University Women's 1st – Finished 2nd

BUSA Knockouts Women's Championship 2005/06
Lancaster University Women's 1st – Lost in Round 1


BUCS Individual Tournament

BUCS Individual Championships 2008 at Nottingham University

Previously held at Warwick University and now yearly, at Nottingham University the BUCS Individual Table Tennis Championships takes place with events in Men's and Women's, Singles and Doubles categories. This event is always of a high standard and is always much looked forward to in the club's calendar.

Recent successes include Xiao Collins winning Bronze in the Plate competition in 2014 and Agnes Kwok winning Gold in the Women's Plate competition in 2015

As an idea of the standard of the event, in 2008 players from London Metropolitan University, after winning the BUCS Team and the majority of individual events, also went on to win the European Universities Table Tennis Championship in that same year. Recent winners include Chris Doran (England no.5) and Danny Reed (England no.4).


Each year, Lancaster University and the University of York compete in the annual Roses Tournament named after the 15th Century civil war, The Wars of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The tournament is held at alternate venues each year, either Lancaster, or York, and consists of a large variety of sports. The 2008 event featured 105 events in 39 different Sports with 246 points up for grabs. Whilst York won the event 124-122, the Table Tennis was won by Lancaster 4-2.

A-team (4 points) - Won
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Lost
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Won
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Lost
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Won
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Won
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Lost
B-team (2 points) - Won

A-team (4 points) - Won
B-team (2 points) - Lost

A-team (4 points) - Lost
B-team (2 points) - Lost

A-team (4 points) - Lost
B-team (2 points)- Lost

Intra-University Competition

College League

As of the 2013/14 academic year, LUTTC hosts an annual intra-university college league, where each of the 8 colleges that make up Lancaster University assemble a team made up of students from that college and compete throughout the year in a league format on a home-and-away basis (each college's bar serves as its home venue). The league is intended for beginner-intermediate players, who are not yet experienced enough to play for the University team, though the College League is considered a 'feeder' to the University teams, with players being actively encouraged to improve and make the step up.


League Coordinator Matt Simcock (Pendle)
Player of the Year -
Pos Team P W D L GD PD Pts Captain
1 County 8 8 0 0 +46 +286 16 Max Taylor
2 Grizedale 8 6 1 1 +55 +289 13 Innes Jackson
3 Pendle 8 6 1 1 +49 +323 13 Kyle Osborne
4 Cartmel 8 3 0 5 -3 7 6 Jak Newby
5 Fylde 8 3 0 5 -35 -194 6 Sam Roberts
6 Lonsdale 8 2 1 5 -35 -227 5 James Little
7 Bowland 8 2 0 6 -39 -228 4 Alex Cleaves
8 Furness 8 0 1 7 -38 -256 1 Andy Niblett


League Coordinator Alex Tyson (Pendle)
Player of the Year Jake Range (Grizedale)
Pos Team Captain
1 Pendle Daniel Hulse
2 Grizedale Innes Jackson
3 Cartmel David Galij
4 Bowland Joe Fraser
5 Lonsdale Andy Smith
6 County Nithila Anbumurali
7 Furness Daniel Jackson


League Coordinator Matthew Hemstock (Cartmel)
Player of the Year Jamie Thorp (Cartmel)
Pos Team Captain
1 Cartmel Thomas Brind
2 Lonsdale Andy Smith
3 County Basim Basheer
4 Bowland James Hyde
5 Grizedale Innes Jackson
6 Pendle Henry Saker-Clark
7 Fylde Robert Boyle

The Alex Tyson Memorial Tournament

In Winter term 2014/15, the exec developed and ran a tournament between each an every club member. Initially jokingly named the "Alex Tyson" tournament having come up with idea, he was 'buried' in the semi final by Nicole Finn. Thus, every future competition is known as the "Alex Tyson Memorial". This tournament is run towards the end of every term and consists of mixed premier singles and mixed championship singles.

Year Term Premier Singles Championship Singles
2014/15 Michaelmas Dingfan Chen Manuel Simoes
Lent Xiao Collins Stephen Ince
Summer Alex Tyson Jamie Logan
2015/16 Michaelmas Marco Tch Kyle Osborne


2015/16 - Daniel Jackson (Furness)
2014/15 - Sam Law (County)
2013/14 - Rowan Campbell (Bowland)
2012/13 - David Bruce (Furness)
2011/12 - Simon Metcalf (Grizedale)
2010/11 - Alasdair Fuller (Cartmel)
2009/10 – Stephen Arliss (Fylde)
2008/09 – Robin Honey (Fylde)
2007/08 – Sam Barnes (Grizedale)
2006/07 – Clare Wydell (Lonsdale)
2005/06 - Hoi Man (Furness)
1999/00 - Simon Ledwick
1998/99 - Preetkamal Bhuller
1997/98 - Jamie Butler
1997/96 - Chris Hodges
1995/96 - Gareth Clarke
1994/95 - Hugh Ip
1993/94 - Richard Harrison

Clubman of the year

2014/15 - David Bruce
2013/14 - Matthew Hemstock
2012/13 - David Bruce

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