List of 18th – early 19th century sources on Souli and Souliotes

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A page of the diary of Fotos Tzavellas. Header: ΦΕ[Β]ΡΟΥΑΡΙΟΥ (February) 1792

Souli is a toponym and today a municipality in Epirus, northwestern Greece. It is historically important as the former settlement of Souliotes, a semi-autonomous community of warriors who played a vital role in the Greek War of Independence (1821–c.1829). For this reason, Souli and Souliotes attracted the attention of many authors, travellers, historians, ethnologists etc. from early 19th century. There are also some late 18th century documents written by Souliotes, which later became the subject of academic research. The traditional Souliotic communities were dissolved during the Greek War of Independence and Souliotes were dispersed.

  • The Diary of captivity of Fotos Tzavellas 1792–1793. Composed by Fotos Tzavellas during or soon after his captivity by Ali Pasha (1792–1793). It is written in simple Greek idiom of the area of Argyrkokastro or Chimara.[1][2]
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