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Mahabharat is a drama TV series on Star Plus based on Indian legendary epic of Mahabharata. It started broadcasting on September 16, 2013.


Episode 1

(Originally aired 16-9-2013)

King Shantanu of Hastinapur, is in love with Satyavati- a fisher-woman. The ambitious Satyavati tries to prove herself to Shantanu by catching a large fish. The people of Hastinapur are attacked by Rakshasas. Devavrata comes to save the people. Ganga reveals to Shantanu that Devavrata is his son. Shantanu accepts him and announces him as the crown prince of Hastinapur. Satyavati is heart-broken. She lays down her conditions before Shantanu for becoming his wife. Devavrata visits Satyavati to convince her to stay with Shantanu.

Episode 2

(Originally aired 17-9-2013)

Devavrata takes an oath of life-long celibacy and sacrifices his right to the throne, so that Satyavati can marry Shantanu. Devavrata earns the new name- Bhishma. Years later, Queen Satyavati's son Vichitravirya is captured by the King of Panchal for his misconduct. Bhishma saves him, and tries to teach him some discipline, but is interfered by Satyavati. Amba, the daring princess of Kashi, visits her lover.

Episode 3

(Originally aired 18-9-2013)

Satyavati asks Bhishma to bring the princesses of Kashi in order to get them married to Vichitravirya. Bhishma enters their swayamvar and abducts Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. He defeats King Salva who had challenged him. Amba confesses her love for Salva, so Bhishma leaves with the other two princesses. Ashamed by his defeat, Salva rejects Amba. Amba visits Hastinapur and asks Bhishma to marry her.

Episode 4

(Originally aired 19-9-2013)

Bhishma refuses to marry Amba because of his oath of celibacy. But advices Amba to meet his Guru - Lord Parshuram. He assures her, if Lord Parshuram believes that Bhishma had wronged her, she will surely get justice.

Episode 5

(Originally aired 20-9-2013)

Vichitravirya dies and Satyavati asks Rishi Ved Vyas to perform Niyog for Ambika and Ambalika and then there born Dhritarashtra (Son of Ambika), Pandu (Son of Ambalika) and Vidur (Son of Dasi).

Parshuram agrees to fight with Bhishma inorder to give justice to Amba.

Episode 6

(Originally aired 23-9-2013)

Fight of Bhishma and Parshuram.

Episode 7

(Originally aired 24-9-2013)

Lord Shiva interrupts the fight and gives a boon to Amba that in her next birth she will be the reason of Bhishma's death.

After 25 years

Daughter of Drupad born in Panchal, named Shikandni.

Episode 8

(Originally aired 25-9-2013)

Bhishma puts marriage proposal of Gandhari with Dhritarashtra in front of King Subal, King of Gandhar and King Subal was reluctant for the same.

Episode 9

(Originally aired 26-9-2013)

King Subal agrees for the marriage.

Episode 10

(Originally aired 27-9-2013)

Shakuni gets angry with this marriage proposal as he does not want his sister to marry a blind man. Gandhari gets to know the truth abt Dritharastra being blind.

Episode 11

(Originally aired 30-9-2013)

Marriage preparations going on.

Episode 12

(Originally aired 1-10-2013)

Gandhari blindfolds herself to become equal to her would be husband and then they get married.

Episode 13

(Originally aired 2-10-2013)

Dritharashtra refused to accept Gandhari as his wife. King of Hastinapur is to be declared next morning.

Episode 14

(Originally aired 3-10-2013)

As soon as Dritharashtra is about to be crowned as King, Vidur stops the proceedings stating that a blind person (handicapped person) cannot be king and therefore he suggests to make Pandu, the king of Hastinapur.

Episode 15

(Originally aired 4-10-2013)

Pandu becomes the king of Hastinapur and Shakuni poisons the mind of Dritharashtra against his family.

Episode 16

(Originally aired 7-10-2013)

Invitation of Swayamwar of Kunti reaches Hastinapur. Kunti past revealed regarding birth of Karna.

Episode 17

(Originally aired 8-10-2013)

Flashback- Kunti left Karna (Son of Suryadev)at the river bank. Back to present- Kunti accepts Pandu as her husband in the Swayamwar.

Episode 18

(Originally aired 9-10-2013)

Karna is now son of Adhirath (Charioteer of Bhishma/ Pandu) and Radhe and he welcomes Pandu and Kunti in Hastinapur.

Episode 19

(Originally aired 10-10-2013)

Karna is about to come in front of Kunti but Adirath denied him coming in front of King Pandu n his wife. Everyone welcomes them in Palace.

Episode 20

(Originally aired 11-10-2013)

Pandu, being a king is bound by his duties towards his kingdom. On the first night of his marriage he went to Madrpur for yudh with Madrpur's enemies.

Episode 21

(Originally aired 14-10-2013)

Pandu won the war against Madrpur's enemies and therefore King Madra wants to thank Hastinapur so he asked Pandu to marry his sister Madri. Kunti welcomed them to the Palace, Madri apologies to Kunti for what she has done to her married life.

Episode 22

(Originally aired 15-10-2013)

While hunting in a forest, (looking from a long distance, his vision partially obscured by plants and trees) Pandu mistook Rishi Kindama and his wife for deer and shot arrows at them, killing the conjugal couple. The dying sage placed a curse on Pandu. Since he had killed them in the midst of lovemaking, the curse was that were he to approach a woman with the intent of making love, he would die.

Gandhari is pregnant.

Episode 23

(Originally aired 16-10-2013)

Upset and seeking to repent his action, Pandu renounced his kingdom and lived as an ascetic with his wives.

Episode 24

(Originally aired 17-10-2013)

After 15 month

Gandhari is still pregnant and did not give birth to Dritharahtra's 100 sons. Dritharashtra is angry on her.

Kunti informs Pandu about her boon from Rishi Durvasa and Pandu asks her to use it. Pandu and Kunti pay obeisance to God Dharm and Yudhisthira is born. Pandu is ecstatic.

Episode 25

(Originally aired 18-10-2013)

Gandhari gives birth to the lump of flesh. Everybody is shocked seeing it.

Episode 26

(Originally aired 21-10-2013)

Ved Vyasa is called to check the same and he puts the seeds in the 101 casket (100 sons and 1 daughter).

In the forest, Kunti gave birth to Bhima using her mantra on Lord Vayu.

Episode 27

(Originally aired 22-10-2013)

In Hastinapur, Duryodhana born. All the Royal members stated that he is giving inauspicious signs and would lead to the destruction of mankind so the new born should be killed. Dritharashtra decide to keep the child.

In Forest, Pandu and Kunti are blessed with Arjun from Indra. Pandu asks Kunti to summon Ashwini brothers. Kunti teaches mantra to Madri and Madri uses the same and then Nakula and Sahadeva are born.

Episode 28

(Originally aired 23-10-2013)

Rest of the Kauravas born.

After 15 years

Kauravs are introduced.

Episode 29

(Originally aired 24-10-2013)

Pandavas are introduced.

In Hastinapur, Dritharashtra insults Satyavati stating that she was fisherwoman and she has a low status.

Episode 30

(Originally aired 25-10-2013)

Satyavati leaves Hastinapur to get Pandu back on the throne.

In forest, Pandu is making love with Madri. Sahadeva informs Kunti that something bad going to happpen. Kunti rushes in search Pandu.

Episode 31

(Originally aired 28-10-2013)

Pandu is dead. Madri, filled with remorse, went sati on Pandu's funeral pyre. Satyavati asks Kunti and her sons to return to Hastinapur.

Episode 32

(Originally aired 29-10-2013)

Shakuni happy with the death of Pandu and suggest to make Duryodhan the Prince. Karna left Hastinapur to gain education.

Episode 33

(Originally aired 30-10-2013)

Pandavas arrives at Hastinapur. Shakuni poisons Duryodhan against Pandavas. Bhishma asks Kauravs to touch Yudhishthir's feet as he is the oldest.

Episode 34

(Originally aired 31-10-2013)

Duryodhan and brothers hates Pandavas presence in Hastinapur and irritating them. Bhishma comes as a saviour to Pandavas.

Episode 35

(Originally aired 1-11-2013)

Kauravas continues irrtating Pandavas.

Episode 36

(Originally aired 4-11-2013)

Bheema and Duryodhana are fighting. Bhishma gave punishment to them. Bheema went to Kunti to tell what he got, then kunti without even knowing stated whatever you got all you five brothers divide equally.

Episode 37

(Originally aired 5-11-2013)

Entry of Dronacharya in Hastinapur. Duryodhan mixed poison in Bheem's Kheer with the help of Shakuni.

Episode 38

(Originally aired 6-11-2013)

Duryodhan threw Bheem in river Ganga. Hastinapur in grief.

Episode 39

(Originally aired 7-11-2013)

Bheem comes back and states the truth and also that he got a boon from King Vasuki that he has strength of 100 elephants.

Episode 40

(Originally aired 8-11-2013)

Dronacharya is appointed to teach the princes. Shakuni is sent back to Gandhar.

Episode 41

(Originally aired 11-11-2013)

All the Princes (Kauravas and Pandavas) reached Ashram.

Episode 42

(Originally aired 12-11-2013)

Friendship of Ashwatthama and Duryodhana. Arjun points arrow to the bird's eye on the tree.

Episode 43

(Originally aired 13-11-2013)

Drona teaches regarding kingdom to his students. Arjun keeps on proving that he is best archer in this country

Episode 44

(Originally aired 14-11-2013)

Dronacharya asks Eklavya to give him his right hand thumb as his gurudakshina because Dron has promised the king of Hastinapur that he will not teach any kid other than princes of Hastinapur and his own son. All are shocked.

Episode 45

(Originally aired 15-11-2013)

Teaching continues. Arjun proves that he is the most talented student of Dronacharya.

Episode 46

(Originally aired 18-11-2013)

Dronacharya refuses to accept Karna as his student as he is "Sut Putra". Karna went to Parshuram stating he is Brahmin and then Parshuram accepts him as his student.

Episode 47

(Originally aired 19-11-2013)

After 12 years Parshuram on realising truth of Karna being a "Sut Putra" he curse him that Karna will forget all his learning when it will be needed him the most.

Episode 48

(Originally aired 20-11-2013)

Shakuni back to Hastinapur. There is a friendly competition between all the Princes. The winner will be handed the throne of Hastinapur in future.

Episode 49

(Originally aired 21-11-2013)

Duryodhan enters the field (competition) and defeats Sahadev, Nakul and Yudhistra.

Episode 50

(Originally aired 22-11-2013)

Bheema injured Duryodhan and thus is out of competition. Next in line is Arjun.

Episode 51

(Originally aired 25-11-2013)

Arjun won against Duryodhan. Dronacharya declares Arjun as the best archer in the world. Karna enters challenging Dronacharya's statement. Everyone asks about the Karna's background. Knowing he is son of charioteer, he is refused to fight with Prince. Duryodhan asked Dritharashtra to make Karna king of Anga so that he can fight with Arjun.

Episode 52

(Originally aired 26-11-2013)

Fight betwen Karna and Arjun. While fighting Karna showed his "Kavach" which made Kunti realised that he is her son. Priyamvada (Friend of Kunti) stops her from saying this secret to anyone.

Episode 53

(Originally aired 27-11-2013)

Kunti was emotional seeing Karna. Karna shows his animosity for Arjun which further makes Kunti sad.

Episode 54

(Originally aired 28-11-2013)

Pandavas insult Karna in indirect manner. Duryodhana asked Dritharashtra to make his "Prince" (Yuvraj) as he defeated four of Pandavas. Bhishma cuts him down stating that Arjun defeated him, so he cannot become prince. Arjun insults Duryodhan in front of everyone.

Episode 55

(Originally aired 29-11-2013)

Subhadra enters Hastinapur. Arjun plays Veena for her. Karna insults Arjun, Arjun gets angry and raises his dragger to attack Karna. Dritharashtra, Vidhur and Bhishma arrives.

Episode 56

(Originally aired 2-12-2013)

Dritharashtra asked Vidur to punish Arjun on his behalf. Vidur punishes Arjun and asked him to wash Karna's feet and apologies.

Episode 57

(Originally aired 3-12-2013)

Ashwatthama informs Dron that next day Dritharashtra will make Duryodhan Yuvraj.

Episode 58

(Originally aired 4-12-2013)

When Dritharashtra is about to annonce. Dronacharya intervenes and says that before any announcement, he wants Guru Dakshina from his students by defeating King Drupad of Panchal since he had insulted Dron once. Dritharashtra refuses as he knows that Draupad is very strong and he won't allow his kids to fight against him. Dron was leaving and Arjun stopped him.

Episode 59

(Originally aired 5-12-2013)

Arjun promises that he will fulfill his teacher's wish and Duryodhana also states that he will defeat Draupad. Everyone prepares themselves for the battle including Karna, as he is going to support Kauravas in the war.

Draupad's entry

Episode 60

(Originally aired 6-12-2013)

Dronacharya refuses Kauravas to take part as Karna is supporting them because he wants Gurudakshina from his students and Karna is not his student. Everyone leaves for the battle.

Shikandni's entry (Daughter of Drupad and reincarnation of Amba) and she is full of revenge against Bhishma.

Episode 61

(Originally aired 9-12-2013)

Krishna sends some gift to Arjuna which will help him in the fight. Duryodhana orders Pandavas not to participate in the war, Yudhistra refuses his order and states that the first chance will be given to Kauravas and they left.

War started and Drupad trapped the Kauravas in Chakravyu. Duryodhana captures Draupad, but suddenly 5 Draupads appear. Duryodhan is confused and he surrenders.

Episode 62

(Originally aired 10-12-2013)

Draupad soon realises that there are only 100 men, but as per his agent there should be 105 princes of Hastinapur. Enters Pandavas in the battlefield.

Yudhistra asks Arjun to lead as he only knows how to deal with Chakravyuha and captures Drupad with the help of the gift from Krishna.

Episode 63

(Originally aired 11-12-2013)

Flashback of how Draupad insulted Dronacharya. In present, Ashwatthama was named King of Panchal. Dronacharya gave half of the kingdom to rule.

Episode 64

(Originally aired 12-12-2013)

In Panchal, Drupad decided to have a son through Yagna to avenge his defeat from Dron.

In Hastinapur, Duryodhana tells Dritharashtra that if he will not become Yuvraj, he will fight with Hastinapur. Dritharashtra is confused

Episode 65

(Originally aired 13-12-2013)

Duryodhana asked Karna to help him and Karna agrees. Dritharashtra asks Yudhishthir to step back, but Arjun makes Dritharashtra realise about his duty as a king. Dritharashtra upon realising, named Yudhishtir as his Yuvraj.

Next day, Yudhishtir is shown getting ready for the pooja, Kauravas and Karna enters.

Episode 66

(Originally aired 16-12-2013)

Duryodhana accepts Yudhishtir as Yuvraj which left everyone shocked. Yudhishtir becomes Prince of Hastinapur.

Episode 67

(Originally aired 17-12-2013)

Arjun saves Subhadra from drowning in river with the help of Krishna. This marks the entry of Krishna.

Episode 68

(Originally aired 18-12-2013)

Krishna defeats Demon Kaalyavan by tricking him.

Episode 69

(Originally aired 19-12-2013)

Krishna along with Arjun goes to Kundanpur (Capital of Vidharbha) to stop Rukmini getting married to Shishupala and then marry her. While reaching Kundanpur, Krishna remembers his childhood.

To meet Rukmini, Krishna takes the form of a shepherd and Arjun takes the form of a woman called Brihannala.

Episode 70

(Originally aired 20-12-2013)

Arjun meets Rukmini and they plan to go to Parvati temple where they would meet Krishna. Rukmi, brother of Rukmini caught them.

Episode 71

(Originally aired 23-12-2013)

Krishna along with Rukmini are going to Madhavpur for getting married. Though Rukmi wanted to give her as bride to Chedi king Shishupala. He fought with Krishna, but was defeated. When Krishna was about to kill him, Rukmini begged that spare her brother's life. Krishna agreed and let Rukmi go free, but not before having his head shaved as a visible sign of a warrior's defeat.

Krishna makes Arjun think about the future of the world

Episode 72

(Originally aired 24-12-2013)

Duryodhan fixed his sister Dushala's wedding with Jayadratha, the king of Sindhu and Sauvira. Everyone opposed Duryodhana as Sindhu is enemy of Hastinapur. Duryodhana and Shakuni insults Bhishma stating that a person would not understand love towards his family if they themselves do not have a family.

Dritharashtra supports his son n approves Dushala and Jayadratha's wedding. Yudhistra proposed Bhishma to make Duryodhana as Yuvraj. Bhishma did not approve as he wants someone who is just and protective king of Hastinapur unlike Duryodhana