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This is a list of actors who have appeared in some Sherlock Holmes film, from 1929 to 2011.

Sherlock Holmes


Character Film
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes The Hound of the Baskervilles the Deadly Necklace The Masks of Death the Leading Lady Incident at Victoria Falls Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows
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Main characters

Sherlock Holmes Clive Brook Peter Cushing Christopher Lee Peter Cushing Christopher Lee Robert Downey Jr.
Dr. Watson H. Reeves-Smith Reginald Owen André Morell Thorley Walters John Mills Patrick Macnee Jude Law

support characters

Mary Watson Betty Lawford   Kelly Reilly
Captain Longmore Charles Hay  
Roger Longmore Phillips Holmes  
Colonel Moran Donald Crisp   Paul Anderson
Professor Moriarty Harry T. Morey Ernest Torrence   Hans Söhnker   Jared Harris
Sergeant Gripper Hubert Druce  
Alice Faulkner   Miriam Jordan  
George   Herbert Mundin  
Alan Mowbray   Colonel Gore-King  
Judge   C. Montague Shaw  
Man in Bar   Frank Atkinson  
Faulkner   Ivan F. Simpson  
Tony Ardetti   Stanley Fields  
Sir Henry Baskerville   Christopher Lee  
Cecile Stapleton   Marla Landi  
Hugo Baskerville   David Oxley  
Doctor Richard Mortimer   Francis de Wolff  
Bishop Frankland   Miles Malleson  
Stapleton   Ewen Solon  
Barrymore   John Le Mesurier  
Mrs. Barrymore   Helen Goss  
Perkins   Sam Kydd  
Lord Caphill   Michael Hawkins  
Servant Girl   Judi Moyens  
Selden   Michael Mulcaster  
Servant   David Birks  
Ellen Blackburn   Senta Berger  
spector Cooper   Hans Nielsen  
Paul King   Ivan Desny  
Charles, the chauffeur   Leon Askin  
Peter Blackburn   Wolfgang Lukschy  
Mrs. Hudson   Edith Schultze-Westrum Jenny Laird   Geraldine James
Inspector French   Bernard Lajarrige  
Irene Adler   Anne Baxter Morgan Fairchild   Rachel McAdams
Home Secretary   Ray Milland  
Count Udo von Felseck   Anton Diffring  
Inspector Alec MacDonald   Gordon Jackson  
Miss Derwent   Susan Penhaligon  
Anton von Felseck   Marcus Gilbert  
Alfred Coombs   Russell Hunter  
Frederick Baines   James Cossins  
Lord Claremont   Eric Dodson  
Lady Claremont   Georgina Coombs  
Dr. Sigmund Freud   John Bennett  
Eberhardt Bohm   Engelbert Humperdinck  
Elliott Ness   Tom Lahm  
Sir Reginald Cholmondley   Ronald Hines  
Michael Simpson-Makepeace   Nicholas Gecks  
Lady Violet Cholmondley   Jenny Quayle  
Franz Winterhauser   Michael Siberry  
Major Von Bork   Dominic Jephcott  
Dr. Froelich   Frank Middlemass  
Margaret Froelich   Charlotte Attenborough  
Franz Dietrich   James Bree  
Count Helmut Giddings   John Gower  
Lillie Langtry   Jenny Seagrove  
King Edward   Joss Ackland  
Lord Roberts   Richard Todd  
Theodore Roosevelt   Claude Akins  
Khumalo   John Indi  
Lord Henry Blackwood   Mark Strong  
Inspector Lestrade   Eddie Marsan
Lord Coward   Hans Matheson  
Rotheram   James Fox  
Dredger   Robert Maillet  
American Ambassador Standish   William Hope  
Constable Clark   William Houston  
Madame Simza Heron   Noomi Rapace
Mycroft Holmes   Stephen Fry
Claude Ravache   Thierry Neuvic
Manouche   Fatima Adoum
Dr. Hoffmanstahl   Wolf Kahler
Tamas Morato   Affif Ben Badra

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