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Template:External links Advertising? The following is a list of carbon accounting software. A number of programs are used to assist with carbon accounting. One form of Carbon accounting is the accounting process undertaken to measure the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents that will not be released into the atmosphere as a result of flexible mechanisms projects under the Kyoto Protocol. These projects thus include (but are not limited to) renewable energy projects and biomass, forage and tree plantations. A number of programs are created in order to assist with carbon accounting.

Calculate Carbon Used by One Person or Household

Software which counts only direct Template:CO2 from fuel

  • Carbon Account UK. See user's trend over time, by storing data on Carbon Account website.
  • Carbon Diet Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, US. See user's trend over time, by storing data on Carbon Diet website.
  • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 197 countries. One-time total, no trends. Has cars, mass transit, electricity, food, and waste, but not other spending. No planes.[1]
  • Nature Conservancy US. One-time total, no trends. Has food as well as fuel, but not mass transit or other spending.
  • US EPA US. One-time total, no trends. No planes.

Software which counts direct CO2 from fuel, plus indirect CO2 used to produce goods and services for an individual (embedded CO2)

  • Center for Sustainable Economy 147 countries. One-time total, no trends.
  • Carbon Footprint Ltd. 239 countries. One-time total, no trends.
  • 243 countries. See user's trend over time, by storing data in a spreadsheet on user's computer. Can subtract CO2 captured by user's yard and trees.
  • Cool Climate Berkeley US. One-time total, no trends.
  • WWF Sweden and UK. One-time total, no trends.


  • Atmosfair Global air travel. One flight at a time. Includes indirect effects of vapor trail, though not building plane or airports.
  • Bayer Carbon capture by plants
  • Choose Climate Global air travel. One flight at a time. Includes indirect effects of vapor trail, though not building plane or airports.
  • myclimate online calculators - carbon footprint of car, global air travel, cruises, household or small companies. Calculations include direct and indirect emissions.
  • Travel Matters, US Transit Administration US. One-time total, no trends. Just transportation fuels.

Calculate Carbon Used to Manufacture a Product or Run a Company

  • Access DimensionsTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon accounting tool within mid-market financial management software
  • Accuvio[2]Template:Spaced ndash Enterprise Sustainability and Carbon Reporting Software - Easy to use global software solution, independently verified and trusted by hundreds of companies globally.
  • Air.e HdCTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon footprint for products and companies based on LCA supporting multiple international methodologies and standards
  • BIOMITRETemplate:Spaced ndash Biomass-based climate change, for biomass energy usage may be harmful to the environment, as it will also release additional carbon emissions
  • Brighter Planet's Carbon Middleware[3]Template:Spaced ndash provides a RESTful carbon emissions calculation API. All calculations include live methodology statements and the calculation models themselves are open source.
  • Carbon Management Software & Services Directory[4]Template:Spaced ndash provides list of Carbon Accounting Software Tools.
  • CAMForTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon accounting model for forests
  • CAMSATTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon management self-assessment tool, for companies to measure their offset
  • CapISA SPMTemplate:Spaced ndash Sustainability Performance Management software.
  • Carbon Analytics - GHG calculation tool for small businesses, geared towards Benefit Corporations.
  • Carbon and more. Free CSR solution for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), voluntary carbon management and other CSR-related topics.
  • Carbon Calculated Template:Spaced ndash Sustainability Performance Management software.. Accessed December 2011.Template:Spaced ndash Carbon Management and Accounting solutions that meet regulatory compliance and industry standards (CRC, EU-ETS, CDP, ISO 14064), along with a platform of emissions data with sources and guidance for consultants.
  • Carbon Guerrilla[5]Template:Spaced ndash SaaS-based Carbon Accounting and Business Management tool covering voluntary or compliance-based schemes.
  • CarbonViewTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon management and accounting platform for enterprises, supply chains and government.
  • CASMOFOR[6]Template:Spaced ndash CArbon Sequestration MOdel for FORestations
  • CBM-CFS3Template:Spaced ndash Operational-Scale Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector
  • C-FIXTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon uptake monitoring through satellite images
  • CO2FIXTemplate:Spaced ndash One of the oldest carbon accounting applications available, somewhat outdated
  • CarbonLow EmissionsTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon measurement software (iCAT) for businesses to measure their emissions, including scopes 1, 2, 3 and full PAS 2050 product reports.
  • CarbonetworksTemplate:Spaced ndash Established enterprise level carbon accounting software, run as an internet accessible service
  • Climate SmartTemplate:Spaced ndashSustainability professional development curriculum geared for small-medium-sized businesses, based on WRI GHG Protocol; includes on-line software, coaching and support, certification.
  • CloudApps - Sustainability Performance Management Software serving over 250 clients (GRI and CDP accredited, CRC ready)
  • CRedit360 - Sustainability and EHS performance management software (GRI certified and CDP accredited to a Gold standard)
  • CSRware - Energy and Sustainable Supply Chain cloud-based / mobile enabled metrics-based intelligence software.
  • EarthSmart - Online simplified carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment tool for all types of products
  • EcoChain - SAAS-based carbon footprinting and Life Cycle Analysis tool.
  • Ecometrica[7] Our Impacts, SaaS-based, CDP-accredited greenhouse gas accounting software for all three GHG scopes.
  • ECOSPEED Business - Swiss-made SAAS-based corporate carbon footprinting tool with detailed mapping of corporate structures and emission sources
  • e-DEA, Web-based tool linked to SimaPro to ease LCA for non-experts
  • Emex is a web-based enterprise software tool to manage and calculate any variety of environmental inputs and deliver globally recognised Carbon Emission calculations. EMEX
  • EMMTRACK, energy measurement and management tracking solution enables companies to undertake carbon reporting, carbon accounting and fuel reconciliation by Scope Systems
  • EPS CorpTemplate:Spaced ndash xChange Point: Scopes 1, 2 and 3 carbon accounting and energy management platform for manufacturers.
  • FirstCarbon SolutionsTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon management accounting application for global industry, supply chains and governments
  • Footprint Expert - Developed by the Carbon Trust; calculates the carbon footprint of products and services to PAS2050 and the GHG Protocol Product standard.
  • Footprint Reporter[8] Template:Spaced ndash
  • Footprinter. Simple, sharable, scalable footprinting for sustainability teams and everyone else.
  • FoundationFootprint[9]Template:Spaced ndash Enterprise level, web-based (SaaS) carbon, energy, water and supply chain emissions management system based on ISO 14064 / GHG Protocol standards.
  • GEMISTemplate:Spaced ndash Global emission model for integrated systems
  • GaBi Software[10]Template:Spaced ndash by PE International for Product Carbon Footprints
  • Gobi Carbon Management Software, GobiSoft is a web-based (SaaS)[11] carbon software for organizations of all levels to measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • GORCAMTemplate:Spaced ndash Graz / Oak Ridge carbon accounting model, excel spreadsheet
  • Greenhouse Gas Management InstituteTemplate:Spaced ndash for greenhouse gas accounting and management training and education
  • Forest Vegetation SimulatorTemplate:Spaced ndash Developed by the US Forest Service, includes a carbon accounting model[12]
  • Real-time web-based carbon accounting software[13]
  • HWP Harvested wood productsTemplate:Spaced ndash dead wood carbon assessment
  • IBM TRIRIGATemplate:Spaced ndash delivers award-winning carbon accounting software[14] that identifies worst-performing facilities and generates higher returns from carbon reduction projects.
  • IPCC Greenhouse Gas Inventory software for the workbookTemplate:Spaced ndash based on IPCC guidelines
  • IZYPEO CEMS French company selling its Carbon Emission Management System.
  • LEAP:Long range Energy Alternatives Planning SystemTemplate:Spaced ndash a software tool for energy planning and greenhouse gas mitigation analysis.
  • myclimate smart 3 – web-based platform for standardized carbon offsetting as well as for the management of comprehensive sustainability data, both for SMEs and for big companies.
  • NootrolTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon accounting software for large corporates to manage the emissions within their supply chain.
  • Our ImpactsTemplate:Spaced ndash SaaS-based, CDP-accredited greenhouse gas accounting software for all three GHG scopes from Ecometrica[15]
  • PackageSmart - Online simplified carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment tool specifically for packaging
  • Renewable Choice EnergyTemplate:Spaced ndash Sustainability services and software
  • SimaProTemplate:Spaced ndash LCA, Life cycle assessment based on various accounting systems and that allows different types outputs
  • SoFi Software[16]Template:Spaced ndash by PE International for Corporate Carbon Footprints / Enterprise Carbon Accounting
  • Susterra Ltd - carbon reporting and analysis for corporate travel, air, rail, hotel and vehicle[17]
  • TimberCAMTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon in wood products assessment
  • TEAM SigmaTemplate:Spaced ndash is a global enterprise energy/carbon management package provided by TEAM Energy Auditing Agency Ltd
  • ToovaluTemplate:Spaced ndash Carbon footprints and CSR monitoring
  • Verteego CarbonTemplate:Spaced ndash Scope 3 Carbon Inventory, Accounting, Management and Reporting Enterprise Software
  • V4 Advisors Corporate Greenhouse Gas CalculatorTemplate:Spaced ndash A certified Web-based tool with "Built on GHG Protocol" mark developed to help corporate calculating and reporting their monthly GHG emissions[18] from Scope 1, Scope2 and selected sources of Scope 3.

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