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The following is a list of cities by latitude. Both the latitude and longitude are shown for the following cities, which are sorted by latitude from north to south. Each heading should be considered the exact value. For example, 10°N corresponds to exactly 10°00′00.00″N and everything further north should be above this heading while everything further south should be below this heading.

Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country Population
82°30′N 62°20′W Alert Template:Flag Template:CAN 62
81°36′N 16°40′W Nord Template:Flag Template:DEN 5
79°59′N 85°56′W Eureka Template:Flag Template:CAN 8
78°55′N 11°56′E Ny-Ålesund Template:Flag Template:NOR 35
78°13′N 15°39′E Longyearbyen Template:Flag Template:NOR 2144
78°04′N 14°13′E Barentsburg Template:Flag Template:NOR 471
77°28′N 69°14′W Qaanaaq Template:Flag Template:DEN 656
76°25′N 82°54′W Grise Fiord Template:Flag Template:CAN 129
73°30′N 80°31′E Dikson Template:Flag Template:RUS 676
72°47′N 56°09′W Upernavik Template:Flag Template:DEN 1065
71°39′N 128°52′E Tiksi Template:Flag Template:RUS 5063
71°32′N 52°19′E Belushya Guba Template:Flag Template:RUS 1972
71°18′N 156°46′W Utqiagvik Template:Flag Template:USA 4212
70°59′N 25°59′E Honningsvåg Template:Flag Template:NOR 2484
70°40′N 23°41′E Hammerfest Template:Flag Template:NOR 8052
70°12′N 148°31′W Deadhorse Template:Flag Template:USA 40
70°05′N 27°53′E Nuorgam 20px Lapland Template:FIN 200
70°05′N 29°44′E Vadsø Template:Flag Template:NOR 5064
69°58′N 23°16′E Alta Template:Flag Template:NOR 15094
69°54′N 27°01′E Utsjoki 20px Lapland Template:FIN 1245
69°43′N 30°02′E Kirkenes Template:Flag Template:NOR 3566
69°41′N 18°57′E Tromsø Template:Flag Template:NOR 64448
69°27′N 133°02′W Tuktoyaktuk Template:Flag Template:CAN 898
69°20′N 88°13′E Norilsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 175365
68°58′N 33°05′E Murmansk Template:Flag Template:RUS 307257
68°47′N 16°32′E Harstad Template:Flag Template:NOR 20953
68°25′N 17°34′E Narvik Template:Flag Template:NOR 18756
68°21′N 133°43′W Inuvik Template:Flag Template:CAN 3243
67°51′N 20°13′E Kiruna Norrbottens län vapenflagga.svg Norrbotten Template:SWE 18148
67°33′N 133°23′E Verkhoyansk Template:Flag Template:RUS 1311
67°18′N 14°33′E Bodø Template:Flag Template:NOR 51022
67°08′N 20°40′E Gällivare Norrbottens län vapenflagga.svg Norrbotten Template:SWE 8449
66°43′N 27°26′E Kemijärvi 20px Lapland Template:FIN 7410
66°30′N 25°44′E Rovaniemi 20px Lapland Template:FIN 62667
66°05′N 23°08′W Ísafjörður Westfjords Template:ISL 2571
65°58′N 29°11′E Kuusamo 20px Northern Ostrobothnia Template:FIN 15219
65°51′N 24°09′E Tornio 20px Lapland Template:FIN 21912
65°50′N 21°43′E Boden Norrbottens län vapenflagga.svg Norrbotten Template:SWE 18277
65°50′N 24°08′E Haparanda Norrbottens län vapenflagga.svg Norrbotten Template:SWE 4856
65°44′N 24°34′E Kemi 20px Lapland Template:FIN 21019
65°41′N 18°06′W Akureyri Northeastern Region Template:ISL 18860
65°35′N 22°09′E Luleå Norrbottens län vapenflagga.svg Norrbotten Template:SWE 76770
65°20′N 21°30′E Piteå Norrbottens län vapenflagga.svg Norrbotten Template:SWE 23273
65°01′N 25°28′E Oulu 20px Northern Ostrobothnia Template:FIN 200071
64°51′N 147°43′W Fairbanks Template:Flag Template:USA 51926
64°45′N 20°57′E Skellefteå Västerbottens län vapenflagga.svg Västerbotten Template:SWE 72025
64°44′N 177°31′E Anadyr Template:Flag Template:RUS 13045
64°32′N 40°32′E Arkhangelsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 348783
64°30′N 165°23′W Nome Template:Flag Template:USA 3598
64°11′N 51°44′W Nuuk (Godthåb) Template:Flag Template:DEN 17798
64°08′N 21°56′W Reykjavík Capital Region Template:ISL 128130
63°50′N 20°16′E Umeå Västerbottens län vapenflagga.svg Västerbotten Template:SWE 84761
63°45′N 68°31′W Iqaluit Template:Flag Template:CAN 7740
63°29′N 11°10′E Stjørdalshalsen Template:Flag Template:NOR 12737
63°26′N 10°24′E Trondheim Template:Flag Template:NOR 180557
63°17′N 18°44′E Örnsköldsvik Västernorrlands län vapenflagga.svg Västernorrland Template:SWE 32953
63°11′N 14°40′E Östersund Template:Flag Template:SWE 49806
63°06′N 21°37′E Vaasa 20px Ostrobothnia Template:FIN 65414
62°54′N 27°41′E Kuopio Flag of Northern Savonia.svg Pohjois-Savo Template:FIN 118434
62°28′N 6°09′E Ålesund Template:Flag Template:NOR 47199
62°27′N 114°24′W Yellowknife Template:Flag Template:CAN 19569
62°24′N 17°19′E Sundsvall Västernorrlands län vapenflagga.svg Västernorrland Template:SWE 97755
62°15′N 25°45′E Jyväskylä Keski-suomi lippu.svg Central Finland Template:FIN 117974
62°02′N 129°44′E Yakutsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 269601
62°01′N 6°46′W Tórshavn Template:Flag Template:DEN 13089
61°47′N 34°20′W Petrozavodsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 261987
61°30′N 23°46′E Tampere 20px Pirkanmaa Template:FIN 334112
61°13′N 149°54′W Anchorage Template:Flag Template:USA 251243
61°08′N 10°26′E Lillehammer Template:Flag Template:NOR 27476
60°59′N 25°39′E Lahti Päijät-Häme.lippu.svg Päijät-Häme Template:FIN 119999
60°43′N 46°02′W Qaqortoq Template:Flag Template:DEN 3089
60°43′N 135°03′W Whitehorse Template:Flag Template:CAN 25085
60°27′N 22°16′E Turku 20px Southwest Finland Template:FIN 252468
60°23′N 5°20′E Bergen Template:Flag Template:NOR 280216
60°18′N 25°02′E Vantaa Flag of Uusimaa.svg Uusimaa Template:FIN 226160
60°15′N 1°15′W Lerwick Template:Flag Template:GBR 6958
60°12′N 24°39′E Espoo Flag of Uusimaa.svg Uusimaa Template:FIN 281886
60°10′N 24°56′E Helsinki Flag of Uusimaa.svg Uusimaa Template:FIN 1231595
59°57′N 10°45′E Oslo Template:Flag Template:NOR 975744
59°57′N 30°18′E Saint Petersburg Template:N/a Template:RUS 5323300
59°51′N 17°39′E Uppsala Uppsala län vapenflagga.svg Uppsala County Template:SWE 149245
59°46′N 151°13′W Fritz Creek Template:Flag Template:USA 1932
59°34′N 150°48′E Magadan Template:Flag Template:RUS 95982
59°26′N 24°45′E Tallinn Template:Flag Template:EST 453328
59°20′N 18°04′E Stockholm Stockholms län vapenflagga.svg Stockholm County Template:SWE 1562136
59°17′N 11°12′E Sarpsborg Template:Flag Template:NOR 55127
59°16′N 15°12′E Örebro Örebro län vapenflagga.svg Örebro County Template:SWE 119091
59°13′N 39°54′E Vologda Template:Flag Template:RUS 301755
58°36′N 16°12′E Norrköping Template:Flag Template:SWE 137326
58°24′N 15°37′E Linköping Template:Flag Template:SWE 104232
58°23′N 26°43′E Tartu Template:Flag Template:EST 99429
58°18′N 134°25′W Juneau Template:Flag Template:USA 24537
58°29′N 8°47′E Arendal Template:Flag Template:NOR 42788
58°10′N 8°00′E Kristiansand Template:Flag Template:NOR 6750
58°00′N 56°19′E Perm Template:Flag Template:RUS 991162
57°46′N 26°02′E Valga Template:Flag Template:EST 12992
57°42′N 11°58′E Gothenburg Template:Flag Template:SWE 581821
57°38′N 18°17′E Visby Template:Flag Template:SWE 24330
57°37′N 39°51′E Yaroslavl Template:Flag Template:RUS 591486
57°28′N 4°14′W Inverness Template:SCO Template:UK 63780
57°09′N 2°07′W Aberdeen Template:SCO Template:UK 196670
57°03′N 135°20′W Sitka Template:Flag Template:USA 6982
56°57′N 24°06′E Riga Template:N/a Template:LAT 939325
56°50′N 53°11′E Izhevsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 627734
56°50′N 60°35′E Yekaterinburg Template:Flag Template:RUS 1349772
56°44′N 111°23′W Fort McMurray Template:Flag Template:CAN 66573
56°28′N 2°58′W Dundee Template:SCO Template:UK 237000
56°20′N 44°00′E Nizhny Novgorod Template:Flag Template:RUS 1250619
56°09′N 3°56′W Stirling Template:SCO Template:UK 36142
56°07′N 101°36′E Bratsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 246319
56°09′N 10°13′E Aarhus Template:Flag Template:DEN 273077
56°01′N 93°04′E Krasnoyarsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 973826
55°57′N 3°11′W Edinburgh Template:SCO Template:UK 464990
55°51′N 4°16′W Glasgow Template:SCO Template:UK 1209143
55°47′N 49°08′E Kazan Template:Flag Template:RUS 1143535
55°45′N 37°37′E Moscow Template:N/a Template:RUS 12506468
55°41′N 12°34′E Copenhagen Template:Flag Template:DNK 1627705
55°35′N 13°02′E Malmö Skåne län vapenflagga.svgSkåne County Template:SWE 324908
55°29′N 8°27′E Esbjerg Template:Flag Template:DNK 72151
55°24′N 10°23′E Odense Template:Flag Template:DNK 178210
55°10′N 118°48′W Grande Prairie Template:Flag Template:CAN 63166
55°09′N 61°23′E Chelyabinsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 1130132
55°01′N 82°56′E Novosibirsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 1473754
55°00′N 7°18′W Derry Northern Ireland Template:UK 93512
54°59′N 73°22′E Omsk Template:Flag Template:RUS 1154116
54°58′N 1°37′W Newcastle upon Tyne Template:ENG Template:UK 879996
54°54′N 1°23′W Sunderland Template:ENG Template:UK 174286
54°53′N 69°10′E Petropavl North Kazakhstan Template:KAZ 201446
54°47′N 9°26′E Flensburg Template:Flag Template:DEU 87432
54°45′N 55°58′E Ufa Template:Flag Template:RUS 1062319
54°43′N 20°31′E Kaliningrad Template:Flag Template:RUS 431402
54°41′N 25°17′E Vilnius Template:Flag Template:LTU 641220
54°36′N 5°56′W Belfast Northern Ireland Template:UK 483418
54°34′N 1°14′W Middlesbrough Template:Flag Template:UK 174700
54°30′N 18°33′E Gdynia Template:Flag Template:POL 247799
54°22′N 18°38′E Gdańsk Template:Flag Template:POL 464829
54°20′N 10°08′E Kiel Template:Flag Template:DEU 247441
54°09′N 4°29′W Douglas Template:Flag Template:GBR 27938
54°05′N 12°08′E Rostock Template:Flag Template:GER 208409
54°03′N 2°48′W Lancaster Template:ENG Template:UK 52234
53°58′N 1°05′W York Template:ENG Template:UK 208200
53°55′N 122°44′W Prince George Template:Flag Template:CAN 74003
53°54′N 27°34′E Minsk Template:N/a Template:BLR 1982444
53°48′N 1°45′W Bradford Template:ENG Template:UK 529879
53°48′N 1°33′W Leeds Template:ENG Template:UK 1901934
53°34′N 10°00′E Hamburg Template:Flag Template:DEU 1822445
53°32′N 113°30′W Edmonton Template:Flag Template:CAN 1062643
53°31′N 49°25′E Tolyatti Samara Oblast Template:RUS 719632
53°28′N 2°14′W Manchester Template:ENG Template:UK 2553379
53°24′N 2°59′W Liverpool Template:ENG Template:UK 864122
53°23′N 1°28′W Sheffield Template:ENG Template:UK 685368
53°21′N 6°16′W Dublin Template:Flag Template:IRL 1173179
53°13′N 6°33′E Groningen Template:Flag Template:NLD 216655
53°12′N 50°08′E Samara Samara Oblast Template:RUS 1164685
53°05′N 8°48′E Bremen Template:Flag Template:DEU 568006
53°01′N 158°39′E Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Kamchatka Krai Template:RUS 179780
52°57′N 1°08′W Nottingham Template:ENG Template:UK 915977
52°55′N 1°28′W Derby Template:ENG Template:UK 270500
52°38′N 1°08′W Leicester Template:ENG Template:UK 508916
52°38′N 1°18′E Norwich Template:ENG Template:UK 213166
52°35′N 0°15′W Peterborough Template:ENG Template:UK 198900
52°31′N 13°23′E Berlin Template:Flag Template:DEU 3711930
52°29′N 1°54′W Birmingham Template:ENG Template:UK 2440986
52°26′N 30°59′E Gomel Gomel Voblast Template:BLR 526872
52°24′N 1°31′W Coventry Template:ENG Template:UK 360100
52°24′N 16°55′E Poznań Greater Poland Template:POL 1100000
52°23′N 4°38′E Haarlem Template:Flag Template:NLD 204429
52°22′N 4°54′E Amsterdam Template:Flag Template:NLD 1351587
52°22′N 9°43′E Hannover Template:Flag Template:DEU 535061
52°19′N 104°18′E Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast Template:RUS 587891
52°14′N 21°01′E Warsaw Masovian Voivodship Template:POL 1764615
52°13′N 6°54′E Enschede Template:Flag Template:NLD 158004
52°12′N 0°07′E Cambridge Template:ENG Template:UK 124900
52°10′N 4°29′E Leiden Template:Flag Template:NLD 258923
52°08′N 106°41′W Saskatoon Template:Flag Template:CAN 246376
52°06′N 5°07′E Utrecht Template:Flag Template:NLD 489734
52°05′N 4°19′E The Hague Template:Flag Template:NLD 657894
51°57′N 7°37′E Münster Template:Flag Template:DEU 311846
51°56′N 4°29′E Rotterdam Template:Flag Template:NLD 1015215
51°54′N 8°28′W Cork Template:Flag Template:IRL 208669
51°53′N 176°39′W Adak Template:Flag Template:USA 326
51°52′N 2°14′W Gloucester Template:ENG Template:UK 129100
51°45′N 1°15′W Oxford Template:ENG Template:UK 154600
51°40′N 39°13′E Voronezh Voronezh Oblast Template:RUS 889680
51°37′N 3°57′W Swansea Template:Flag Template:UK 300352
51°32′N 46°01′E Saratov Saratov Oblast Template:RUS 837900
51°31′N 7°28′E Dortmund Template:Flag Template:DEU 5302179
51°30′N 0°08′W London Template:ENG Template:UK 9787426
51°29′N 3°11′W Cardiff Template:Flag Template:UK 479000
51°29′N 0°00′E/W Greenwich Template:ENG Template:UK 30578
51°27′N 2°35′W Bristol Template:ENG Template:UK 724000
51°23′N 2°22′W Bath Template:ENG Template:UK 88859
51°20′N 12°23′E Leipzig Template:Flag Template:DEU 581980
51°14′N 6°47′E Düsseldorf Template:Flag Template:DEU 1220000
51°13′N 4°24′E Antwerp Template:Flag Template:BEL 520504
51°10′N 71°26′E Astana Template:N/a Template:KAZ 1200000
51°06′N 1°30′E Winchester Template:ENG Template:UK 45184
51°03′N 114°04′W Calgary Template:Flag Template:CAN 1237656
51°03′N 3°44′E Ghent Template:Flag Template:BEL 259083
51°02′N 13°44′E Dresden Template:Flag Template:DEU 780561
50°59′N 11°02′E Erfurt Template:Flag Template:DEU 212988
50°57′N 1°51′E Calais Template:N/a Template:FRA 76402
50°56′N 6°58′E Cologne Template:Flag Template:DEU 1075935
50°54′N 1°24′W Southampton Template:ENG Template:UK 855569
50°51′N 5°41′E Maastricht Template:Flag Template:NLD 277721
50°51′N 4°21′E Brussels Template:Flag Template:BEL 2120000
50°50′N 0°09′W Brighton and Hove Template:ENG Template:UK 474485
50°49′N 1°05′W Portsmouth Template:ENG Template:UK 855679
50°43′N 3°32′W Exeter Template:ENG Template:UK 128900
50°41′N 120°20′W Kamloops Template:Flag Template:CAN 90280
50°38′N 3°03′E Lille Template:Flag Template:FRA 232741
50°27′N 104°36′W Regina Template:Flag Template:CAN 214631
50°27′N 30°31′E Kiev Template:Flag Template:UKR 3375000
50°24′N 4°26′E Charleroi Template:N/a Template:BEL 201256
50°22′N 4°09′W Plymouth Template:ENG Template:UK 263100
50°07′N 8°41′E Frankfurt am Main Template:Flag Template:DEU 2319029
50°05′N 14°25′E Prague Template:N/a Template:CZE 2619490
50°04′N 19°56′E Kraków Lesser Poland Template:POL 769498
50°00′N 36°14′E Kharkiv Template:Flag Template:UKR 1732400
49°54′N 97°08′W Winnipeg Template:Flag Template:CAN 705244
49°53′N 119°30′W Kelowna Template:Flag Template:CAN 151957
49°51′N 24°01′E Lviv Template:Flag Template:UKR 727968
49°37′N 6°07′E Luxembourg Template:N/a Template:LUX 107247
49°29′N 0°06′E Le Havre Template:Flag Template:FRA 175497
49°27′N 11°05′E Nuremberg Template:Flag Template:GER 763854
49°26′N 1°06′E Rouen Template:Flag Template:FRA 111557
49°15′N 123°06′W Vancouver Template:Flag Template:CAN 2264823
48°51′N 2°21′E Paris Template:Flag Template:FRA 2206488
48°47′N 9°11′E Stuttgart Template:Flag Template:DEU 2735425
48°45′N 122°29′W Bellingham Template:Flag Template:USA 87574
48°42′N 44°31′E Volgograd Volgograd Oblast Template:RUS 1021215
48°35′N 7°45′E Strasbourg Template:Flag Template:FRA 276170
48°24′N 34°59′E Dnipro Template:N/a Template:UKR 1460000
48°26′N 123°22′W Victoria Template:Flag Template:CAN 85792
48°25′N 71°04′W Saguenay Template:Flag Template:CAN 106666
48°23′N 4°29′W Brest Template:Flag Template:FRA 144548
48°23′N 89°15′W Thunder Bay Template:Flag Template:CAN 93952
48°18′N 14°17′E Linz Template:Flag Template:AUT 200839
48°13′N 16°22′E Vienna Template:Flag Template:AUT 2600000
48°09′N 17°07′E Bratislava Template:N/a Template:SVK 429564
48°08′N 11°34′E Munich Template:Flag Template:DEU 2606021
48°00′N 37°48′E Donetsk Template:Flag Template:UKR 2009700
47°55′N 106°55′E Ulaanbaatar Template:N/a Template:MNG 1372000
47°54′N 1°55′E Orléans Template:N/a Template:FRA 114644
47°48′N 13°02′E Salzburg Template:Flag Template:AUT 150887
47°37′N 122°20′W Seattle Template:Flag Template:USA 608660
47°34′N 52°42′W St. John's Template:Flag Template:CAN 178427
47°34′N 7°36′E Basel Template:N/a Template:CHE 177275
47°28′N 19°03′E Budapest Template:N/a Template:HUN 2947722
47°26′N 123°27′E Qiqihar Heilongjiang Template:PRC 1481637
47°22′N 8°33′E Zürich Template:N/a Template:CHE 409241
47°16′N 11°23′E Innsbruck Template:Flag Template:AUT 130894
47°14′N 39°42′E Rostov-on-Don Rostov Oblast Template:RUS 1089261
47°13′N 1°33′W Nantes Template:Flag Template:FRA 303382
47°08′N 9°31′E Vaduz Template:N/a Template:LIE 5521
47°07′N 51°53′E Atyrau Atyrau Region Template:KAZ 163221
47°04′N 15°26′E Graz Template:Flag Template:AUT 280200
47°00′N 28°55′E Chişinău Template:N/a Template:MDA 532513
46°57′N 7°27′E Bern Template:N/a Template:CHE 133798
46°51′N 29°38′E Tiraspol Template:Flag Template:MDA 133807
46°49′N 71°13′W Quebec City Template:Flag Template:CAN 531902
46°49′N 100°47′W Bismarck Template:Flag Template:USA 61272
46°48′N 92°06′W Duluth Template:Flag Template:USA 86265
46°47′N 56°11′W Saint-Pierre Saint Pierre and Miquelon Template:FRA 5888
46°46′N 23°35′E Cluj-Napoca Cluj County Template:ROM 324576
46°44′N 117°00′W Moscow Template:Flag Template:USA 23800
46°36′N 112°02′W Helena Template:Flag Template:USA 28190
46°32′N 84°21′W Sault Ste. Marie Template:Flag Template:CAN 66313
46°31′N 6°38′E Lausanne Vaud Template:CHE 138905
46°29′N 81°01′W Sudbury Template:Flag Template:CAN 128086
46°28′N 30°44′E Odessa Template:Flag Template:UKR 1016515
46°18′N 79°27′W North Bay Template:Flag Template:CAN 51553
46°14′N 63°09′W Charlottetown Template:Flag Template:CAN 42602
46°12′N 6°09′E Geneva Template:N/a Template:CHE 200548
46°08′N 64°46′W Moncton Template:Flag Template:CAN 107086
46°03′N 14°31′E Ljubljana Template:N/a Template:SVN 537712
45°57′N 66°40′W Fredericton Template:Flag Template:CAN 58220
45°49′N 15°59′E Zagreb Template:N/a Template:CRO 802588
45°46′N 4°51′E Lyon Template:Flag Template:FRA 506615
45°45′N 126°38′E Harbin Heilongjiang Template:PRC 5115000
45°36′N 62°39′W New Glasgow Template:Flag Template:CAN 20609
45°31′N 122°41′W Portland Template:Flag Template:USA 583776
45°30′N 73°34′W Montreal Template:Flag Template:CAN 3519595
45°28′N 9°11′E Milan Template:Flag Template:ITA 1372075
45°26′N 12°20′E Venice Template:Flag Template:ITA 260897
45°25′N 75°41′W Ottawa Template:Flag Template:CAN 933596
45°25′N 141°40′E Wakkanai Hokkaido Template:JPN 35675
45°17′N 66°05′W Saint John Template:Flag Template:CAN 58341
45°15′N 19°51′E Novi Sad Template:Flag Template:SRB 277522
45°04′N 7°42′E Turin Template:Flag Template:ITA 878594
45°02′N 38°58′E Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai Template:RUS 744995
44°59′N 93°16′W Minneapolis Template:Flag Template:USA 382578
44°57′N 34°06′E Simferopol Template:Flag Template:UKR Template:RUS (disputed) 332317
44°51′N 63°12′W Halifax Template:Flag Template:CAN 316701
44°50′N 0°35′W Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine Template:FRA 250776
44°49′N 20°28′E Belgrade Template:N/a Template:SRB 1233796
44°45′N 19°42′E Šabac Template:N/a Template:SRB 53919
44°38′N 22°39′E Drobeta Turnu Severin Mehedinti County Template:ROM 92617
44°30′N 11°21′E Bologna Template:Flag Template:ITA 390198
44°26′N 26°06′E Bucharest Template:N/a Template:ROM 2106144
44°25′N 12°12′E Ravenna Template:Flag Template:ITA 158784
44°24′N 8°55′E Genoa Template:Flag Template:ITA 580097
44°22′N 79°40′W Barrie Template:Flag Template:CAN 172657
44°22′N 100°20′W Pierre Template:Flag Template:USA 13646
44°20′N 23°49′E Craiova Template:N/a Template:ROM 269506
44°19′N 69°47′W Augusta Template:Flag Template:USA 19136
44°15′N 72°34′W Montpelier Template:Flag Template:USA 7855
43°55′N 69°49′W Bath Template:Flag Template:USA 8514
43°56′N 12°27′E San Marino Template:N/a Template:SMR 4044
43°54′N 125°12′E Changchun Jilin Template:PRC 3575000
43°51′N 18°21′E Sarajevo Template:N/a Template:BIH 395133
43°50′N 66°07′W Yarmouth Template:Flag Template:CAN 6518
43°50′N 87°36′E Ürümqi Xinjiang Template:PRC 3575000
43°47′N 11°15′E Florence Template:Flag Template:ITA 383083
43°46′N 142°22′E Asahikawa Hokkaido Template:JPN 352105
43°44′N 7°25′E Monaco Template:N/a Template:MCO 37308
43°42′N 7°16′E Nice Template:Flag Template:FRA 343895
43°42′N 79°24′W Toronto Template:Flag Template:CAN 5132794
43°37′N 116°12′W Boise Template:Flag Template:USA 349684
43°36′N 1°27′E Toulouse Occitanie Template:FRA 479638
43°35′N 39°43′E Sochi Krasnodar Krai Template:RUS 343334
43°33′N 7°01′E Cannes Template:Flag Template:FRA 73603
43°32′N 5°39′W Gijón Template:Flag Template:ESP 272365
43°32′N 96°43′W Sioux Falls Template:Flag Template:USA 240298
43°30′N 16°26′E Split Template:N/a Template:CRO 156777
43°21′N 5°50′W Oviedo Template:Flag Template:ESP 220567
43°20′N 145°35′E Nemuro Hokkaido Template:JPN 27109
43°19′N 2°00′W San Sebastián Template:Flag Template:ESP 186095
43°18′N 5°22′E Marseille Template:Flag Template:FRA 869815
43°17′N 76°54′E Almaty Template:N/a Template:KAZ 1797431
43°15′N 2°55′W Bilbao Template:Flag Template:ESP 1037847
43°12′N 71°32′W Concord Template:Flag Template:USA 42695
43°10′N 77°37′W Rochester Template:Flag Template:USA 720572
43°08′N 131°54′E Vladivostok Primorsky Krai Template:RUS 606589
43°04′N 141°21′E Sapporo Hokkaido Template:JPN 1947097
43°03′N 87°57′W Milwaukee Template:Flag Template:USA 594833
43°00′N 41°01′E Sukhumi Template:Flag Template:GEO Template:Flag (disputed) 62914
42°59′N 144°23′E Kushiro Hokkaido Template:JPN 174938
42°59′N 81°15'W London Template:Flag Template:CAN 383822
42°56′N 10°46′E Follonica Template:Flag Template:ITA 21339
42°55′N 143°12′E Obihiro Hokkaido Template:JPN 168546
42°54′N 78°51′W Buffalo Template:Flag Template:USA 935906
42°53′N 8°32′W Santiago de Compostela Template:Flag Template:ESP 95966
42°52′N 74°37′E Bishkek Template:N/a Template:KGZ 958500
42°51′N 2°41′W Vitoria-Gasteiz Template:Flag Template:ESP 243918
42°42′N 23°20′E Sofia Template:N/a Template:BGR 1549659
42°40′N 21°10′E Pristina Template:Flag Template:SRB Template:Flag (disputed) 204725
42°30′N 1°30′E Andorra la Vella Template:N/a Template:AND 22256
42°28′N 59°36′E Nukus Template:Flag Template:UZB 312100
42°26′N 19°16′E Podgorica Template:N/a Template:MNE 150917
42°21′N 71°04′W Boston Template:Flag Template:USA 617594
42°20′N 83°03′W Detroit Template:Flag Template:USA 713777
42°17′N 83°00′W Windsor Template:Flag Template:CAN 276165
42°14′N 8°43′W Vigo Template:Flag Template:ESP 292817
42°14′N 43°58′E Tskhinvali Template:Flag Template:GEO Template:Flag (disputed) 30000
42°02′N 13°25′E Avezzano Template:Flag Template:ITA 42414
42°00′N 21°26′E Skopje Template:N/a Template:MKD 544086
41°59′N 82°56′W Colchester Template:Flag Template:CAN 900
41°54′N 12°30′E Rome Template:Flag Template:ITA 3970000
41°54′N 12°27′E Vatican City Template:N/a Template:VAT 1000
41°53′N 87°38′W Chicago Template:Flag Template:USA 2695598
41°49′N 71°25′W Providence Template:Flag Template:USA 1190956
41°48′N 123°24′E Shenyang Liaoning Template:PRC 8095000
41°48′N 129°47′E Chongjin North Hamgyong Template:PRK 627000
41°46′N 72°40′W Hartford Template:Flag Template:USA 124775
41°46′N 140°44′E Hakodate Hokkaido Template:JPN 264845
41°43′N 44°47′E Tbilisi Template:N/a Template:GEO 1485293
41°40′N 4°43′W Valladolid Template:Flag Template:ESP 299715
41°39′N 0°53′W Zaragoza Template:Flag Template:ESP 664938
41°35′N 93°37′W Des Moines Template:Flag Template:USA 450070
41°33′N 8°25′W Braga Braga District Template:POR 192494
41°29′N 81°40′W Cleveland Template:Flag Template:USA 396698
41°23′N 2°11′E Barcelona Template:Flag Template:ESP 4840000
41°20′N 19°49′E Tirana Template:N/a Template:ALB 557422
41°16′N 69°13′E Tashkent Template:N/a Template:UZB 2485900
41°10′N 8°37′W Porto Template:N/a Template:POR 237591
41°09′N 104°48′W Cheyenne Template:Flag Template:USA 59466
41°07′N 16°52′E Bari Template:Flag Template:ITA 326799
41°05′N 85°08′W Fort Wayne Template:Flag Template:USA 253691
41°01′N 28°57′E Istanbul Template:N/a Template:TUR 2813
41°00′N 39°44′E Trabzon Template:N/a Template:TUR 312060
41°00′N 71°40′E Namangan Template:N/a Template:UZB 475700
40°51′N 14°16′E Naples Template:Flag Template:ITA 967068
40°49′N 140°45′E Aomori Aomori Template:JPN 287800
40°49′N 96°41′W Lincoln Template:Flag Template:USA 258719
40°48′N 124°09′W Eureka Template:Flag Template:USA 45034
40°45′N 111°53′W Salt Lake City Template:Flag Template:USA 186440
40°43′N 74°04′W Jersey City Template:Flag Template:USA 247597
40°40′N 73°56′W New York City Template:Flag Template:USA 8175133
40°39′N 22°54′E Thessaloniki Template:N/a Template:GRC 788952
41°37′N 0°38′E Lleida Template:Flag Template:ESP 138144
40°27′N 80°00′W Pittsburgh Template:Flag Template:USA 305704
40°24′N 49°53′E Baku Template:N/a Template:AZE 2795000
40°23′N 3°43′W Madrid Template:Flag Template:ESP 6240000
40°13′N 74°46′W Trenton Template:Flag Template:USA 84913
40°11′N 29°03′E Bursa Template:N/a Template:TUR 2842000
40°11′N 44°31′E Yerevan Template:N/a Template:ARM 1075800
40°01′N 105°17′W Boulder Template:Flag Template:USA 108090
39°59′N 82°59′W Columbus Template:Flag Template:USA 787033
39°56′N 32°52′E Ankara Template:N/a Template:TUR 5445026
39°57′N 75°10′W Philadelphia Template:Flag Template:USA 6096120
39°55′N 116°23′E Beijing Template:N/a Template:PRC 21450000
39°49′N 46°45′E Stepanakert Template:Flag Template:AZE Template:Flag (disputed) 55200
39°48′N 74°06′W Forked River Template:Flag Template:USA 5244
39°47′N 30°31′E Eskisehir Template:N/a Template:TUR 734807
39°46′N 86°09′W Indianapolis Template:Flag Template:USA 1487483
39°44′N 104°59′W Denver Template:Flag Template:USA 2374203
39°43′N 140°07′E Akita Akita Template:JPN 314662
39°41′N 141°09′E Morioka Iwate Template:JPN 296739
39°34′N 2°39′E Palma Template:Flag Template:ESP 550000
39°32′N 119°49′W Reno Template:Flag Template:USA 225221
39°28′N 31°14′W Flores Island Template:Flag Template:POR 3909
39°28′N 0°23′W Valencia Template:Flagcountry Template:ESP 1570000
39°17′N 76°37′W Baltimore Template:Flag Template:USA 2203663
39°15′N 9°03′E Cagliari Template:Flag Template:ITA 154460
39°10′N 75°32′W Dover Template:Flag Template:USA 36047
39°09′N 127°27′E Wonsan Kangwon Template:PRK 329207
39°08′N 117°11′E Tianjin Template:N/a Template:PRC 13655000
39°06′N 84°31′W Cincinnati Template:Flag Template:USA 296943
39°06′N 94°35′W Kansas City Template:Flag Template:USA 459787
39°01′N 125°44′E Pyongyang Template:N/a Template:PRK 3222000
38°59′N 1°26′E Ibiza Template:Flag Template:ESP 143856
38°55′N 121°38′E Dalian Liaoning Template:PRC 6690432
38°54′N 77°02′W Washington Template:Flag Template:USA 6131977
38°43′N 9°08′W Lisbon Template:N/a Template:PRT 505526
38°38′N 90°12′W St. Louis Template:Flag Template:USA 2150706
38°35′N 28°43′W Horta Template:Flag Template:POR 7000
38°33′N 121°28′W Sacramento Template:Flag Template:USA 466488
38°32′N 68°47′E Dushanbe Template:N/a Template:TJK 778500
38°29′N 27°13′W Angra do Heroísmo Template:Flag Template:POR 35402
38°28′N 23°36′E Halkida Template:N/a Template:GRC 59125
38°26′N 27°09′E İzmir Template:N/a Template:TUR 3028323
38°21′N 81°38′W Charleston Template:Flag Template:USA 51400
38°20′N 0°28′W Alicante Template:Flagcountry Template:ESP 328648
38°16′N 140°52′E Sendai Miyagi Template:JPN 1086012
38°15′N 85°46′W Louisville Template:Flag Template:USA 972546
38°15′N 140°20′E Yamagata Yamagata Template:JPN 252632
38°11′N 15°33′E Messina Template:Flag Template:ITA 234570
38°07′N 13°22′E Palermo Template:Flag Template:ITA 676118
38°04′N 46°18′E Tabriz Template:N/a Template:IRN 1558693
38°03′N 114°30′E Shijiazhuang Hebei Template:PRC 4303700
38°01′N 12°30′E Trapani Template:Flag Template:ITA 69293
37°58′N 23°43′E Athena Template:N/a Template:GRC 3090508
37°58′N 126°33′E Kaesong North Hwanghae Template:PRK 192578
37°56′N 58°22′E Ashgabat Template:N/a Template:TKM 1031992
37°55′N 139°02′E Niigata Niigata Template:JPN 807450
37°52′N 112°34′E Taiyuan Shanxi Template:PRC 3212500
37°52′N 32°29′E Konya Template:N/a Template:TUR 2161303
37°49′N 25°45′W Ponta Delgada Template:Flag Template:POR 68809
37°48′N 122°16′W Oakland Template:Flag Template:USA 390724
37°47′N 122°25′W San Francisco Template:Flag Template:USA 4727357
37°46′N 140°28′E Fukushima Fukushima Template:JPN 280002
37°41′N 97°20′W Wichita Template:Flag Template:USA 382368
37°34′N 126°59′E Seoul Template:N/a Template:KOR 25600000
37°20′N 121°53′W San Jose Template:Flag Template:USA 945942
37°30′N 15°05′E Catania Template:Flag Template:ITA 312505
37°29′N 126°38′E Incheon Template:N/a Template:KOR 2953883
37°23′N 5°59′W Sevilla Template:Flag Template:ESP 1107000
37°13′N 28°22′E Mugla Template:N/a Template:TUR 64706
37°12′N 93°17′W Springfield Template:Flag Template:USA 159498
37°04′N 37°23′E Gaziantep Template:N/a Template:TUR 1556381
37°00′N 35°19′E Adana Template:N/a Template:TUR 1753337
36°51′N 75°59′W Virginia Beach Template:Flag Template:USA 1212000
36°50′N 2°28′W Almería Template:Flag Template:ESP 195389
36°48′N 10°11′E Tunis Template:N/a Template:TUN 2294547
36°48′N 34°38′E Mersin Template:N/a Template:TUR 915703
36°46′N 3°13′E Algiers Template:N/a Template:DZA 3415811
36°43′N 4°25′W Málaga Template:Flag Template:ESP 1628973
36°42′N 137°13′E Toyama Toyama Template:JPN 417878
36°40′N 116°59′E Jinan Shandong Template:PRC 4693700
36°38′N 138°11′E Nagano Nagano Template:JPN 375234
36°38′N 101°46′E Xining Qinghai Template:PRC 1460000
36°36′N 114°29′E Handan Hebei Template:PRC 941427
36°34′N 136°39′E Kanazawa Ishikawa Template:JPN 466029
36°33′N 139°53′E Utsunomiya Tochigi Template:JPN 519461
36°23′N 139°04′E Maebashi Gunma Template:JPN 339701
36°22′N 140°28′E Mito Ibaraki Template:JPN 270953
36°20′N 43°08′E Mosul Template:N/a Template:IRQ 664221
36°18′N 59°36′E Mashhad Template:N/a Template:IRN 3001184
36°11′N 44°01′E Arbil Template:Flag Template:IRQ 852500
36°11′N 115°08′W Las Vegas Template:Flag Template:USA 2211315
36°10′N 86°47′W Nashville Template:Flag Template:USA 1903045
36°08′N 5°21′W Gibraltar Template:Flag Template:GBR 32194
36°08′N 95°56′W Tulsa Template:Flag Template:USA 391906
36°04′N 136°13′E Fukui Fukui Template:JPN 264217
36°04′N 120°23′E Qingdao Shandong Template:PRC 5930000
36°02′N 103°48′E Lanzhou Gansu Template:PRC 2890000
35°58′N 83°57′W Knoxville Template:Flag Template:USA 178874
35°54′N 14°31′E Valletta Template:N/a Template:MLT 355000
35°54′N 14°28′E Birkirkara Template:N/a Template:MLT 23034
35°53′N 106°18′W Los Alamos Template:Flag Template:USA 12019
35°52′N 128°36′E Daegu Template:N/a Template:KOR 2501673
35°51′N 139°38′E Saitama Saitama Template:JPN 1266656
35°49′N 78°39′W Raleigh Template:Flag Template:USA 1012994
35°46′N 5°48′W Tangier Tangier-Assilah Template:MAR 947952
35°42′N 51°25′E Tehran Tehran Template:IRN 8693706
35°41′N 139°42′E Tokyo Template:N/a Template:JPN 38140000
35°40′N 105°58′W Santa Fe Template:Flag Template:USA 67947
35°40′N 138°34′E Kōfu Yamanashi Template:JPN 193127
35°36′N 140°06′E Chiba Chiba Template:JPN 972861
35°31′N 35°47′E Latakia Template:N/a Template:SYR 383786
35°31′N 139°42′E Kawasaki Kanagawa Template:JPN 1496035
35°30′N 134°14′E Tottori Tottori Template:JPN 192912
35°29′N 97°32′W Oklahoma City Template:Flag Template:USA 579999
35°28′N 133°03′E Matsue Shimane Template:JPN 205402
35°28′N 44°19′E Kirkuk Template:N/a Template:IRQ 850787
35°27′N 139°38′E Yokohama Kanagawa Template:JPN 3732616
35°25′N 136°46′E Gifu Gifu Template:JPN 411722
35°22′N 1°19′E Tiaret Template:N/a Template:ALG 178915
35°20′N 25°08′E Heraklion Template:N/a Template:GRC 225574
35°17′N 2°56′W Melilla Template:Flag Template:ESP 78476
35°14′N 80°51′W Charlotte Template:Flag Template:USA 1249442
35°11′N 136°54′E Nagoya Aichi Template:JPN 9107414
35°11′N 129°05′E Busan Template:N/a Template:KOR 3506103
35°10′N 33°22′E Nicosia Template:N/a Template:CYP 326739
35°07′N 89°58′W Memphis Template:Flag Template:USA 646889
35°07′N 106°37′W Albuquerque Template:Flag Template:USA 545852
35°01′N 135°51′E Ōtsu Shiga Template:JPN 341187
35°01′N 135°46′E Kyoto Kyoto Template:JPN 1475183
34°59′N 138°23′E Shizuoka Shizuoka Template:JPN 697578
34°46′N 113°39′E Zhengzhou Henan Template:PRC 6406000
34°44′N 92°20′W Little Rock Template:Flag Template:USA 193524
34°44′N 10°46′E Sfax Template:N/a Template:TUN 330440
34°43′N 136°30′E Tsu Mie Template:JPN 279304
34°42′N 135°30′E Osaka Osaka Template:JPN 19341976
34°41′N 135°12′E Kōbe Hyogo Template:JPN 1536499
34°41′N 135°48′E Nara Nara Template:JPN 359666
34°39′N 133°55′E Okayama Okayama Template:JPN 720841
34°32′N 69°10′E Kabul Template:N/a Template:AFG 4635000
34°26′N 119°43′W Santa Barbara Template:Flag Template:USA 88410
34°23′N 132°27′E Hiroshima Hiroshima Template:JPN 1196274
34°21′N 134°03′E Takamatsu Kagawa Template:JPN 420529
34°16′N 108°54′E Xi'an Shaanxi Template:PRC 5905000
34°14′N 135°10′E Wakayama Wakayama Template:JPN 360664
34°13′N 77°55′W Wilmington Template:Flag Template:USA 254884
34°11′N 131°28′E Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Template:JPN 198971
34°05′N 49°41′E Arak Markazi Template:IRN 520944
34°05′N 74°47′E Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir Template:IND 1180570
34°04′N 134°33′E Tokushima Tokushima Template:JPN 321654
34°03′N 118°15′W Los Angeles Template:Flag Template:USA 3792621
34°02′N 6°50′W Rabat Template:N/a Template:MAR 577827
34°01′N 71°35′E Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:PAK 4269079
34°00′N 81°03′W Columbia Template:Flag Template:USA 129272
33°57′N 117°24′W Riverside Template:Flag Template:USA 303871
33°53′N 35°31′E Beirut Template:N/a Template:LBN 1303129
33°50′N 132°46′E Matsuyama Ehime Template:JPN 516459
33°45′N 84°23′W Atlanta Template:Flag Template:USA 4975300
33°43′N 73°04′E Islamabad Islamabad Capital Territory Template:PAK 1014825
33°39′N 86°49′W Birmingham Template:Flag Template:USA 212237
33°36′N 73°02′E Rawalpindi Punjab Template:PAK 2098231
33°35′N 130°24′E Fukuoka Fukuoka Template:JPN 5590378
33°34′N 133°32′E Kōchi Kōchi Template:JPN 332059
33°32′N 7°35′W Casablanca Template:N/a Template:MAR 3359818
33°31′N 36°18′E Damascus Template:N/a Template:SYR 1711000
33°27′N 112°04′W Phoenix Template:Flag Template:USA 3629114
33°34′N 101°51′W Lubbock Template:Flag Template:USA 253888
33°20′N 44°26′E Baghdad Template:N/a Template:IRQ 11500000
33°16′N 130°18′E Saga Saga Template:JPN 234453
33°14′N 131°36′E Ōita Ōita Template:JPN 478491
32°54′N 13°11′E Tripoli Template:N/a Template:LBA 2526000
32°47′N 79°56′W Charleston Template:Flag Template:USA 120083
32°47′N 96°48′W Dallas Template:Flag Template:USA 1197816
32°47′N 129°52′E Nagasaki Nagasaki Template:JPN 425723
32°47′N 130°44′E Kumamoto Kumamoto Template:JPN 737812
32°43′N 117°10′W San Diego Template:Flag Template:USA 1307402
32°40′N 115°28′W Mexicali Template:Flag Template:MEX 1102342
32°39′N 16°55′W Funchal Template:Flag Template:POR 111892
32°38′N 115°33′W El Centro Template:Flag Template:USA 56006
32°38′N 51°39′E Isfahan Template:N/a Template:IRN 1961260
32°37′N 41°02′E Karbala Template:N/a Template:IRQ 690100
32°34′N 75°58′E Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh Template:IND 7051
32°32′N 117°02′W Tijuana Template:Flag Template:MEX 1641570
32°28′N 93°42′W Shreveport Template:Flag Template:USA 199311
32°18′N 90°11′W Jackson Template:Flag Template:USA 173514
32°18′N 64°47′W Hamilton Template:Flag Template:GBR 1010
32°13′N 110°56′W Tucson Template:Flag Template:USA 520116
32°07′N 20°04′E Benghazi Template:N/a Template:LBA 631555
32°04′N 34°47′E Tel Aviv Template:N/a Template:ISR 443939
32°03′N 118°46′E Nanjing Jiangsu Template:PRC 6525000
32°00′N 44°22′E Najaf Template:N/a Template:IRQ 1389500
31°56′N 35°56′E Amman Template:N/a Template:JOR 4007526
31°55′N 131°25′E Miyazaki Miyazaki Template:JPN 399834
31°54′N 35°12′E Ramallah West Bank Template:PLE 27092
31°51′N 116°36′W Ensenada Template:Flag Template:MEX 522768
31°47′N 106°25′W El Paso Template:Flag Template:USA 649133
31°47′N 35°13′E Jerusalem Template:N/a Template:ISR Template:PLE (disputed) 901302
31°44′N 106°29′W Ciudad Juárez Template:Flag Template:MEX 1321004
31°38′N 74°52′E Amritsar Punjab Template:IND 1183705
31°38′N 8°01′W Marrakech Template:N/a Template:MAR 928850
31°37′N 65°43′E Kandahar Template:N/a Template:AFG 557118
31°36′N 130°33′E Kagoshima Kagoshima Template:JPN 606624
31°33′N 74°21′E Lahore Punjab Template:PAK 11126285
31°31′N 34°27′E Gaza Gaza Strip Template:PLE 515556
31°25′N 73°05′E Faisalabad Punjab Template:PAK 3203846
31°15′N 32°17′E Port Said Template:N/a Template:EGY 603787
31°12′N 29°55′E Alexandria Template:N/a Template:EGY 5200000
31°12′N 121°30′E Shanghai Template:N/a Template:PRC 24115000
31°06′N 77°10′E Shimla Himachal Pradesh Template:IND 169578
30°55′N 75°51′E Ludhiana Punjab Template:IND 1618879
30°45′N 76°47′E Chandigarh Template:N/a Template:IND 1025682
30°42′N 88°03′W Mobile Template:Flag Template:USA 195111
30°40′N 104°04′E Chengdu Sichuan Template:PRC 11430000
30°35′N 114°17′E Wuhan Hubei Template:PRC 7980000
30°30′N 47°49′E Basra Template:N/a Template:IRQ 2150000
30°26′N 9°36′W Agadir Agadir Prefecture Template:MAR 421844
30°20′N 81°40′W Jacksonville Template:Flag Template:USA 821784
30°15′N 97°45′W Austin Template:Flag Template:USA 967629
30°15′N 120°10′E Hangzhou Zhejiang Template:PRC 7970000
30°12′N 71°28′E Multan Punjab Template:PAK 1871843
30°03′N 31°14′E Cairo Template:N/a Template:EGY 9700000
29°58′N 90°03′W New Orleans Template:Flag Template:USA 1262888
29°58′N 32°33′E Suez Template:N/a Template:EGY 744189
29°46′N 95°23′W Houston Template:Flag Template:USA 2099451
29°39′N 91°06′E Lhasa Tibet Template:PRC 330000
29°34′N 106°34′E Chongqing Template:N/a Template:PRC 8165500
29°33′N 34°57′E Eilat Template:N/a Template:ISR 50724
29°25′N 98°30′W San Antonio Template:Flag Template:USA 1511946
29°22′N 47°59′E Kuwait City Template:N/a Template:KWT 2400000
29°16′N 88°53′E Shigatse Tibet Template:PRC 703292
29°06′N 110°57′W Hermosillo Template:Flag Template:MEX 812229
28°38′N 106°05′W Chihuahua Template:Flag Template:MEX 878062
28°37′N 77°13′E New Delhi Delhi Template:IND 26454000
28°28′N 16°15′W Santa Cruz de Tenerife Template:Flag Template:ESP 538000
28°25′N 81°18′W Orlando Template:Flag Template:USA 238300
28°09′N 15°25′W Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Template:Flag Template:ESP 383308
27°57′N 82°28′W Tampa Template:Flag Template:USA 335709
27°44′N 97°24′W Corpus Christi Template:Flag Template:USA 305215
27°44′N 15°34′W Maspalomas Template:Flag Template:ESP 36065
27°42′N 85°20′E Kathmandu Template:N/a Template:NEP 2500000
27°29′N 95°00′E Dibrugarh Assam Template:IND 154019
27°28′N 89°39′E Thimphu Template:N/a Template:BHU 114551
27°20′N 88°37′E Gangtok Sikkim Template:IND 100286
27°11′N 78°01′E Agra Uttar Pradesh Template:IND 1585704
27°09′N 13°12′W El Aaiún Template:Flag Template:MAR Template:Flag (disputed) 217732
27°02′N 14°26′E Sabha Template:N/a Template:LBA 96872
26°56′N 75°49′E Jaipur Rajasthan Template:IND 3046189
26°51′N 80°57′E Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Template:IND 2902920
26°43′N 88°26′E Siliguri West Bengal Template:IND 705579
26°38′N 92°48′E Tezpur Assam Template:IND 102505
26°28′N 80°20′E Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Template:IND 2920496
26°17′N 50°12′E Dammam Template:N/a Template:SAU 903000
26°13′N 127°41′E Naha Okinawa Template:JPN 1179627
26°13′N 50°35′E Manama Template:N/a Template:BHR 411000
26°12′N 91°44′E Guwahati Assam Template:IND 962334
25°55′N 97°29′W Brownsville Template:Flag Template:USA 189592
25°47′N 80°13′W Miami Template:Flag Template:USA 5502379
25°41′N 32°39′E Luxor Template:N/a Template:EGY 506588
25°40′N 100°18′W Monterrey Template:Flag Template:MEX 1109171
25°37′N 85°09′E Patna Bihar Template:IND 2746652
25°34′N 91°53′E Shillong Meghalaya Template:IND 354759
25°32′N 103°27′W Torreón Template:Flag Template:MEX 1497734
25°19′N 79°38′E Kulpahar Uttar Pradesh Template:IND 20096
25°17′N 51°32′E Doha Template:N/a Template:QAT 1351000
25°15′N 55°18′E Dubai Template:Flag Template:ARE 5640000
25°23′N 68°22′E Hyderabad Sindh Template:PAK 1732693
25°04′N 77°20′W Nassau Template:N/a Template:BHS 274400
25°04′N 102°41′E Kunming Yunnan Template:PRC 3895000
25°02′N 121°38′E Taipei Template:N/a Template:ROC-TW 8500000
24°52′N 67°01′E Karachi Sindh Template:PAK 14910352
24°48′N 107°23′W Culiacán Template:Flag Template:MEX 785800
24°38′N 46°43′E Riyadh Template:N/a Template:SAU 7676654
24°34′N 81°47′W Key West Template:Flag Template:USA 24649
24°28′N 39°36′E Medina Template:N/a Template:SAU 785204
24°28′N 54°22′E Abu Dhabi Template:Flag Template:ARE 1205963
24°12′N 55°44′E Al Ain Template:Flag Template:ARE 766936
24°09′N 120°40′E Taichung Template:N/a Template:ROC-TW 259500
24°01′N 104°40′W Durango Template:Flag Template:MEX 565300
23°50′N 91°16′E Agartala Tripura Template:IND 944226
23°42′N 90°23′E Dhaka Template:N/a Template:BGD 14399000
23°37′N 58°36′E Muscat Template:N/a Template:OMN 1560330
23°08′N 82°23′W Havana Template:N/a Template:CUB 2106146
23°08′N 113°16′E Guangzhou Guangdong Template:PRC 11547491
23°02′N 72°35′E Ahmedabad Gujarat Template:IND 6357693
23°02′N 113°43′E Dongguan Guangdong Template:PRC 8220207
22°59′N 120°11′E Tainan Template:N/a Template:ROC-TW 1170000
22°53′N 109°55′W Cabo San Lucas Template:Flag Template:MEX 81111
22°49′N 108°19′E Nanning Guangxi Template:PRC 4037000
22°38′N 120°16′E Kaohsiung Template:N/a Template:ROC-TW 2540000
22°34′N 88°22′E Kolkata (Calcutta) West Bengal Template:IND 4496694
22°33′N 114°06′E Shenzhen Guangdong Template:PRC 12905000
22°22′N 91°48′E Chittagong Template:N/a Template:BGD 2581643
22°17′N 114°10′E Hong Kong Template:HKG Template:PRC 7448900
22°15′N 97°52′W Tampico Template:Flag Template:MEX 314418
22°10′N 113°33′E Macau Template:MAC Template:PRC 650900
22°09′N 100°51′W San Luis Potosí Template:Flag Template:MEX 1040822
21°53′N 102°18′W Aguascalientes Template:Flag Template:MEX 934424
21°33′N 39°10′E Jeddah Template:N/a Template:SAU 3976000
21°28′N 71°08′W Cockburn Town Template:Flag Template:UK 3700
21°25′N 39°49′E Mecca Template:N/a Template:SAU 1675368
21°19′N 157°50′W Honolulu Template:Flag Template:USA 337256
21°15′N 81°38′E Raipur Chhattisgarh Template:IND 1122555
21°10′N 86°51′W Cancún Template:Flag Template:MEX 743626
21°10′N 72°50′E Surat Gujarat Template:IND 5935000
21°08′N 79°05′E Nagpur Maharashtra Template:IND 2497870
21°07′N 101°41′W León Template:Flag Template:MEX 1454793
21°02′N 105°51′E Hanoi Template:N/a Template:VIE 3435394
20°58′N 89°37′W Mérida Template:Flag Template:MEX 892363
20°51′N 106°41′E Hai Phong Template:N/a Template:VIE 2090788
20°43′N 103°24′W Zapopan Template:Flag Template:MEX 1026492
20°40′N 105°16′W Puerto Vallarta Template:Flag Template:MEX 221200
20°40′N 103°21′W Guadalajara Template:Flag Template:MEX 1460148
20°35′N 100°24′W Querétaro Template:Flag Template:MEX 1097025
20°04′N 110°34′E Haikou Template:Flag Template:PRC 2250000
20°01′N 75°49′W Santiago de Cuba Template:N/a Template:CUB 431272
19°55′N 99°50′E Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Province Template:THA 69888
19°45′N 96°06′E Naypyidaw Template:N/a Template:MYA 924608
19°42′N 155°05′W Hilo Template:Flag Template:USA 43263
19°26′N 99°08′W Template:Flagicon Mexico City Template:N/a Template:MEX 20900000
19°18′N 81°23′W George Town Template:Flag Template:UK 28836
19°11′N 96°09′W Veracruz Template:Flag Template:MEX 520708
19°03′N 98°13′W Puebla Template:Flag Template:MEX 3250000
18°59′N 72°50′E Mumbai Maharashtra Template:IND 18414288
18°48′N 99°00′E Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Province Template:THA 960906
18°32′N 72°20′W Port-au-Prince Template:N/a Template:HAI 2618894
18°31′N 73°51′E Pune Maharashtra Template:IND 7276000
18°28′N 69°57′W Santo Domingo Template:N/a Template:DOM 2908607
18°27′N 66°04′W San Juan Template:Flag Template:USA 2148346
18°26′N 64°37′W Road Town Template:Flag Template:GBR 12603
18°21′N 64°57′W Charlotte Amalie Template:Flag Template:USA 18481
18°13′N 63°03′W The Valley Template:Flag Template:GBR 1067
18°06′N 15°57′W Nouakchott Template:N/a Template:MRT 958399
17°59′N 76°48′W Kingston Template:N/a Template:JAM 662426
17°58′N 102°36′E Vientiane Template:N/a Template:LAO 783000
17°41′N 83°13′E Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh Template:IND 6053000
17°30′N 88°11′W Belize City Template:N/a Template:BLZ 57169
17°25′N 102°45′E Udon Thani Template:N/a Template:THA 430000
17°22′N 78°29′E Hyderabad Telangana Template:IND 7749334
17°18′N 62°44′W Basseterre Template:N/a Template:SKN 13000
17°15′N 88°46′W Belmopan Template:N/a Template:BLZ 16451
17°07′N 61°51′W St. John's Template:N/a Template:ATG 21926
17°01′N 54°05′E Salalah Template:N/a Template:OMN 340815
16°52′N 99°53′W Acapulco Template:Flag Template:MEX 1021000
16°48′N 96°09′E Yangon Template:N/a Template:MYA 5360512
16°47′N 3°01′W Timbuktu Template:N/a Template:MLI 54453
16°28′N 107°35′E Huế Template:N/a Template:VIE 354124
16°26′N 102°50′E Khon Kaen Template:N/a Template:THA 113754
16°04′N 108°14′E Da Nang Template:N/a Template:VIE 1064070
16°00′N 61°44′W Basse-Terre Guadeloupe Template:FRA 11395
15°39′N 32°29′E Omdurman Template:N/a Template:SDN 2395159
15°38′N 32°32′E Khartoum Template:N/a Template:SDN 5490000
15°21′N 44°12′E Sana'a Template:N/a Template:YEM 3937451
15°20′N 38°56′E Asmara Template:N/a Template:Flag 1258001
15°18′N 61°23′W Roseau Template:N/a Template:DMA 14725
15°11′N 145°45′E Saipan Template:Flag Template:USA 52263
15°11′N 108°53′E Son My Template:N/a Template:VIE ?
14°59′N 102°06′E Nakhon Ratchasima Template:N/a Template:THA 444023
14°55′N 23°31′W Praia Template:N/a Template:CPV 159050
14°54′N 92°16′W Tapachula Template:Flag Template:MEX 320451
14°50′N 91°31′W Quetzaltenango Template:N/a Template:GUA 224703
14°47′N 16°55′W Thiès Template:N/a Template:SEN 320000
14°42′N 17°27′W Dakar Template:N/a Template:SEN 2452656
14°38′N 121°02′E Quezon City National Capital Region Template:PHL 2936116
14°37′N 90°32′W Guatemala City Template:N/a Template:GUA 1000000
14°36′N 61°05′W Fort-de-France Martinique Template:FRA 85295
14°35′N 120°58′E Manila National Capital Region Template:PHL 22710000
14°33′N 121°02′E Makati National Capital Region Template:PHL 582602
14°21′N 100°34′E Ayutthaya Template:N/a Template:THA 52952
14°06′N 87°13′W Tegucigalpa Template:N/a Template:HON 2055729
14°01′N 60°59′W Castries Template:N/a Template:LCA 70000
13°45′N 100°28′E Bangkok Template:N/a Template:THA 8280925
13°41′N 89°11′W San Salvador Template:N/a Template:SLV 2404097
13°31′N 2°06′E Niamey Template:N/a Template:NIG 1243500
13°31′N 144°50′E Dededo Template:Flag Template:USA 44943
13°29′N 144°45′E Hagåtña Template:Flag Template:USA 1051
13°27′N 16°35′W Banjul Template:N/a Template:GAM 413397
13°26′N 16°40′W Serekunda Template:N/a Template:GAM 337000
13°22′N 103°52′E Siem Reap Template:N/a Template:KHM 139458
13°16′N 16°39′W Brikama Template:N/a Template:GAM 57000
13°09′N 61°14′W Kingstown Template:N/a Template:VCT 16500
13°06′N 59°37′W Bridgetown Template:N/a Template:BRB 110000
13°05′N 80°16′E Chennai (Madras) Tamil Nadu Template:IND 8653521
12°58′N 77°34′E Bangalore Karnataka Template:IND 10456000
12°56′N 100°53′E Pattaya Template:N/a Template:THA 320262
12°52′N 7°34′W Koulikoro Template:N/a Template:MLI 43174
12°39′N 8°00′W Bamako Template:N/a Template:MLI 2757234
12°37′N 87°09′W Chinandega Template:N/a Template:NIC 151793
12°31′N 70°02′W Oranjestad Template:Flag Template:NED 34980
12°21′N 1°32′W Ouagadougou Template:N/a Template:BUR 2200000
12°08′N 86°15′W Managua Template:N/a Template:NIC 1033622
12°07′N 68°56′W Willemstad Template:Flag Template:NLD 150000
12°07′N 15°03′E N'Djamena Template:N/a Template:CHA 951418
12°03′N 61°45′W St. George's Template:N/a Template:GRD 33734
12°00′N 8°31′E Kano Template:N/a Template:NGA 2828861
11°51′N 15°34′W Bissau Template:N/a Template:Flag 492004
11°40′N 92°46′E Port Blair Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:IND 100186
11°35′N 43°09′E Djibouti Template:N/a Template:DJI 529000
11°33′N 104°55′E Phnom Penh Template:N/a Template:KHM 1501725
11°11′N 4°17′W Bobo-Dioulasso Template:N/a Template:BUR 537728
10°58′N 74°48′W Barranquilla Template:N/a Template:COL 2370753
10°46′N 106°41′E Ho Chi Minh City Template:N/a Template:VIE 13542900
10°43′N 122°34′E Iloilo City Iloilo Template:PHL 447992
10°40′N 61°31′W Port of Spain Template:N/a Template:TTO 37074
10°39′N 71°38′W Maracaibo Template:N/a Template:VEN 2658355
10°38′N 85°26′W Liberia Template:N/a Template:CRI 56899
10°30′N 66°55′W Caracas Template:N/a Template:VEN 2967626
10°30′N 61°23′W Chaguanas Template:N/a Template:TTO 83516
10°24′N 75°30′W Cartagena Template:N/a Template:COL 971592
10°17′N 61°28′W San Fernando Template:N/a Template:TTO 48838
10°17′N 123°54′E Cebu City Cebu Template:PHL 922611
10°15′N 67°36′W Maracay Template:N/a Template:VEN 955362
10°11′N 68°00′W Valencia Carabobo Template:VEN 1827165
10°01′N 84°13′W Alajuela Template:N/a Template:CRI 123481
9°59′N 83°02′W Limón Template:N/a Template:CRI 58522
9°40′N 80°00′E Jaffna Template:N/a Template:SRI 88138
9°34′N 44°04′E Hargeisa Template:Flag Template:SOM 760000
9°58′N 84°50′W Puntarenas Template:N/a Template:CRI 34085
9°58′N 76°17′E Kochi Kerala Template:IND 2119724
9°56′N 84°05′W San José Template:N/a Template:CRI 1543000
9°39′N 123°51′E Tagbilaran Northern Samar Template:PHL 105051
9°31′N 13°43′W Conakry Template:N/a Template:GUI 1660973
9°24′N 0°51′W Tamale Template:N/a Template:GHA 360579
9°08′N 99°20′E Surat Thani Template:N/a Template:THA 129500
9°04′N 7°29′E Abuja Template:N/a Template:NGA 2440000
9°02′N 38°44′E Addis Ababa Template:N/a Template:ETH 3384569
8°59′N 79°31′W Panama City Template:N/a Template:PAN 430299
8°35′N 71°08′W Mérida Template:Flag Template:VEN 199878
8°34′N 16°05′E Moundou Template:N/a Template:CHA 137929
8°29′N 76°57′E Trivandrum Kerala Template:IND 1687406
8°29′N 13°14′W Freetown Template:N/a Template:Flag 1055964
8°07′N 63°33′W Ciudad Bolívar Template:N/a Template:VEN 350691
7°54′N 72°30′W Cúcuta Template:N/a Template:COL 833816
7°53′N 98°24′E Phuket Template:N/a Template:THA 230000
7°45′N 72°13′W San Cristóbal Template:Flag Template:VEN 1015623
7°45′N 8°49′W Nzérékoré Template:N/a Template:GUI 300000
7°43′N 81°42′E Batticaloa Template:N/a Template:SRI 92332
7°29′N 134°36′E Melekeok Template:N/a Template:PLW 391
7°27′N 151°51′E Weno Template:N/a Template:FSM 13856
7°24′N 3°55′E Ibadan Template:N/a Template:NGA 3160000
7°22′N 134°29′E Koror Template:N/a Template:PLW 14000
7°18′N 80°38′E Kandy Template:N/a Template:SRI 125400
7°04′N 171°16′E Majuro Template:N/a Template:MHL 27797
7°04′N 125°36′E Davao City Davao del Norte Template:PHL 2516216
7°01′N 100°28′E Hat Yai Template:N/a Template:THA 385927
6°56′N 79°51′E Colombo Template:N/a Template:SRI 2323826
6°55′N 158°10′E Palikir Template:N/a Template:FSM 4645
6°55′N 79°53′E Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte Template:N/a Template:SRI 2234289
6°54′N 122°04′E Zamboanga City Zamboanga del Sur Template:PHL 861799
6°49′N 5°17′W Yamoussoukro Template:N/a Template:CIV 355573
6°48′N 58°10′W Georgetown Template:N/a Template:GUY 200500
6°40′N 1°37′W Kumasi Template:N/a Template:GHA 2069350
6°30′N 2°36′E Porto-Novo Template:N/a Template:BEN 264320
6°27′N 3°24′E Lagos Template:N/a Template:NGA 13123000
6°27′N 7°31′E Enugu Template:N/a Template:NGA 722664
6°22′N 2°26′E Cotonou Template:N/a Template:BEN 779314
6°19′N 5°36′E Benin City Template:N/a Template:NGA 1495800
6°19′N 10°48′W Monrovia Template:N/a Template:LBR 1010970
6°14′N 75°35′W Medellín Template:N/a Template:COL 3731447
6°08′N 1°13′E Lomé Template:N/a Template:TOG 837437
6°08′N 102°15′E Kota Bharu Template:Flag Template:MAS 314964
6°07′N 100°22′E Alor Setar Template:Flag Template:MAS 405523
5°58′N 116°06′E Kota Kinabalu Template:Flag Template:MAS 452058
5°52′N 55°10′W Paramaribo Template:N/a Template:SUR 240924
5°40′N 67°38′W Puerto Ayacucho Template:N/a Template:VEN 41000
5°33′N 0°12′W Accra Greater Accra Template:GHA 2270000
5°33′N 95°19′E Banda Aceh Aceh Template:IDN 356983
5°25′N 100°19′E George Town Template:Flag Template:MAS 708127
5°19′N 4°02′W Abidjan Template:N/a Template:CIV 4707404
4°55′N 52°20′W Cayenne French Guiana Template:FRA 57614
4°55′N 1°46′W Sekondi-Takoradi Template:N/a Template:GHA 445205
4°53′N 114°57′E Bandar Seri Begawan Template:N/a Template:BRN 279924
4°51′N 31°36′E Juba Template:N/a Template:SSD 525953
4°45′N 7°00′E Port Harcourt Template:N/a Template:NGA 1865000
4°36′N 101°04′E Ipoh Template:Flag Template:MAS 657892
4°36′N 74°05′W Bogotá Template:N/a Template:COL 10200000
4°24′N 114°00′E Miri Template:Flag Template:MAS 234541
4°22′N 18°35′E Bangui Template:N/a Template:Flag 734350
4°11′N 73°31′E Malé Template:N/a Template:MDV 133412
4°03′N 9°42′E Douala Template:N/a Template:CMR 2768400
3°52′N 11°31′E Yaoundé Template:N/a Template:CMR 2765600
3°45′N 8°47′E Malabo Template:N/a Template:Flag 297000
3°35′N 98°40′E Medan North Sumatera Template:IDN 2046973
3°25′N 76°31′W Santiago de Cali Template:N/a Template:COL 2400653
3°09′N 101°42′E Kuala Lumpur Template:Flagicon Federal Territory Template:MAS 1790000
2°49′N 60°40′W Boa Vista Template:Flag Template:BRA 266901
2°12′N 102°15′E Malacca Town Template:Flag Template:MAS 484885
2°02′N 45°21′E Mogadishu Template:N/a Template:SOM 2425000
1°34′N 110°21′E Kuching Template:Flag Template:MAS 684112
1°29′N 103°44′E Johor Bahru Template:Flag Template:MAS 1277244
1°26′N 173°00′E South Tarawa Template:N/a Template:KIR 50182
1°17′N 103°50′E Singapore Template:N/a Template:SIN 5612300
0°32′N 101°27′E Pekanbaru Riau Template:IDN 1093416
0°23′N 9°27′E Libreville Template:N/a Template:GAB 703904
0°20′N 6°41′E São Tomé Template:N/a Template:Flag 71868
0°19′N 32°35′E Kampala Template:N/a Template:UGA 1507080
0°03′N 32°28′E Entebbe Template:N/a Template:UGA 69958
0°03′N 18°15′E Mbandaka Équateur Template:COD 345663
0°02′N 51°04′W Macapá Template:Flag Template:BRA 499166
0°01′S 109°20′E Pontianak West Kalimantan Template:IDN 573751
0°15′S 78°35′W Quito Pichincha Template:ECU 2700000
0°21′S 42°33′E Kismayo Template:N/a Template:SOM 89333
0°33′S 166°55′E Yaren District Template:N/a Template:NRU 747
0°57′S 100°21′E Padang West Sumatera Template:IDN 1000096
1°16′S 116°50′E Balikpapan East Kalimantan Template:IDN 736806
1°17′S 36°49′E Nairobi Template:N/a Template:KEN 4000000
1°27′S 48°30′W Belém Template:Flag Template:BRA 1439561
1°57′S 30°04′E Kigali Template:N/a Template:RWA 1132686
2°11′S 79°53′W Guayaquil Template:N/a Template:ECU 1950000
2°31′S 32°54′E Mwanza Template:N/a Template:TZA 706543
2°32′S 44°18′W São Luís Template:Flag Template:BRA 1227659
2°32′S 140°43′E Jayapura Papua Template:IDN 315872
2°59′S 104°45′E Palembang South Sumatera Template:IDN 1602071
3°06′S 60°01′W Manaus Template:Flag Template:BRA 2631239
3°23′S 29°22′E Bujumbura Template:N/a Template:BDI 497166
3°40′S 40°14′W Sobral Template:Flag Template:BRA 213673
3°42′S 128°10′E Ambon Maluku Template:IDN 368987
3°43′S 38°33′W Fortaleza Template:Flag Template:BRA 4019213
3°44′S 73°15′W Iquitos Template:N/a Template:PER 457865
3°51′S 32°25′W Fernando de Noronha Template:Flag Template:BRA 2930
4°03′S 39°40′E Mombasa Template:N/a Template:KEN 1400000
4°16′S 15°18′E Brazzaville Template:N/a Template:Flag 1373382
4°20′S 15°19′E Kinshasa Template:N/a Template:COD 11855000
4°37′S 55°27′E Victoria Template:N/a Template:SEY 26450
5°06′S 42°48′W Teresina Template:Flag Template:BRA 953172
5°08′S 119°25′E Makassar South Sulawesi Template:IDN 1469601
5°32′S 47°29′W Imperatriz Template:Flag Template:BRA 526116
5°47′S 35°12′W Natal Template:Flag Template:BRA 1485505
6°10′S 39°12′E Zanzibar City Template:N/a Template:TZA 206292
6°10′S 35°45′E Dodoma Template:N/a Template:TZA 410956
6°12′S 106°48′E Jakarta Jakarta Template:IDN 30214303
6°36′S 106°48′E Bogor West Java Template:IDN 1030720
6°48′S 39°17′E Dar es Salaam Template:N/a Template:TZA 4364541
6°55′S 107°37′E Bandung West Java Template:IDN 2575478
6°58′S 110°25′E Semarang Central Java Template:IDN 1555984
7°05′S 34°50′W João Pessoa Template:Flag Template:BRA 801718
7°12′S 39°20′W Juazeiro do Norte Template:Flag Template:BRA 246
7°14′S 35°53′W Campina Grande Template:Flag Template:BRA 648310
7°16′S 112°45′E Surabaya East Java Template:IDN 8319229
7°48′S 110°22′E Yogyakarta Special Region of Yogyakarta Template:IDN 422732
7°59′S 112°37′E Malang East Java Template:IDN 2795209
8°03′S 34°54′W Recife Template:Flag Template:BRA 3743854
8°07′S 79°02′W Trujillo Template:N/a Template:PER 788236
8°17′S 35°59′W Caruaru Template:Flag Template:BRA 354951
8°31′S 179°13′E Funafuti Template:N/a Template:TUV 6025
8°33′S 125°35′E Dili Template:N/a Template:TLS 222323
8°39′S 115°13′E Denpasar Bali Template:IDN 897300
8°46′S 63°54′W Porto Velho Template:Flag Template:BRA 426558
8°50′S 13°14′E Luanda Template:N/a Template:AGO 2487484
8°53′S 36°30′W Garanhuns Template:Flag Template:BRA 130
9°23′S 179°51′E Nukulaelae Template:N/a Template:TUV 324
9°24′S 40°30′W Petrolina Template:Flag Template:BRA 343219
9°28′S 159°49′E Honiara Template:N/a Template:SOL 84520
9°31′S 147°13′E Port Moresby Template:N/a Template:PNG 364145
9°40′S 35°44′W Maceió Template:Flag Template:BRA 996733
9°58′S 67°49′W Rio Branco Template:Flag Template:BRA 319825
10°55′S 37°03′W Aracaju Template:Flag Template:BRA 641523
10°11′S 48°20′W Palmas Template:Flag Template:BRA 286787
11°40′S 27°28′E Lubumbashi Template:N/a Template:COD 1794118
11°45′S 43°12′E Moroni Template:N/a Template:COM 54000
11°51′S 55°39′W Sinop Template:Flag Template:BRA 139935
12°03′S 77°02′W Lima Lima Province Template:PER 8852000
12°27′S 130°50′E Darwin Template:Flag Template:AUS 145916
12°46′S 15°44′E Huambo Template:N/a Template:AGO 1896147
12°47′S 45°14′E Mamoudzou Mayotte Template:FRA 71437
12°58′S 28°38′E Ndola Template:N/a Template:ZMB 451246
12°58′S 38°29′W Salvador Template:Flag Template:BRA 3919864
13°10′S 74°13′W Ayacucho Template:N/a Template:PER 177420
13°17′S 176°11′W Mata-Utu Wallis and Futuna Template:FRA 1191
13°32′S 71°58′W Cusco Template:N/a Template:PER 435114
13°50′S 171°45′W Apia Template:N/a Template:SAM 36735
13°59′S 33°47′E Lilongwe Template:N/a Template:MWI 1077116
14°17′S 170°42′W Pago Pago Template:Flag Template:USA 3656
14°47′S 39°03′W Ilhéus Template:Flag Template:BRA 220943
15°25′S 28°17′E Lusaka Template:N/a Template:ZMB 1742979
15°36′S 56°06′W Cuiabá Template:Flag Template:BRA 918826
15°47′S 35°00′E Blantyre Southern Region Template:MWI 1068681
15°48′S 47°52′W Brasília Template:Flagicon Distrito Federal Template:BRA 3039444
15°55′S 5°43′W Jamestown Template:Flag Template:GBR 1614
16°24′S 71°32′W Arequipa Template:N/a Template:PER 920047
16°26′S 179°22′E Labasa Template:N/a Template:FIJ 27949
16°30′S 180°00′W Rabi Island Template:N/a Template:FIJ 5000
16°30′S 68°09′W La Paz Template:N/a Template:BOL 757184
16°40′S 49°15′W Goiânia Template:Flag Template:BRA 2458504
16°56′S 145°47′E Cairns Template:Flag Template:AUS 144787
17°32′S 149°34′W Papeete Template:Flag Template:FRA 26926
17°45′S 168°18′E Port Vila Template:N/a Template:VUT 51437
17°48′S 63°10′W Santa Cruz de la Sierra Template:N/a Template:BOL 1441406
17°51′S 25°52′E Livingstone Template:N/a Template:ZMB 136897
17°52′S 31°02′E Harare Harare Template:ZIM 1619000
18°08′S 178°27′E Suva Template:N/a Template:FIJ 175399
18°29′S 70°20′W Arica Template:N/a Template:CHL 175441
18°51′S 41°56′W Governador Valadares Template:Flag Template:BRA 263594
18°55′S 48°17′W Uberlândia Template:Flag Template:BRA 669672
18°56′S 47°31′E Antananarivo Template:N/a Template:MAD 1613375
18°58′S 32°38′E Mutare Manicaland Template:ZIM 188243
19°03′S 65°15′W Sucre Template:N/a Template:BOL 300000
19°03′S 169°55′W Alofi Template:NIU Template:NZL 1000
19°15′S 146°49′E Townsville Template:Flag Template:AUS 173815
19°27′S 29°48′E Gweru Midlands Template:ZIM 141862
19°55′S 43°56′W Belo Horizonte Template:Flag Template:BRA 5156217
20°10′S 57°30′E Port Louis Template:N/a Template:MUS 149194
20°10′S 28°35′E Bulawayo Bulawayo Template:ZIM 1205675
20°13′S 70°09′W Iquique Template:N/a Template:CHL 183997
20°19′S 118°36′E Port Hedland Template:Flag Template:AUS 13828
20°19′S 40°20′W Vitória Template:Flag Template:BRA 1857616
20°28′S 54°37′W Campo Grande Template:Flag Template:BRA 1069420
20°48′S 49°23′W São José do Rio Preto Template:Flag Template:BRA 383490
20°53′S 55°27′E Saint-Denis Réunion Template:FRA 146985
21°08′S 175°12′W Nukuʻalofa Template:N/a Template:TON 23658
21°10′S 27°31′E Francistown Template:N/a Template:BOT 100079
21°11′S 47°48′W Ribeirão Preto Template:Flag Template:BRA 666323
21°12′S 159°46′W Avarua Template:Flag Template:NZL 5445
21°46′S 43°21′W Juiz de Fora Template:Flag Template:BRA 563769
21°47′S 46°34′W Poços de Caldas Template:Flag Template:BRA 162379
21°48′S 48°11′W Araraquara Template:Flag Template:BRA 226508
22°17′S 166°27′E Nouméa Template:Flag Template:FRA 99926
22°19′S 49°04′W Bauru Template:Flag Template:BRA 366992
22°28′S 68°56′W Calama Template:N/a Template:CHL 136600
22°34′S 17°05′E Windhoek Template:N/a Template:NAM 325858
22°40′S 50°25′W Assis Template:Flag Template:BRA 101597
22°54′S 47°03′W Campinas Template:Flag Template:BRA 3656363
22°55′S 43°12′W Rio de Janeiro Template:Flag Template:BRA 11616000
23°11′S 45°53′W São José dos Campos Template:Flag Template:BRA 688597
23°23′S 150°31′E Rockhampton Template:Flag Template:AUS 80665
23°33′S 46°38′W São Paulo Template:Flag Template:BRA 12106920
23°39′S 70°24′W Antofagasta Template:N/a Template:CHL 402444
23°54′S 29°27′E Polokwane Limpopo Template:ZAF 130028
24°39′S 25°55′E Gaborone Template:N/a Template:BOT 231626
24°47′S 65°25′W Salta Template:Flag Template:ARG 535303
25°04′S 130°06′W Adamstown Template:Flag Template:UK 49
25°17′S 57°38′W Asunción Template:N/a Template:PAR 525252
25°25′S 49°15′W Curitiba Template:Flag Template:BRA 3400000
25°28′S 30°59′E Mbombela Mpumalanga Template:ZAF 58672
25°31′S 54°37′W Ciudad del Este Template:N/a Template:PAR 293817
25°45′S 28°11′E Pretoria Gauteng Template:ZAF 741651
25°51′S 25°38′E Mafikeng North West Template:ZAF 15117
25°58′S 32°35′E Maputo Template:N/a Template:MOZ 1766823
26°12′S 28°03′E Johannesburg Gauteng Template:ZAF 7860781
26°19′S 31°08′E Mbabane Template:N/a Template:SWZ 94874
26°25′S 31°10′E Lobamba Template:N/a Template:SWZ 11000
26°29′S 31°22′E Manzini Template:N/a Template:SWZ 78000
26°49′S 65°13′W San Miguel de Tucumán Template:Flag Template:ARG 548866
27°09′S 109°26′W Hanga Roa Easter Island Template:CHI 3304
27°22′S 70°20′W Copiapó Template:N/a Template:CHL 158438
27°28′S 153°02′E Brisbane Template:Flag Template:AUS 2408223
27°29′S 58°49′W Corrientes Template:Flag Template:ARG 346334
27°50′S 48°25′W Florianópolis Template:Flag Template:BRA 358180
28°01′S 153°24′E Gold Coast Template:Flag Template:AUS 638090
28°45′S 24°46′E Kimberley Northern Cape Template:ZAF 225160
29°04′S 167°58′E Kingston Template:Flag Template:AUS 1700
29°07′S 26°13′E Bloemfontein Free State Template:ZAF 256185
29°19′S 27°29′E Maseru Template:N/a Template:LES 330760
29°37′S 30°23′E Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal Template:ZAF 223448
29°53′S 31°03′E Durban KwaZulu-Natal Template:ZAF 595061
29°54′S 71°15′W La Serena Template:N/a Template:CHL 147815
31°25′S 64°11′W Córdoba Template:Flag Template:ARG 1317298
31°38′S 60°42′W Santa Fe Template:Flag Template:ARG 391164
31°46′S 52°21′W Pelotas Template:Flag Template:BRA 346452
31°57′S 115°52′E Perth Template:Flag Template:AUS 2022044
31°32′S 68°32′W San Juan Template:Flag Template:ARG 109123
32°32′S 115°43′E Mandurah Template:Flag Template:AUS 83294
32°51′S 27°26′E Bhisho Eastern Cape Template:ZAF 11192
32°53′S 68°49′W Mendoza Template:Flag Template:ARG 115041
32°55′S 151°45′E Newcastle Template:Flag Template:AUS 322278
32°57′S 60°40′W Rosario Template:Flag Template:ARG 1193605
33°00′S 71°31′W Viña del Mar Template:Flag Template:CHL 286931
33°03′S 71°37′W Valparaíso Template:Flag Template:CHL 275141
33°27′S 70°40′W Santiago Template:Flag Template:CHL 6310000
33°41′S 53°27′W Chuí Template:Flag Template:BRA 6605
33°52′S 151°13′E Sydney Template:Flag Template:AUS 5131326
33°56′S 18°25′E Cape Town Western Cape Template:ZAF 433688
33°57′S 25°36′E Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape Template:ZAF 312392
34°26′S 150°53′E Wollongong Template:Flag Template:AUS 299203
34°36′S 58°23′W Buenos Aires Template:ARG 2890151
34°53′S 56°11′W Montevideo Template:N/a Template:URY 1719453
34°56′S 138°36′E Adelaide Template:Flag Template:AUS 1333927
35°18′S 149°07′E Canberra Template:Flag Template:AUS 403468
36°50′S 73°03′W Concepción Template:N/a Template:CHL 992589
36°50′S 174°44′E Auckland Template:N/a Template:NZL 1628900
37°04′S 12°19′W Edinburgh of the Seven Seas Template:Flag Template:GBR 250
37°47′S 175°17′E Hamilton Template:N/a Template:NZL 203100
37°49′S 144°58′E Melbourne Template:Flagicon Victoria Template:AUS 5000000
38°00′S 57°33′W Mar del Plata Template:Flag Template:ARG 614350
38°09′S 144°21′E Geelong Template:Flag Template:AUS 192393
38°43′S 62°16′W Bahía Blanca Template:Flag Template:ARG 301572
38°45′S 72°40′W Temuco Template:N/a Template:CHL 232528
38°57′S 68°03′W Neuquén Template:Flag Template:ARG 224685
39°39′S 176°50′E Hastings Template:N/a Template:NZL 70600
39°49′S 73°15′W Valdivia Template:N/a Template:CHL 129952
41°09′S 71°18′W San Carlos de Bariloche Template:Flagicon Río Negro Template:ARG 108205
41°16′S 173°17′E Nelson Template:N/a Template:NZL 67500
41°17′S 174°47′E Wellington Wellington Region Template:NZL 418500
41°28′S 72°56′W Puerto Montt Los Lagos Template:CHL 192473
41°26′S 147°08′E Launceston, Tasmania Template:Flag Template:AUS 84153
42°53′S 147°20′E Hobart Template:Flag Template:AUS 222000
43°15′S 65°18′W Trelew Template:Flag Template:ARG 97915
43°32′S 172°37′E Christchurch Canterbury Template:NZL 404500
43°57′S 176°33′E Waitangi Template:Flag Template:NZL 250
45°24′S 72°41′W Puerto Aisén Aysén Template:CHL 27644
45°34′S 72°04′W Coihaique Aysén Template:CHL 44850
45°52′S 67°29′W Comodoro Rivadavia Template:Flag Template:ARG 182631
45°52′S 170°30′E Dunedin Otago Template:NZL 122000
46°25′S 168°21′E Invercargill Southland Template:NZL 51200
51°38′S 69°13′W Río Gallegos Template:Flag Template:ARG 97742
51°42′S 57°52′W Stanley Template:Flagcountry Template:UK 2460
53°10′S 70°56′W Punta Arenas Magallanes Template:CHL 116005
54°17′S 36°30′W Grytviken Template:Flagcountry Template:UK 3
54°48′S 68°18′W Ushuaia Template:Flag Template:ARG 56956
54°56′S 67°37′W Puerto Williams Magallanes Template:CHL 2874
55°05′S 67°05′W Puerto Toro Magallanes Template:CHL 36
62°12′S 58°58′W Villa Las Estrellas Template:Flag Template:CHI 80
63°24′S 56°59′W Esperanza Template:Flag Template:ARG 55
67°34′S 68°08′W Rothera Template:Flag Template:UK 22
75°06′S 123°20′W Concordia Template:N/a Template:N/a 13
90°00′S Template:N/a South Pole Template:N/a Template:N/a 45


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