List of sovereign states and dependent territories in the Americas

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This is an alphabetical list of sovereign states and dependent territories in the Americas. The Americas (also known as Pan-America, America or the New World) are the landmasses of North America and South America, collectively sometimes considered a single continent. The Americas are almost entirely located in the Western Hemisphere, with some of the north-west islands of Alaska entering the Eastern Hemisphere. The majority of islands lying in the Atlantic between the Americas and Afroeurasia, such as Iceland, are not normally associated with the Americas and are therefore excluded from this list.

Sovereign states

The following is a list of sovereign states in the Americas. All 35 are members of the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

Flag English short name English long name Capital Domestic long names Independence ISO 3 letter Alpha Code
Template:Flagicon Antigua and Barbuda[1] Antigua and Barbuda St. John's Template:Lang-en 1981 ATG
Template:Flagicon Argentina[2][3] Argentine Republic Buenos Aires Template:Lang-es 1816 ARG
Template:Flagicon Bahamas[1] Commonwealth of The Bahamas Nassau Template:Lang-en 1973 BHS
Template:Flagicon Barbados[1] Barbados Bridgetown Template:Lang-en 1966 BRB
Template:Flagicon Belize[1] Belize Belmopan Template:Lang-enTemplate:-Template:Lang-es 1981 BLZ
Template:Flagicon Bolivia[4] Plurinational State of Bolivia
La Paz & Sucre Template:Ref label Template:Lang-es 1825 BOL
Template:Flagicon Brazil[3] Federative Republic of Brazil
Brasília Template:Lang-pt 1822 BRA
Template:Flagicon Canada[5] Canada Ottawa Template:Lang-enTemplate:-Template:Lang-fr 1931 CAN
Template:Flagicon Chile[2][6] Republic of Chile
SantiagoTemplate:Ref label Template:Lang-es 1818 CHL
Template:Flagicon Colombia[4] Republic of Colombia
Bogotá Template:Lang-es 1810 COL
Template:Flagicon Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica
San José Template:Lang-es 1821 CRI
Template:Flagicon Cuba Republic of Cuba
Havana Template:Lang-es 1902 CUB
Template:Flagicon Dominica[1] Commonwealth of Dominica Roseau Template:Lang-en 1978 DMA
Template:Flagicon Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo Template:Lang-es 1844 DOM
Template:Flagicon Ecuador[4][6] Republic of Ecuador
Quito Template:Lang-es 1822 ECU
Template:Flagicon El Salvador Republic of El Salvador
San Salvador Template:Lang-es 1821 SLV
Template:Flagicon Grenada[1] Grenada St. George's Template:Lang-en 1974 GRD
Template:Flagicon Guatemala Republic of Guatemala
Guatemala City Template:Lang-es 1821 GTM
Template:Flagicon Guyana[1] Co-operative Republic of Guyana Georgetown Template:Lang-en 1966 GUY
Template:Flagicon Haiti[1] Republic of Haiti Port-au-Prince Template:Lang-fr 1804 HTI
Template:Flagicon Honduras Republic of Honduras
Tegucigalpa Template:Lang-es 1821 HND
Template:Flagicon Jamaica[1] Jamaica Kingston Template:Lang-en 1962 JAM
Template:Flagicon Mexico[5] United Mexican States Mexico City Template:Lang-es 1810 MEX
Template:Flagicon Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua Managua Template:Lang-es 1821 NIC
Template:Flagicon Panama Republic of Panama Panama City Template:Lang-es 1903 PAN
Template:Flagicon Paraguay[3] Republic of Paraguay Asunción Template:Lang-esTemplate:-Template:Lang-gn 1811 PRY
Template:Flagicon Peru[4] Republic of Peru Lima Template:Lang-es 1821 PER
Template:Flagicon Saint Kitts and Nevis[1] Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre Template:Lang-en 1983 KNA
Template:Flagicon Saint Lucia[1] Saint Lucia Castries Template:Lang-en 1979 LCA
Template:Flagicon Saint Vincent and the Grenadines[1] Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown Template:Lang-en 1979 VCT
Template:Flagicon Suriname[1] Republic of Suriname Paramaribo Template:Lang-nl 1975 SUR
Template:Flagicon Trinidad and Tobago[1] Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Template:Lang-en 1962 TTO
Template:Flagicon United States[5][6] United States of America Washington, D.C. Template:Lang-en 1776 USA
Template:Flagicon Uruguay[3] Oriental Republic of Uruguay Montevideo Template:Lang-es 1828 URY
Template:Flagicon Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Caracas Template:Lang-es 1811 VEN

Other territories

The 25 territories on this list are not sovereign states. This includes dependent territories of Pan-American countries listed above, or are territories that are either part of or subject to a European country.

Flag English short name English long name Political status Capital Domestic short names
Template:Flagicon Anguilla Anguilla Territory of the United Kingdom The Valley Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Aruba Aruba Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Oranjestad Template:Lang-nl
Template:Flagicon Bermuda Bermuda Islands Territory of the United Kingdom Hamilton Template:Lang-enTemplate:-Template:Lang-pt
Template:Flagicon Bonaire Bonaire Special municipality of the Netherlands[7] Kralendijk Template:Lang-nlTemplate:-Papiamento: Boneiru
Template:Flagicon British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Territory of the United Kingdom Road Town Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Territory of the United Kingdom George Town Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Clipperton Island[8] Clipperton Island French government possession Uninhabited Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Curaçao Curaçao Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Willemstad Template:Lang-nlTemplate:-Papiamento: Kòrsou
Template:Flagicon Falkland Islands[9] Falkland Islands Territory of the United Kingdom Stanley Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon French Guiana French Guiana Overseas department of France[10] Cayenne Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Greenland Greenland Country of the Kingdom of Denmark Nuuk Template:Lang-klTemplate:-Template:Lang-da
Template:Flagicon Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Overseas department of France[10] Basse-Terre Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Martinique Martinique Overseas department of France[10] Fort-de-France Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Montserrat[1] Montserrat Territory of the United Kingdom Plymouth Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Navassa Island[11] Navassa Island United States Minor Outlying Islands Uninhabited Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Puerto Rico Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Unincorporated commonwealth of the USA San Juan Template:Lang-esTemplate:-Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Saba Saba Special municipality of the Netherlands[7] The Bottom Template:Lang-nl
Template:Flagicon Saint Barthélemy Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy Overseas collectivity of France Gustavia Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Saint Martin Collectivity of Saint Martin Overseas collectivity of France Marigot Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Saint Pierre and Miquelon Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon Overseas collectivity of France Saint-Pierre Template:Lang-fr
Template:Flagicon Sint Eustatius Sint Eustatius Special municipality of the Netherlands[7] Oranjestad Template:Lang-nl
Template:Flagicon Sint Maarten Sint Maarten Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Philipsburg Template:Lang-nl
Template:Flagicon South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands[9] South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Territory of the United Kingdom King Edward Point Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands Territory of the United Kingdom Cockburn Town Template:Lang-en
Template:Flagicon United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands Unincorporated organized territory of the USA Charlotte Amalie Template:Lang-en


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