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Al Kalema Production, Abu Dhabi Presents Little Sparta, a documentary film that explores humanity's struggles and triumphs against evil from the stone age to our present day. the battle for peace may be a never ending one, but as a coalition for good, we will remain unbeaten.[1]


What most people around the world don't know is that the UAE is Americas biggest ally in the Middle East in fighting terrorism. The UAE warriors are so good in fact they are the only pilots allowed to fly in close formation with the American pilots during combat missions. The UAE's fighting force is so dominant and revered and their military hardware so advanced, that the UN and coalitions forces generals have nick named the UAE "Little Sparta" small in size, yet courageous and with the heart of a giant![2] Where did this all start? The film takes us through the history of the region showing us step by step how this region was inhabited by whom and why. It shows us the early struggles of the region as the powers that be have through force and conspiracy tried to control and or dominate the region. The film shows us the fortitude of how good has been fighting evil since the earliest times in the Arabian Peninsula and how people have misinterpreted the Koran to suit their own evil needs and desires, but most of all it shows us how the majority of good people continuously fought off the onslaught of the invaders to prevail in peace and victory, from the beginning to the present. Little Sparta is an eye opening documentary that reveals to all that the evil that lurks within, will always be challenged and when the good people stick together will always be defeated.[3]


Mansoor Al Dhaheri is an Emirati filmmaker and producer with over 8 years of experience and known for his two documentary movies Unified Home (Dubai Film Festival, MUHR Award - 2013)[4] and A Falcon will not Breed a Dove (Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Short Documentary Winner)[5]

As a Writer and Director, Mansoor is passionate about telling realistic stories through his films to create a social awareness about vital issues so as to help the public understand and be informed about the risks associated with these issues. One of his movies ( have an illustrative representations of what he seeks or goals for his film.[6] It also shows in some of his awareness videos made for Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Here are some of his movies which are available in the public:

• Jubaya – a short film which is about an older woman confronts her elderly father for the sin he committed against their family, that they all have to live with. (Producer and Director)

• Snapshot – an awareness video about a woman being blackmailed after she sends pictures to a girl friend which is found out to be a man. (Director)

• Neglected Wife –Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Awareness Video (Director)

• Child Abuse – Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Awareness Video (Director)

• Beggar – Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Awareness Video (Director) • Changed My Life – a story of a handicapped boy joining UAE Jiu Jitsu and became a champion. (Director)

• The Champ – A short film showing that best results comes after overcoming a harsh training, challenges, and struggles by putting forward great amount of efforts and dedication to a certain thing. (Director)

• Martyr’s Champion: Through the Eyes of the Champion - (Director)

• Martyr’s Champion: Fighting for the Mortal – (Director)

• Drop of Blood – is about a story of a young woman named Nouf which is having financial problems due to lack of support from her father. Although she is constantly reaching out to him, her stepmother acts as an obstacle between them, going as far as using Black Magic to keep Nouf away. The film follows the horrifying events surrounding Nouf's family leading up to a terrifying resolution. (Producer)

• Tourism and Culture Authority Promotional Video – (Director)

...and the awards he have acquired in various film festivals:

• 1st Prize in Abu Dhabi Film Festival for Emiratis Documentary Competition for the documentary A Falcon will not Breed a Dove – 2011[7]

• Winner of the Los Angeles Movie Awards, for the Music Video, The World Chants Zayed –2012[8]

• Winner of the Los Angeles Movie Awards, for the Music Video The World Chants Zayed Best Costume Design –2012[9]

• Winner of the Los Angeles Movie Awards, for the Short film ( – 2013 [10]

• Nominated for the Cannes Film Festival (Short Corner) for ( – 2013

• Nominated for the Dubai Film Festival for Al Biet Motawhed (Unified Home) 2013 – 2012

• Nominated for the Gulf Film Festival for Al Biet Motawhed (Unified Home) and – 2011 & 2013

• Nominated for the Marseille Film Festival for A Falcon will not Breed a Dove – 2011


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