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Musical artist

Lucas Perny (also Lukáš Perný; born October 26, 1991) is a Slovak composer, drummer,[1][2] journalist and left-wing political activist. His musical style has been described as psychedelic,[3] and conceptual.[1]


Lucas Perny was born 26 October 1991 in Nové Zámky, Slovakia. At the age of 14 he received the first set of drums from his father, Milan Perny, who was also a drummer.[1] Initially taught by his father,[3] Perny was learning music by mimicking the style of Ringo Starr, John Densmore, Mitch Mitchell, Christian Vander, Robert Wyatt and Jaki Liebezeit.[1]

He studied at the faculty of cultural studies of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (UKF),[1][2] and then moved to Comenius University for undergraduate studies.[4] An edited and extended version[5] of his thesis on 1960s counterculture was published in book form in 2014 as "Music counterculture at the break of 1960s and 1970s in the culturological perspective" (Template:Lang-sk).[5][6] He also frequently publishes articles on culture, art, philosophy, left wing politics and cultural anthropology in various journals and portals[7] notably in "Studia Politica Slovaca" published by Slovak Academy of Sciences,[8] but also in Slovo left wing literary weekly[9] and Občianska televízia YouTube channel.

As a musician Perny released solo albums Psychedelic Winterland in 2009, Psychedelic Springland in 2011 and single Newborn which was presented at Rádio FM in December 2011. Since 2011 Perny has played with Miloslav Kollar and they released their début album, Astral Gate.[10] In 2013 Perny recorded experimental album The Rondel with special guest artists.[11] The title of the album refers to neolithic circular enclosures found throughout Central Europe, which were also the topic of Perny's scientific thesis at UKF.[1] The Rondel was presented at Rádio FM in September 2013.[12]

In March 2015 Perny organized a scientific conference for the 110th anniversary of the birth of Slovak poet and communist politician, Template:Illm.[13] Since summer 2015 he is popular person for mass shared video of Občianska televízia at social networks,[14] writing for controversial Slovak magazine Zem a vek and radical left-wing political activism.

He also runs a blog on Pravda's blog service, where he publishes, among other things, his poetry.[15]



  • EP Drum Solos, 2007
  • Psychedelic Winterland, 2009
  • Psychedelic Springland, 2011[16]
  • EP Revolution No. 1 (Matej Mikloš & Lucas Perný), 2011[17]
  • single Newborn, 2011
  • Astral Gate (Lucas Perný & Miloslav Kollár), 2012
  • single Afternoon Connection (Peter Turay & Lucas Perny), 2013
  • The Rondel, 2013[3][18][19][20][21]
  • Theatrum Mundi (Lucas Perný & Miloslav Kollár), 2014 [22]
  • EP Kontrakultúra (Lucas Perný & Miloslav Kollár), 2015 [23]
  • Sounds From This World, 2016


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