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Lynsay King
Born Lynsay King
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Manchester England, UK
Occupation Actress
Years active 1987–99, 2004, 2009
Television Coronation Street (1987–99)

Lynsay King (born January 1987, Manchester) is a British actress. She is best known for her portrayal of Sarah-Louise Platt in the popular ITV soap opera Coronation Street. She played the part from 1987 to October 1999, when she was replaced by Tina O'Brien.

Personal life

King was born two months prematurely in January 1987.[1] She had a twin sister, Leah, who died from cot death in May 1987. She also has a younger brother, Liam, born in 1989.

Coronation Street

Lynsay and Leah King were selected to play the role of Sarah Louise Tilsley in Coronation Street in February 1987. They alternated in the role until May 1987 when Leah died from cot death, but their parents agreed that Lynsay could continue playing Sarah.[1] King played Sarah Louise until October 1999, when she decided to leave to focus on her education. She made her final appearance on 8 October 1999. Tina O'Brien replaced her as Sarah Louise.

Life after Coronation Street

In November 2004 King was seen in the documentary The Kids From Coronation Street which highlighted children who had grown up appearing on Coronation Street. King admitted that she quit Coronation Street due to being bullied at school about her role, "It was horrible, today I feel sad that I let bullies drive me out, but at primary school no one would let me join in any of their games. I moved to high school when I was 11, but it was no better. Girls would call me stuck-up, but it wasn't true. I just wanted to be a normal teenager. I'd go shopping with my Mum or my mates and people constantly came up and asked me questions. When you're a child, that's hard to cope with."[2] She also revealed that although at the time she was relieved to leave the show, she regretted the decision later, particularly as her character as played by O'Brien went on to become one of the most popular characters on the show.[2]

After leaving school, King enrolled in a drama course at Manchester College of Arts and Technology, but did not complete it due to financial pressure. She took a job at a Greggs bakery, saying that she hoped to return to acting when things were better.[2]

In 2009 King returned to acting, playing the role of Constance Chatterley opposite Gary Beadle's Mellors in the stage production of Lady Chatterley:Cyber Charades.[no citations needed here] In this updated version of the classic novel, Constance Chatterley meets and falls in love with a man whom she meets through Facebook.


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