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Magdalen Berns (6 May 1983 – 13 September 2019)[1][2] was a British software developer and YouTuber. Berns, a lesbian radical feminist, came to prominence as a result of a series of YouTube vlogs focusing on lesbian politics, free speech, women's rights on the basis of sex and the gender identity debate.[3] Some of those commenting on her views have described them as anti-trans.[4]

In 2018 Berns co-founded the women's rights group ForWomen.Scot,[5] which grew to become the largest organisation of its kind in Scotland.[3]

Life and career


Berns attended the University of Edinburgh, where she was a 2010–2011 recipient of a Doris Gray Scholarship Award.[6] However, in 2016 Berns was banned from the feminist student society for opposing the decriminalization of sex work.[7]


Berns taught herself to code.[8] In 2013–2014, she participated as a software developer in the Google Summer of Code programme,[9] working on implementing the FFTW3 library for Ruby.[10] She went on to work as an intern in the Outreach Program for Women of the GNOME Foundation.[11] She worked on the Java ATK Wrapper, a module to translate Swing events for the Accessibility Toolkit.[12]

Radical feminism

In 2016, Berns created a YouTube channel to which she uploaded vlogs setting out her views on gender. By 2019, she had approximately 30,000 followers[8][13] and published 64 videos.[14]

In July 2016, Berns spoke at Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics, a conference in London focusing on "the implications of transgenderism for women’s rights".[15] Other views held by Berns included her criticism of the concept of the "cotton ceiling", which refers to the belief of some transgender activists that lesbians eschewing sexual contact with trans woman denies their status as women.[2] She was also known for her arguments against the concepts of gender self-identification and gender itself. Speaking on the subject of gender and sexuality, Berns stated: "You don't get 'assigned' reproductive organs...males are defined by their biological sex organs. Likewise, homosexuals are people who are attracted to the same biological sex.[13] She has also described trans women as "blackface actors" and "men who get sexual kicks from being treated like women"[16].

In June 2019, British author J.K. Rowling followed Magdalen Berns on Twitter, bringing her more visibility and prompting criticism towards Rowling from Berns' critics.[17][18][19][20][21]

Berns was described as a "hateful and aggressive anti-trans radical feminist" by trans woman and self-described "opinionator" Phaylen Fairchild;[4] and a "TERF" (trans-exclusionary radical feminist),[20][19] a transphobe,[17] and a "self-professed transphobe"[18] by her critics. In August 2019, transgender activist and philosophy professor Rachel McKinnon drew criticism after describing the celebration of Berns' impending death as "ethically justified" in light of Berns' positions on gender.[22][23]

In contrast, Berns' obituary in the UK left-wing daily Morning Star praised her "determined defence of women’s sex-based rights and the rights of lesbians to assert their sexuality in the face of relentless demands to redefine sex as gender".[3]

Personal life


Boxing Scotland, the sport's governing body, described Berns as a "pioneer" for women's and university boxing in Scotland. She was a member of Scotland's first female boxing squad in 2011 and was the first Scottish boxer to compete in, and win, the Haringey Box Cup in 2010 and the Golden Girl Championship the following year. She also won the British Universities Boxing Championship in 2011, and boxed in the finals of the Scottish Elite Championships. Most recently, Berns was a boxing coach for the University of Edinburgh.[24][14]



In May 2018, she was assaulted on the street by an unidentified assailant and serious injury was thwarted by a defender.[25]


In April 2017, Berns informed her YouTube subscribers that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that was affecting her left frontal lobe.[26] In July she announced that she had an astrocytoma that could not be completely reduced.[27] She was diagnosed with glioblastoma in October 2018.[28][13] Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan, a critic of the "transgender movement",[29] voiced vocal support for Berns on Twitter and other platforms,[30] and visited her in palliative care. She was also visited by fellow radical feminist activists Julie Bindel and Rachel Moran.


Magdalen Berns, aged 36, died on 13 September 2019 from glioblastoma at Edinburgh Marie Curie Hospice in Edinburgh.[31][1] Scottish Parliamentarians Joan McAlpine and Ruth Maguire expressed condolences following her passing.[32][33]


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