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Musical artist

Mark Kelvin Ryan is an Irish actor, and alternative singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known for his music as Paranormal City[1]. Born and raised Ireland, his artistic endeavours started[2] professionally in Wicklow, Ireland, in 2011. The moniker Paranormal City only currently consists of vocalist, pianist, and guitarist Mark Ryan. Ryan is a classically trained tenor vocalist, and guitar player. He is self-taught at piano and production of music. Ryan is also currently working as an established actor in various roles in many British, Irish, Canadian and American TV and film productions. Paranormal City has toured internationally extensively in between acting work since 2014 and has won and been nominated many times for awards within the music media industry since his career began. The name "Paranormal City" originally refers exclusively to Mark Ryan.

Early Life

Ryan attended Moneystown National School and Avondale Community College[3], in Rathdrum Co.Wicklow. In his primary school years he began an interest in the arts of drawing, writing, music and performance. Growing up, he won many painting, drawing and writing competitions held in his school, he also took swimming lessons from age four to fourteen years old, achieved a green belt in TaekWonDo, and was an active member of his local scouts group, but it was performance which Ryan was keen on making a career in. At age seven years old, Ryan began learning the tin whistle in his local community centre of Comhaltas, in Roundwood. At age eight he began to participate at his local Catholic church and school choirs and also started learning classical piano. With the aid of friends and no formal training, he was self taught using the Synesthesia screen and accompanied music notation manual on a small keyboard[4] he received as a Christmas present. He also, at this age, appeared in a variety of local community Pantomimes, and French Dramas he collaborated with at his Elementary School. During summer vacations, Ryan was sent to a local community dance camp where recitals by the end of the summer where shown to parents of the children who participated, the styles of dance mainly consisted of break dancing and competitive street dance. At age ten he was thought various chords on the guitar with the help of his friends in primary school, and by twelve years old, he started playing traditional Irish folk guitar apart of his Comhaltas group based in Roundwood[5], participating many competitions, local festivals and state fleadhs. In 2010, age thirteen, Ryan enrolled in Avondale Community College, around this time Ryan also began busking and songwriting[6].

Music career history

2012–14: Formation of Paranormal City and early career

Ryan began making music under the alias 'Mark's Paranormal City' in 2012 (age 14)[7]. His first exposure came through the Internet, where he achieved success on soundcloud before issuing the extended play, 'You+Me' EP[8] on November 1, 2012. He began producing music for independent home artist's for most of 2013, releasing exclusive tracks involved in either production or features with home artist's at the time such Jasmine Woww[9], Dupual[10] and David Tober on independently released tracks. Ryan also composed a track on a score for an independent college Horror genre film "The Assumption Of The Shadows"[11], released in December 2012. As of August 17, 2013, the official spelling of Ryan's alias became Paranormal City[12]. The spelling was updated on iTunes[13] and his management company's site. An official statement regarding the reason behind the change was not made available. Further information on Paranormal City[14] can be found here on Wikipedia.

File:Mark Kelvin Ryan performing Dublin 2015.jpg
Mark Kelvin Ryan performing as Paranormal City on the He For She Tour, in Dublin, Ireland, 2015.

2015-16: ''He For She'' and ''Samsara'', international touring, and festivals

The He For She EP was Ryan's first number-one EP on the Irish Electronic iTunes chart, and was released on July 23, 2015, with the singles Signs and Summerskies. His follow-up Samsara EP also achieved the number-one position on the Electronic iTunes chart on its release October 26, 2015. The first single from the Samsara EP' titled "Time," was released on iTunes on October 5, 2015.

The Samsara EP gained radio attention by BBC Radio for the single "Time" receiving airplay in spring 2016 on BBC Music 6 in February. Paranormal City started touring solo at the start of the summer, promoting the He For She EP, and later in the UK[15] and Ireland playing at the MTV Crashes Festvial that year before starting tour[16], by late October 2015 for the Samsara EP, and then toured with bands such as Leave Me Home[17], Jordi Soloman and Brutal Bones[18] with their gigs in the UK and Canada. This tour continued, in spring 2016 as part of a UK and Canada Tour roadshow.

2016 – Present: Midnight, international touring, and festivals

The 'Midnight EP dropped on June 26, 2016; it reached the number one position on the Electronic Irish iTunes music chart, making it Ryan's 3rd number-one-charting EP. The first single "Two" was released with a visualizer music video[19] in the summer of 2016, just before the album's release. For promotion purposes, Ryan embarked on a small radio tour before the summer, helping the Wholeheartedly EP[20] and Midnight EP[21] reach nationwide and UK airplay, as well as giving joint promotional interviews for both albums[22].

File:Mark Kelvin Ryan.png
Mark Kelvin Ryan performing on the Wholeheartedly Tour, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2016.

The Paranormal City 'Fall UK and Ireland Tour'[23], lasted for the month of August before Ryan finished travelling, he announced he was putting the final touches and studio mastering time in for his up incoming 'Serendipity' Album[24]. Since the end of his October UK Tour[25] later dates for a scheduled Winter tour in November and December were cancelled as Ryan revealed he was needed for shooting a film around these months[26], later dates of a UK and US Tour were announced in late December spanning from January until April[27]. Paranormal City's website[28] was officially launched[29] in February 2017, the website was aided in set up by Bob Leone[30] and Anna Leone. The Serendipity EP was released in February, it got mixed reviews and radio[31] and TV network play, for most of the promotion for this album, physical copies of the EP could be purchased earlier in January while Ryan was on tour.

Network, management and record label

Ryan's manager is currently Niall Bishop[32]. As part of the deal, Ryan runs and make releases on his own label, IAW Records. Ryan's alias became officially stylized as just Paranormal City. In early 2017 Bob Leone, renowned music manager and talent scout based in New York City, helped launch Ryans' official website[33]

Acting career

Films, television and commercials

Mark Ryan on History's 'Vikings' TV Show, Season 4

Ryan has also been acting professionally since the age of 12, appearing in small commercials playing a child actor of youthful roles due to his younger than chronological age appearance, eventually getting noticed by a casting agency, at 15 years old he was getting various extra and small roles in different British and Irish productions. He made his television debut on BBC's drama Ripper Street in 2013. Ryan continued acting in minor roles and extra work linked through casting agencies while pursuing music. Ryan revealed in an interview he had made several auditions to reality TV shows such as Britain's Got Talent, The Voice Of Ireland and The X Factor in 2014 but didn't make it to the final round to audition for the judges.

Ryan's first appearance in a feature film was in John Crowley's 2015's Academy Award-nominated Brooklyn. He plays one of the local Irish boys and had no lines. He continued to appear in a variety of commercials, TV shows, and movie roles. Some commercials include the National Lottery Euromillions Draw, Aldi commercial, McDonald's Advertisement and Ferrero Rocher. He had minor roles in dialogue on many TV shows, appearing in HBO's Game Of Thrones, Showtime's Pennydreadful, History's Vikings, TG4's Ros Na Run, RTE's Fair City, Love/ Hate, Republic Of Telly, etc. as well as in films Love and Friendship and The Belly Of The Whale and more. Working opposite such actors as Saoirse Ronan, Travis Fimmel, Alex Høgh Andersen, Alexander Ludwig, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kit Harington, Pat Short, Art Parkinson, Stephen Fry, Lewis MacDougall and Kate Beckinsale.

Music videos

Ryan was also involved in other artists' music videos, featuring in as a party goer on the beach in Luan Parle's Roll The Dice EDM Remix Music Video, as a riot member in Bipolar Empire's music video for Feel Like You Own It, and as an ice skater in The Original Rudeboy's music video for Never Alone.

Media attention

Aside from acting, Ryan made a number of television and radio appearances as himself in the promotion of his music. Getting national radio play on RTE and other Irish radio stations since he was 14 years old, he was later asked to be a guest on the radio shows he was promoting his music on. In 2015 he was later featured on BBC Ulster, and by 2016 he made regular guest appearances on many shows by BBC and RTE networks.[34] MTV UK had frequently promoted his songs and Ryan was included in the MTV Crashes Festivals in 2015 and 2016.

As for television appearances for promoting music, since 2014 he was featured on Ireland AM, Jimmy Llyod Interview NBC, Two Tube, Stomped City Sessions, Elev8, Other Voices, Entertainment Ireland and much more. Other media attention for Ryan's acting and music endeavours were noticed by nominations for awards[35], interviews, and articles[36] by various US, Canadian, UK and Irish magazines[37] and newspapers.[38]

Personal life

In an interview with 'SummerCore Music', Mark (then 17) revealed to be a devoted vegan since the age of 14. As well as an active environmentalist, animal activist and feminist.

Ryan also shared his interests of his spiritual practices, and ethical environmental ideology in a series of lengthy in-depth videos on his YouTube channel revealed he's agnostic but used to enjoy being a practising Kabbalist, Buddhist, and has a great interest in the study of quantum physics. Ryan is also an activist for the environment and humanitarian rights, attending many Vegan galas such as Dublin Veg Fest[39], and utilising his social media platforms to spread awareness and attention to charity's who work to help benefit the Environmental protection[40], humanitarian work, and ethical treatment and rights for animal.[41]


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