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Markerstudy Group is an insurance holdings underwriter headquartered in Sevenoaks, Kent. The company was established in 2001 to provide insurance products, primarily through a network of UK insurance intermediaries and distribution divisions, where it works with over 1000 brokers nationwide. A privately owned organisation which services over 2,000,000 customers and employs more than 4000 members of staff throughout the UK and Gibraltar, generating revenues in excess of £2.5 billion.[1] Since establishment, the company has grown into a large network of businesses and holds 51 companies under the Markerstudy Group umbrella, with offices located nationwide including Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, Chesterfield and Whitstable. The company provide niche insurance, specialising in products for sectors such as: young drivers, high performance, Japanese imports, kit cars, taxis, driving schools and commercial insurance.

Markerstudy History (2001- to present day)

The company was formed in April 2000 by British entrepreneurs ‘Kevin Spencer’, and ‘Gary Humphreys’, with beliefs in the intermediary market as a distribution channel for providing insurance.[2] In January 2001 Markerstudy Insurance Company Ltd was set up and became the first insurer established in Gibraltar, underwriting in the UK.[3] Keith Barber joined as Group Finance Director in 2005 and Martyn Holman further joined the Board in 2014 as Commercial Director .


In 2004 Insurance Shop Ltd and Insurance Factory Ltd joined the group to initiate Markerstudy’s Retail Division. Insurance Shop was established in 2002, based in Birmingham, and supplied taxi insurance to the midlands. The company has expanded into Kent to offer household and funeral vehicle insurance. Insurance Factory, based in Birmingham and Oxford, caters for high risk household, motorbike and motor home insurance.

In December 2007 Markerstudy made two acquisitions for the Retail Division, consisting of Mobilers Insurance Services Ltd and The Caterers Club Ltd.

In 2010 the Group acquired motor insurer Zenith Insurance PLC, Zenith Insurance origins trace back to 1937 when it was formed as a motor syndicate within world-renowned Lloyd's of London, but is now principally known for its broker distributed motor insurance products, including private car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle insurance. They later established Zenith Insurance Management UK Ltd.

In October 2010, One Media joined Markerstudy after operating as an independent business since 2007. One Media publishes under contract for other brands as well as its own regional magazines SO, Times of Tunbridge Wells, Times of Tonbridge and Savoy.

Auto Windscreens became the next addition to the group in February 2011 following liquidation. On 28 February 2011 Markerstudy purchased Auto Windscreens under the umbrella Trifords Ltd and acquired partial assets and the brand name Auto Windscreens.[4] Part of the acquisition consisted of three freehold sites, including the Auto Windscreens head office in Chesterfield.[5][6]

In November 2011 Markerstudy purchased E J Markem & son; one of the oldest pawn brokers in Essex.

In December 2012, the group acquired Insurance Choice and Vision Vehicle Solutions.[7] Vision was purchased later in the month to “enable the group to launch an integrated motor service offering to the insurance market early in 2013”.[8] In July the Group acquired the former Salomans Estate, Tunbridge Wells. In December 2013 the Group purchased BDML, Lancaster and Sureterm from Capita Insurance Distribution.

Supercover, the specialist gadget insurance broker and claims administrator, joined the Retail arm of the Markerstudy portfolio of businesses in July 2014 in a deal worth over £20m.

In 2015, Markerstudy completed its acquisition of Ultimate Insurance Company.[9]


Markerstudy Group is organised into two business lines with Intermediary insurance being the primary function, where the company provides insurance via brokers, and the retail division being the secondary function, which provides insurance services directly to customers through Markerstudy distribution centres.


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