Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!

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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! is a 2015 Christmas TV special featuring the characters from Marvel Comics.[1] It was released on December 11, 2015.[2]


Template:More plot The Avengers members Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel take Avengers Academy student Reptil on a ride-along where they end up coming across a plot by Loki and Ymir to steal the powers of Santa Claus (the Earth name for Jolnir who is the son of a female Light Elf and a male Frost Giant) upon heading to the frozen parts of Alfheim. Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon and Groot take on the bounty to capture Jolnir for money to purchase a new ship and have their encounter with Mrs. Claus. At the same time, Thor and Hulk work to spread holiday cheer with the help of a Mall Santa named Nick.




Template:Expand section Common Sense Media rated the film at three stars, stating that it would be enjoyed by its target audience but that "Those expecting anything more than a holiday special with obligatory nods to the True Meaning of Christmas will be disappointed."[3]


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