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Maura "Soshin" O'Halloran
Born Maura O'Halloran
May 24, 1955
Boston, Massachusetts
Died Template:Death date and age
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nationality Irish-American
Other names Soshin
Occupation Zen Buddhist monk

Maura "Soshin" O'Halloran (May 24, 1955 - October 22, 1982) was an Irish American Zen Buddhist monk.[1] She is known for her book Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind, which was posthumously published, and for being the "first of few Western women allowed to practice in a traditional Japanese Zen monastery".[2]


O'Halloran was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1955 and her parents moved to Ireland when she was four years old.[3] There she was educated in a convent school in County Dublin and later attended Trinity College Dublin, where she graduated with a joint degree in mathematical economics/statistics and sociology.[3] Shortly after her graduation O'Halloran traveled to northern Japan, where she studied to become a Zen monk in Tokyo and the Iwate Prefecture.[3] After a three year period she was given the Buddhist name of "Soshin-san" on August 8, 1982, upon which point she decided to travel back to Ireland.[3] O'Halloran died in a traffic accident in Chiang Mai, Thailand on October 22, 1982.[4] After her death she was titled "Great Enlightened Lady, of the same heart and mind as the Great Teacher Buddha" and a statue was dedicated to her at the temple she studied at in Iwate Prefecture.[3]



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