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Mauricelm-Lei Millere (May 28, 1973) born Mauricelm-Lei Millere, or "Mauricelm X", referred as very much "Like Malcolm X", is a clinical psychotherapist, human right activist, African-American religious leader. Sources suggest that he advises various leading black nationalist organizations. [1], [2], [3] A strong advocate for black nationalism and Pan-Africanism, Millere believe these teachings the only philosophies to secure freedom for Africans born in America, and abroad. Though admired as a strong advocate for the black community, detractors, often, refer to his lectures as those which influence racism and violence.[4] He is reported to be the target of several assassination attempts, Founder of Black Nationalist Network / Chairman Executive Officer of Civil Rights Advocacy Association, Millere is considered an influential force amid black nationalist organizations; possibly foreign, as well as domestic. He was personal administrative advisor to Malik Zulu Shabazz, preceding chairman of the New Black Panther Party, and, possibly, serves as Chief advisor to General Minister Hashim Nzinga - current New Black Panther Chairman. Chawn Kweli, who served as NBPP national spokesman, replaced Nzinga as national chief of staff.

Early Years

Millere was born to Neillie Mae Jones and Johnny Lee Millere. His father was a known minister, city leader, and pastor. They lived on a farm on the outskirts of Marianna, Arkansas, Lee County, United States. He, and his sibblings, were said to endure very strict raising from their father. Reverend Millere (or Reverend Johnny as he was called) encouraged his children to be hard workers stating, "If you don't work you shouldn't eat." Millere is heard to quote "father was convinced that the bible is the map to the black man's freedom." Reverend Johnny played a major role in desegregation of Marianna, Arkansas Education Association. Reverend Millere protested that integrated schools needed black teachers as well as whites. The protest lasted for 12 months and the following year black teachers were added to the Marianna, Arkansas Education Association K-12. His mother studied psychology and christian counseling. She believed that progress must be planned stating, "Its good to preach to the soul but you must preach to the mind." Millere is said to recall his fundest memories to be on the farm. He admits that he wanted to be a farmer as a child but his mother straighten him out,"You are going to college little mister." His grandfather, Pastor Reverend Samuel Rogers, and his father allowed him to participate in street ministry outreach. It is believed that he met Mr. Jefferson Thomas, of the Little Rock Nine, while participating in ministry outreach with his father and grandfather. However, there are no real findings to support this theory.


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