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Template:Infobox model Mila Marie Chernikova (born July 9, 1994) is an American born Russian-Italian pop singer-songwriter and fashion model.[1]

Early life

Born and raised in Canton Ohio, Chernikova grew up in a large musical European family. Her family consists of guitar players, a percussionist, many singers, an opera singer, and her great grandfather was a saxophone player who toured. She started song writing at the age of 13, and found love for soul and blues music, which was introduced to her by her father. Going into her late teen years she started discovering herself as an artist and transitioned more into pop music, with her role model being the one and only Madonna.

Education and deafness

Chernikova grew up in a Roman Catholic family, and originally went to a private school that focused on the arts. She took many music classes, and had vocal coaches throughout her childhood. She was also active in sports. She played soccer, was in gymnastics, ran track, was on swim team, and played basketball. Her mother was even a basketball coach.

In the beginning school was very challenging for Chernikova due to deafness. She was born completely deaf in her left ear, and nothing medically could be done. She was held back in kindergarten, and almost put into a deaf community school. She couldn't hear over the other students or read lips at that time. Chernikova was bullied because of her deafness, and her thin, tall body. Also because of an iconic tooth gap and a tiny lisp she had up until the age of 14. Chernikova ended up graduating high school a year early in 2010, but instead of going straight to college she moved to California to pursue her career in entertainment. She has additional education in real estate, business management, and health.


Chernikova started modeling at a young age. Her father was a photographer who always had her behind camera. She was a Miss Ohio finalist in the Tropic Beauty Pageant in 2014, but wasn't old enough for nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chernikova made her debut as a runway model when she walked for Araksi Balyan and Polina Zeynalian in LA fashion week 2015.[2][3] Soon after she was walking for Dauphine of France and Nina B Roze behind Ava Capra from the television series "America's Next Top Model". She also opened a show for Cecilia Echenique, a singer from Chile with Justine Biticon in 2016, Justine also being featured on "America's Next Top Model".

After being spotted on the runway Chernikova was signed to agencies Otto Models LA, Jo Models LA, Oscar Modeling Agency LA, Tier 1 Model Management, and Nicole Shelley Miami. She has opened and closed many runway shows as well as booked both advertising and social media campaigns.


Chernikova has released two singles which are available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play worldwide. One of the singles, "Die", attracted the attention of Jayde Nicole, Playboy Playmate of 2008. Jayde shouted out the single on her 4.2 million following Facebook page and Instagram gaining Chernikova lots of fans.

In April 2018 Chernikova released her second single "Riot" after a nasty breakup with her lover. The couple were together a total of 5 years before they split.


Song Title Release Genre Credit
Die 2015 R&B Vocals, writer
Riot 2017 Hip-hop/Pop Vocals, writer

Clothing lines

Song Title Release Genre Credit
Malibu Casual March 2013. No longer active. Online


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