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The Mirographe, sold by Reulos, Goudeau and Co. around 1900,[1] was, with the Chrono Pocket Gaumont, one of the French amateur film cameras to use the reduced format.

Film stock

Its films measured 6 meters by 21mm wide and had 80 frames per metre.[2][3] They did not include perforations, but rather a notch on the side between each frame. The driving of the film wass done by a system of "snail" wheel, having a rim about 5mm that was advanced the notch of the film. The diameter of this wheel is constant for 3/4 of the rotation (the image is fixed) and then declined steadily while leading the film, allowing for the film to rest between frames.[4][5]


There are two models of Mirographe . The first is used for shooting, the direct view and projection of films.[4][6] A second, type B, was only used for projection.[7]

The Mirographe was also marketed by Mazo and Georges Mendel in 1901.