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Musical artist

Claudia Jay (June 19, 1985) is better known as Missy Jay (previously Miss CJ) and DJ Missy Jay, an Italian Techno and Funky House DJ and producer from Milan. She is ranked number 1 on Girl DJs Worldcup list for 2012 as well as number 1 for Matrix Female DJ Contest 2007. In 2010, she founded the label MJM Records (Ibiza) months after leaving Starlight Records, before signing with Italian Way Music. In 2017, she was announced as a fashion DJ for London luxury events.

Early life

Missy Jay was drawn to music as a toddler. She began using the piano to reproduce by ear songs she’d heard. Her parents cultivated that talent with music lessons and she played in various bands as a teen. Focused on classical piano, it was abandoned when she discovered dance music. She took particular inspiration from fellow producer friend Stefano Greppi prompting her to download specialist software, Ableton Live, and enabling her to start composing. She settled in London in her early twenties, later moving to Ibiza, Spain where she resided for several years before returning to London.



Sound Engineer Diploma NAM Milano

In June 2005, Missy Jay received her Sound Engineer EU Diploma at NAM College in Milan, Italy. [1] She studied Electronic Music, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics: Outboards, Equaliser, Wiring and Patch Bay, Reverb and Echo; Theory of Mixing Analog/Digital, Study Practice: Analog Desk vs. Digital Desk, Recording Sessions (with school musicians); Music Theory (Grade 5), Composition, Production and Musical Analysis. She participated in a number of seminars: Copyright and Tax Aspects of the Music Industry; Principles of Copyright Royalties; Tax Benefit Aspects of the Music and Entertainment Industry; Biological and Psychological Aspects of Music; Anatomy and Respiratory Physiology; Auditory System and Psychoacoustics; and Mastering the Optimization of the Audio Products, Analysis Techniques, Processes and Machines. She is fluent with software that includes Pro Tools LE7 and M-Powered 7, Reason 2.5, Logic Pro 7, and Adobe Audition.

Radio Italia FM Assistant Audio

During the spring and summer of 2006, she was the Radio Italia FM Assistant at Audio Video Directed by sound engineer Enzo “Tweety” Denna. She also played concerts for RAI TV (Luisa Corna, Amedeo Minghi and Claudio Baglioni).

Work for Mediaset TV Italy

She was audio/studio assistant to several national TV programs that included Tg5, Tg4, Studio Aperto, Super Partes, La pupa e il secchione, Le lene, Loggione, Striscia la notizia, Sipario, Matrix, Domenica Stadio, Studio Sport, and Guida al campionato. Missy Jay performed journalistic work and press language editing for TV, newspapers and magazines. She was a team member in the news room on news gathering, selecting relevant stories, conducting interviews, rewriting and voice-overs.


Winner Matrix Female DJ Contest

In December 2007 Missy Jay won the Matrix Female DJ Contest in Milan, Italy and followed it up by performing at several clubs around Italy for the promotion of the Tour. In February 2008, Missy signed to Starlight Music label and released her debut track, “Nobody’s Perfect,” which made the No. 9 position on Ministry of Sound sales charts. She produced, arranged and provided vocals for the single, earning praise from the DJ and music producer duo, Deep Dish whom played her track during Cocoon parties at Amnesia, Ibiza.

Miami Winter Music Conference

Missy Jay performed at the Miami Winter Music Conference (WMC), playing alongside Italian DJ star and music producer, Franco Moiraghi. She then started her worldwide dj tours.

Fiamma Fumana

Early 2008 she entered the Electro Folk group Fiamma Fumana as their official DJ replacing Medhin Paolos. [2] The band performed in several festivals in UK and US during the summer and autumn. [3]

Djette.com Top 10 Best Female DJ & Global DJList

In December 2008, Missy was labelled as an internationally acclaimed DJ, she performed globally and was named one the 10 Best Female DJs Worldwide by DJette.com. She was also included in the global DJList representing Spain. [4]

Releases on Starlight Music

The DJ released her first vinyl EP in cooperation with other Starlight Music artists in December 2008. Nobody's Perfect reached the No. 5 position on the Beatport Tech House Charts, the world’s largest DJ music community.


Il Giorno

On 7th of January Il Giorno, one of the daily newspapers in Italy, released an interview with Missy Jay regarding the changes over the night scene in Milan.

Winter Music Conference Miami

She was invited to return to the Miami Winter Music Conference in 2009. In June 2009 she released her second debut track Yoga which was included in Ministry of Sound UK Charts. In June 2009 she performed at Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona.

Pioneer DJ Let's Mix contest and Detroit Electronic Music Movement

In April 2009, Missy was also a finalist of the Let’s Mix Pioneer DJ Next Generation. In the same month, Missy Jay debuted on Dj Selection 233, an Italian compilation, with Yoga. [5] In May 2009, she was invited for a dj set at the infamous Electronic Music Movement in Detroit, USA.

Tenerife Summer Dance Festival

In July 2009 she was invited to perform at Summer Dance Festival in Tenerife along with Coyu, Matthew Decay, Sebastien Leger, Sandy Rivera and Guru Josh with whom she had an extensive work collaboration and friendship.

Launch of Glitter Ibiza Parties, Miami Techno Marathon and DJ Times

She returned to the Winter Music Conference in 2010 to host her international Glitter Ibiza party. She performed at White Lounge for the Techno Marathon where she had the distinction of being the only female DJ among 10 of the most influential male DJs in the world and was featured in DJ Times magazine.


MJM Records (Ibiza)

In January 2011, the DJ launched her own independent MJM Records label to write, produce and perform her own music and she mentioned that is always looking for promising, unsigned artists. [6]

Tillate Magazine

On July 1st 2011, Tillate Magazine released an interview with Missy Jay talking about the isle of Ibiza[7]

World Tours in Ibiza, London and Sao Paulo

During Summer 2011, Missy has been invited to guest dj at various events worldwide. She performed at Privilege Ibiza, O2 Arena London, Cafe del Mar Sao Paulo.

La Repubblica

On January 21st 2012, La Repubblica daily newspaper released an article on female djs, including Missy Jay among them. [8]

Winner of World Top Girls DJ

In June 2012, Missy won the World Top Girls DJ contest held in Toulouse, France and took the title of Best European Female DJ. In September 2012 Missy performed at Bora Bora Ibiza.

GlamDjette DeeJay TV

In November 2012 the dj was chosen to perform live at a TV program, Glam Djette, on DeeJay TV. [9]


World Tours in USA, Qatar and Italian Fashion Week

In January 2013 performed live for the first time in Los Angeles at West Hollywood Circus Arena. In February 2013, St Valentine day, she performed live twice, first at Marriott Hotel in Doha and subsequently at International Boat Show in Miami, beating the time lags. In September 2013 she performed for the Italian Fashion Week during the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Florence, Italy. [10] She caught the eye of emerging Italian fashion brand, La Maison Du Couturier, which chose to clothe her in its distinctive fashions for the event.

W Hotel Doha Residency at Ladies Fashion Night

In December 2013 she performed in Doha Qatar, being 7 months pregnant which gave amazement and critical judges among the Middle Eastern music industry. In May 2014 and subsequently in June and November 2014, Missy returned to perform as resident DJ for Ladies night at W Hotel in Doha.


The DJ released two new tracks in Feb. 2015 – “Get Up Yo” and “Gimme Your Love” - to celebrate the launch of her international tour. As part of the tour, she performed at the International Boat Show in Miami, FL; Hong Kong; Palau, Micronesia; and the historic Viareggio Carnival, one of Italy’s premiere events. She also shared the stage with DJ Karim T of Hong Kong at the Vincci Resort on the island of Djerba Tunisia.

Hit Mania

In April 2015, Missy Jay supported fellow djs Provenzano and Simioli with “Ain't No Sunshine” along with Carl Cox, Robbie Rivera, Todd Terry, Promise Land and EDX. [11] In April 2016, the track Gimme your Love was released on Hit Mania Champions.

Logic X And ABRSM 5

She took refresher workshops at Working Men College in Camden Town, London, along with advanced courses in Logic X: Extension of Understanding and Use of the Programme that covered more complex and advanced techniques in sound production. She also took an advanced course in music theory, Further Studies of Rhythm, Harmony and Melody for Music Composition and Production, testing out in the ABRSM for Grade 5 and up.

JayLand Radio Show

In February 2016, Missy Jay launched her radio show, Jayland, that’s aired on Mixcloud, iTunes, podcast services, and several FM stations around the world, after a series of workshops with BBC Radio 1Xtra producer, Carol Berry. Missy Jay’s utilizing her podcast as a platform to showcase promising new artists and encourages budding musicians to submit their demos. Each week, she selects the best five to air on her show.

DJ Mag Party in London

In May 2016, Missy performed at DJ Mag’s Work.London club and made London her base of operations.

Pacha Hotel Ibiza performance

Later the same year, she was the guest DJ for the Pacha Hotel’s Elegant Session in Ibiza and shared the stage with fellow DJ, Q-Dero.


Missy Jay celebrated the launch of her official website (www.missyjay.com) that coincided with the release of her newest track through Italian Way Music, “Gettin Upside Down.” Early 2017, she was announced as a fashion DJ for London Luxury events. She also returned to the Winter Music Conference 2017.

Worldwide Venues

Missy Jay has performed at venues around the world that include: Pacha Hotel, Privilege Club, Bora Bora, Sonar Festival 2009 in Barcelona, Playaflor Club and Summer Dance Festival on Tenerife Island, Mangu Club in Cordoba, Martina Club, Delano Beach Club, Savannah Beach Club, Guarana, KM5 Lounge, El Divino, Paradise, Keeper, El Club, Sands Beach Club, and Sushi Point in Ibiza, Spain O2 Arena  in London UK Café del Mare in Guaruja Brazil Loft Club in Chicago, The Loft in Detroit, Circus Arena in LA, News Lounge, Cinema, Heathrow Lounge, Segafredo, Living Room, Techno Marathon 2009, Music Summit 2009, Stage 41 and White Room in Miami, United States Zinc Club in Dusit Thani Dubai UAE Pacha Club in Djerba, Saloon Club and Café del Mar in Sousse and in Monastir Tunisia XTERIA Festival in , Bamboo Club in Bucharest, and Office Lounge in Iasi, Romania El Fanar in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Park Café and Morotva Music Festival in Budapest, Hungary Sharm Club in TiranaAlbania Surface Lounge in Radisson Blue Tsiblisi Georgia Qube Club at Radisson Blue and Crystal Club at W Hotel in Doha, Qatar Crystal Lounge at Marriott Hotel in Algiers, Algeria Hezz Club  in Baku, Azerbaijan Colosseum Club in Skopje, and Versaj Club in Macedonia Cocoon Lounge in Bahrain Majestic in Belgium O’ club [12] in Toulouse, France Popcorn Club in Korinthos, Silk Club in Corfu Island and Sunny Beach Festival in Kos Greece Key West Club in Luxembourg Ibiza Loves Berlin Festival in Berlin, Germany Vanilla Club, Kammgarn Club, Indigo Club and Elephant Club in Zurich, Switzerland

Career Discography


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