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Mixy was an Australian program block on the ABC that hosts Mixy Rabbit from The Ferals. After the Ferals' series ended, Mixy has been used as a host for her new program block and introducing the shows in the morning.

In 2000, the puppeteer Mal Heap, who played Modigliana the cat from The Ferals, introduced the role of Joe the Kangaroo alongside Mixy.

After the programming block finished in July 2002, Mixy kept appearing in ABC idents and her own website episodes until around the mid-2000s.


  • Mixy Rabbit (1998 - 2002) Puppeteer - Emma DeVries: A sweet, cute carrot-loving pink rabbit. At times gets a bit mixed up but very friendly.
  • Joe the Kangaroo (2000 - 2002) Puppeteer - Mal Heap: A small brown kangaroo who loves eating broccoli. His first appearance was on the VHS tape, Mixy TV Favourites.


  • Mary the Cat
  • Dibadee Doll
  • Scruffy the Dog


Programs in alphabetical order

Video Release

  • Mixy Presents: More Favourites (1998)
  • Mixy Presents TV Favourites (2002)


In the early 2000's, Mixy's website was shown at the ABC Playground Website in-between shows behind painted blobs. Mousing over the green blob would display Mixy. Clicking on the character's image would present options of games, videos, fan messages and Joe the Kangaroo's corner.