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Mondago Ltd, founded in 2001 as Tiger Software Ltd, offers various Computer Telephony (CTI) software products for distribution. Their products are generally rebranded by their OEM customers and serve small, medium and national multi-location companies across various industries. Mondago is divided into three divisions according to the function of the business:

OEM Products
Developer Products
Research and Development (including testing)

OEM Products

The OEM Products division is the largest (employing more than half of the workforce). The OEM Products division make all or part of the desktop Computer Telephony Integration software that accompanies many popular telephone systems. In particular, they specialize in integration to CRM applications and write drivers for many different applications. These drivers are then used either directly by the telephone system manufacturers’ software (embedded mode) or as part of a standalone client (desktop mode). The OEM Product division also produce and manage other technologies including:

Lync (and OCS) integration Including RCC Gateway products and LYNC/CRM integration
Mobile products Including iPhone, iPad and Android products

Developer Products

The Developer Products division supports third party developers who want to use the company's Go Connect server platform. They also support the OEM Products division by providing the core server platform as part of several of their software products.

Research and Development

The Research and Development (R&D) division are based at Mondago's headquarters in Peterborough, UK. The division is predominantly responsible for the creation of new technologies for resale, though many technologies do not mature into saleable items. An example of this is (mobile) geo-location which has floundered due to legislative and user adoptance issues. The R&D division are also primarily responsible for telephone system “scenario testing” to make sure that Go Connect and the other products function correctly in a wide range of operating environments. The R&D division also allow partners to visit to test on with a range of telephone systems and environments.

Apprentices and Internship

Mondago have an organized apprentice and intern induction and training programme called the Mondago Apprentice Programme (MAP).[1]


Mondago's headquarters are at Isis Way, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6QR, United Kingdom
The North America office is at: 483 E Grand Ave #212, East Lansing, MI 48823 - 6722, USA

Product offerings

  • Go Connect - Server platform that connects to multiple makes of PBX.
  • Go Gateway - Microsoft OCS/Lync RCC Gateway
  • Go Hosted - Cloud based version of Go Connect that links to premises based PBXs.


  • 2001 Tiger Software Ltd. founded by Alexander Rogers.
  • 2001 Tiger Software launched SmartPhone - one of Europe's most well known Computer Telephony products with over 3 million copies sold [2]
  • 2002 Tiger Software win regional Business Innovation award[3]
  • 2004 SmartOperator product launched
  • 2004 Company renamed to Mondago Ltd.
  • 2008 Go Connect product launched
  • 2009 Go Gateway launched [4]
  • 2010 North America office opened
  • 2012 Central European office opened

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