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Mukhtar. The New Trace (Russian: Мухтар. Новый след,[1] in 2004—2015 is Muhtar’s return, Russian: Возвращение Мухтара) is a Russian detective, crime, serial film, a film about the adventures of investigators, police officers, police and search dog. Production Company "Kit Media" on request of "Studio 2V". Series premiere was held on 12 January 2004 from the RTR, and August 31, 2004, the project was on the NTV.


The heroes of serial movie work in the police department (and since season 8 in the police) and investigate various crimes ranging from petty theft to serious disappearances, kidnappings and killings. The uniqueness of the team is that, together with operatives serves Mukhtar is a brave and loyal dog who helps to reveal the tangled affairs thanks to his unique scent and ingenuity.

Artists of Mukhtar’s role

Artists of Muhtar’s role, the main character in the TV series in the history of the project were 10 dogs.

The 1st Mukhtars were brothers named Vargun and Dunkan. They had substituted for each other on film. These Alsatian dogs were selected for a role in the result of the selection of the 150 dogs in and around Moscow.

The season 2 was filmed not in Moscow, and in Kiev, so had to find a new hero of local champions. It was a dog Zeiss, German shepherd breed. Zeiss had two doublers, the sons named Zeus and Best who performed the power tricks instead of the father.

When Zeiss died, he was replaced by his older brother, award-winning dog Wax von Vaysrusland Kirshental or Vasya. Despite the superficial similarity, the two dogs were different characters. Zeiss was serious, strong and calm dog. On the contrary, Vasya was cheerful and sociable. Actor Alexander Volkov loved Vasya so much that he decided to take a puppy from him.

At the end of the season 4 Muhtar was played by Yax Favor Haus Di Allertal or Kuzya.

In the season 5 Yax was replaced by Prime Prem Sambatus. But at the end of the season Yax Di Allertal returned to his former place, where he stayed for the 6th and 7th seasons.

Also in the season 7 there are a few series where Mukhtar’s role was played by dog named Prime Prem Sambatus, this is «Alien luggage» (Russian «Чужой багаж»), «Cherry tobacco» (Russian «Вишнёвый табак») and «Guitar» (Russian «Гитара») series.

In the season 8 Yax was replaced by Graf Schutz Hund and Rex Schutz Hund.

In the season 9 Mukhtar’s role was played by the same dog named Graf Schutz Hund and Rex Schutz Hund.

In the seasons 10-12 Mukhtar’s role in Minsk was played by the same dog named Zearo vom Zelwadrand (Vivat), Rajdo Algis Justas (Voin), Woin Legion Koba, Duks Soprad See and Pit Noris Schwarzen Schloss.

Actors and roles

Kolosov Artyom Valerievich

(Season 1–2) He is an officer of the criminal investigation department. He holds the rank of lieutenant. He is serious, but is emotional, not always agree with his leadership. He likes to joke. In the team, he always tries to be witty and resourceful. He is a leader by nature, he rarely feels embarrassment and awkwardness. He sometimes arrogant and capricious (in particular in relation to Vadim), but he appreciates the true friendship and always ready to help. He has a weakness for women. He is in love with Lena Brusnikina. He studied law at the university along with her, as in the 49th series of the season 2 (Adult game series) indicated that they were from the same series. In the season 3, he was seriously wounded («Turn» and «Turn-2» series). First he went to Boston for treatment and then to Irkutsk to his mother.

Artem Kolosov is played by Alexander Nosik.

Zharov Maxim Andreyevich

(Seanson 3–10) He is an officer of the criminal investigation department. He had the rank of lieutenant, and on the 75th series of the season 7, he was held the rank of captain. He is the new owner of Mukhtar. He is a former dog handler. He has worked in the private security agency. He is divorced. Until Muhtar he had a dog who died. He replaced Artem who had been seriously wounded. Throughout the series by virtue of crudity of scenarios he had to change a sufficient number of characters that contradict each other. He managed to get serious, «seasoned in life», a divorced man and a failed Romeo, who dreams of a family, and he was just a very ordinary person with his pluses and minuses. But the most memorable Maxim’s image is the image of sweet and decent guy with a clean, unspoiled soul and kind heart. Unlike Artem, Maxim did not chase women, preferring quiet fun gatherings with beloved dog in the company of sexy girls. Maxim sometimes seem frivolous, immature and too naive for his age. He loved Lena. After she left, he could not get used to Vasilisa, but then he started to show interest in her. He has a half-brother Andrey.After her departure did not immediately hit it off with a new boss - Katerina. From 9 season trying to strike up an affair with her.

Alexander Volkov plays Maxim Zharov in seasons 3 and 4, and is replaced by Pavel Vishnyakov in seasons 5, 6, 9 and 10; and Alexey Shutov in seasons 7 and 8. In new episodes filmed in May 2016 named «Mukhtar. The New Trace» Vladimir Feklenko starring as Maxim Zharov, replacing Pavel Vishnyakov.

Brusnikina Yelena Vladimirovna

(Season 1–4) She is the investigator. She holds the rank of captain. She graduated from law school and because of perseverance and hard work she has managed to rise to the rank of captain. She is always on the side of her subordinates, although she does not show it. She's smart, charming and resourceful. Thanks to her sharp mind and ingenuity had been disclosed many complicated cases. She has a good vocal. At the beginning of the 1st season, she divorced her husband, businessman Andrey Ivanov, so throughout the series she lives with general Brusnikin, her father. She tries to be upbeat and cheerful. At work, she is serious and concentrated. She has a tender feelings for her colleague Artem, although she hides it. In the 24th series of the 4th season she goes to Irkutsk city to him and live with him.Maxim took care of her

Helena Brusnikina is played by Alla Kovnir.

Mikhailova Vasilisa Romanovna

(Season 4–8) She is the investigator. She was held the rank of lieutenant, and on the 65th series of the season 7 ("Third little star"), she was a senior lieutenant. She took Lena Brusnikina’s place. She knows French, as she studied it in school and in the same place she studied the piano. She has a goddaughter Masha whose parents spend a long time abroad and give their daughter to Vasilisa. Vasilisa is a born chief, she skillfully manages by the department, able to organize her friends. She feels romantic feelings for Maxim and worries about him very much. Vasilisa came into the series in the 24th series of the 4th season (Parting series). At the beginning of the 9th season she’s promoting and transferring to work to Saint Petersburg.

Vasilisa Mihailova is played by Natalya Yunnikova.

Kalitina Yekaterina Vasilievna

(Season 9-10) She has experienced investigator. She holds the rank of captain. She came to Vasilisa’s place in the season 9. She used to work at Petrovka. She is kind and responsive. She is not married, she has Edward, an American fiance.From 9 season trying to strike up a romance with Maxim.

Yekaterina Kalitina is played by Svetlana Bryukhanova.

Shchepkin Anatoly Ivanovich

(Season 1–4) He is an officer of the criminal investigation department. He held the rank of lieutenant, and since 51thTemplate:Clarify series of season 4 («Speckled Hen» series), he was a captain. In his childhood he had a motor alalia (lack of understanding speech when stored), up to the fourth grade, he went to school for deaf children and, as a consequence, he is fluent in sign language. He is emotional, always says what he thinks, but it does not prevent him from being the darling of the department. He likes to joke, argue and often grumbles. He is dissatisfied with the decision of the authorities, considering that most unpleasant and difficult tasks fall to his share. He loves hard rock. He has a wife Lyudmila and son Dania. In the season 4, he went on a business trip to America.

Anatoly Shchepkin is played by Viktor Nizovoy.

Samoylov Alexey Valerievich

(Season 3–10) He is an officer of the criminal investigation department. He held the rank of lieutenant, and 75th series of the 7th season (Road to Grandmother series), he holds the rank of captain. He is a serious operative. He appeared in several episodes of the 3rd and 4th seasons, and the 5th season he has completely replaced Tolik. He is talkative, stubborn and grouchy. He likes to joke and give advice after work. But when it comes to work (working day), he is always harsh and severe. His hobby is fishing, running and football. He has a wife Olga and son Nikita. He loves extreme. He is a trusted friend and a good companyon. His catch phrase is "The cat of Yoshka!", "Oh, my grandma, here is St. George's Day!", "I swear to God!", "Buddy", "Girls dancing with interest!", "The rabbit brothers", "That's the parsley!" and "Elderling." He's very athletic.

Alexey Samoilov is played by Alexey Moiseyev.

Selskaya Zhanetta Petrovna

(Season 1–10) She is a forensic scientist and pathologist. She holds the rank of Major. She has a medical degree. She is a bit strange, talkative and loves to gossip. She is sharp on the tongue. She tries to be optimistic, almost never falls into despair. She was married once. She's in love with Sadovsky and married him in the 8th season.

Zhanetta Selskaya is played by Oksana Stashenko.

Ilkovsky Stanislav Dmitrievich

(Season 1) He is criminal expert. He holds the rank of Major. He is sensitive and vulnerable. At the end of the 1st season, he left for a trip abroad.

Stanislav Ilkovsky is played by Alexander Korshunov.

Sadovsky Innokenty Stepanovich

(Season 2–10) He is a good criminal expert. He holds the rank of Major. He is a shy, awkward young man. He's a little shy and shackled, often touchy and silent. In his childhood he dreamed of going to the Nautical School, but has not passed a medical examination because of his bad eyesight. He is interested in modeling sailing and chess. He replaces Ilkovsky who left to work abroad. He was indifferent to Selskaya Zhanetta Petrovna, his colleague, but he rarely exhibited his feelings show. At the beginning of the 8th season, he married her.

Innokenty Sadovsky is played by Konstantin Kostyshin.

Khrulyov Nikolay Nikolayevich

(Season 1–10) He is the Head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Shchukino region. He held the rank of lieutenant colonel, and since the season 7, he was a colonel. He is demanding and strict boss. He is an example of a wonderful boss and a true friend to his subordinates, who are always willing to help. He has a niece Zhanna and sister Natasha.

Nikolay Khrulyov is played by Alexander Voyevodin.

Titova Maria Ilyinishna

(Season 8–9) She holds the rank of Major. She is a new Khrulyov’s assistant. She does not take part in the investigation, she can be present at Khrulyov’s meetings and can express inquiry tips. If the crime detection issues are discussing when she presents and if there are departures (not every time) at the crime place in the area, then she is as responsible woman from the leadership of Department of Internal Affairs monitors the performance of personnel at the crime place.

Maria Titova is played by Tamara Morozova.

Malyshev Vadim Evgeniyevich

(Periodically during the season 2) He is a probationer. He holds the rank of lieutenant. He studied at the Law Faculty. He is stubborn and hard-working. He tries to look serious, despite numerous jokes and subring by Artem. Artem often calls him a student. He loves to jump to conclusions. According to the plot he leaves for training in America.

Vadim Malyshev is played by Yevgeny Yefremov.

Nikita Shulgin

(last 3 series of the season 2) He holds the rank of Lieutenant. He is the probationer. He studies the methods of work with a service dog, but despite this, he took an instant dislike Mukhtar.

Nikita Shulgin is played by Oles Katsion.

Lyudmila Shchepkina

(Season 1–4) She is Tolik Shchepkin’s wife. She works as an editor of the district cable TV, that does not prevent her to be a great hostess. She brings up her son Danya. She is true and entirely devoted to her husband, very jealous and often emotional. Tolik often calls her Lyusya.

Lyudmila Shchepkina is played by Anna Nazariyeva.

Dyatlo Viktor Petrovich

(Season 3–10) He’s a distinct militia officer. He holds the rank of captain. He is a friend of the protagonists. He presents his version of the crime in advance and very confident in it. He’s highly respected in the area, some people even a little afraid of him. He loves his job and when he is praised, but not as tasty food and beer. He is married and has a son schoolboy Denis.

Viktor Dyatlo is played by Valery Astakhov.

Samoylova Olga Nikolayevna

(Season 5–7, 9—10) She’s Alexey Samoylov’s wife. She loves her family, but often argues with her husband. She rarely appears in the series.

Olga Samoylova is played by Olga Moiseyeva.

Alexander Khoroshavin

(Season 2–7) He often appeared on the series. He is on duty in the Department of Internal Affairs in Moscow, holds the rank of lieutenant, and since the season 7, he became a senior lieutenant. Despite a sedentary lifestyle, he runs pretty well («Changeling» series). He has a wife and two children (a Christmas gift series).

Alexander Khoroshavin is played by Alexander Sirik.

Rodionova Anastasia Alexandrovna

She is an investigator of the central district of Moscow. She holds the rank of a senior lieutenant. She replaced Vassilisa while she was on a business trip. She is a native Muscovite, very sociable and good-natured.

Anastasia Rodionova is played by Yelizaveta Mayskaya (Kurbanmagomedova).

Ivan Yershov

(Season 9, 1 and 2 episodes of Season 10) Criminal expert (Innokenty Sadovsky's assistant). He has the rank of lieutenant. He is clever and curious. Gradually becoming kinder and a good friend of heroes and Mukhtar. Suddenly, he was transferred to another department to work together with my girlfriend.

Ivan Yershov's starring as Daniel Doroshenko.

Nadezhda Kostrova

(Season 10) The medical examiner, criminal expert (Innokenty Sadovsky's assistant). She has the rank of junior lieutenant. She is provincial, hard-working, kind and responsive. She is ready to go to help. She has a young sister.

Nadezhda Kostrova's starring as Nadezhda Antsipovich.


(Season 10) He is an attendant of Department of Ministry Internal Affairs. He has the rank of senior lieutenant. He is the kindest TV series' heroes. He knows TV series very fine. Married and has his son Kirill. Decorates Department of Ministry Internal Affairs pretty good in the New year (season 10, episode 14).

Seryoga's starring as Denis Ivanov.

Ivan Davydov

(Season 12) He is a captain, a friend of Katya, Roshchina and Vasily. The new master of Mukhtar. There is a daughter named Dasha, whom he brings up alone. There was a wife - a circus aerial gymnast Inga, who died in an accident. He came to replace Maxim, who had left for the Crimea. Moved from Moscow Criminal Investigations Department.

Artyom Osipov's starring Artyom Osipov.

Yevgeny Roshchin

(Season 12) He is a captain, a friend of Katya, Davydov, Vasily and Maxim. He came to replace Samoylov.

Sergey Gromov's starring Sergey Gromov.

Lakushev Anton

(Season 12) He is in love with Nadya, he looks after her. In season 11, Yevgeny Tokarev played his role.

Lakushev Anton's starring Erik Abramovich.


(Season 12) He is an intern. In season 11, his role was played by Alexander Dushechkin.

Shurik's starring Nikita Smirnov.

Dasha Davydova

(Season 12) She is the daughter of Ivan and schoolgirl. The new mistress Mukhtar.

Dasha Davydova's starring Alexandra Zygmantovich.

Knyazev Vasily Kirillovich

(Season 12) He is a senior lieutenant, came to work as an operative, and was temporarily appointed as an acting officer. Inspector of Juvenile Affairs. He is in love with Katya. In season 11 he was a bandit.

Knyazev Vasily's starring Vasily Antonov.

Kalitina Yekaterina Vasilyevna

(Seasons 9-12) She is the captain, investigator of the police department of Shchukino. The boss and friend of Maxim, Alexey, Davydov and Roshchin. She had feelings for Maxim. She has brother of Igor, sister of Victoria, father of Vasily, mother of Olga, Aunt of Lyubov, Groom of Alexander and former fiancée - American Edward. She loves dogs. She replaced Vasilisa, who left for St. Petersburg. Previously served in Petrovka. She speaks in English.

Kalitina Yekaterina's starring Svetlana Bryukhanova.

Ilya Muromtsev

(From s10e17) He has the rank of lieutenant. Previously, he worked with Viktor Petrovich Dyatlo. A new friend of the characters of the series. He loves dogs. Married, has a wife Irina and two children - Alexander and Yevgeny. Very vulnerable and artistic, used to go to clubs.

Ilya Muromtsev's starring Igor Shugaleyev.

Fedor Dubrovsky

(From s11e58) He is a colonel, a new chief of the OMVD "Shchukino" (replaced Khrulev).

Fedor Dubrovsky's starring Viktor Vasilyev.

Denis Ivanov

(Seasons 10-12) He is on duty at the Shchukino police station. He has the rank of a senior lieutenant. Alexander Khoroshavin replaced. Very attentive and hardworking employee. There is a wife and son named Kirill.

Denis Ivanov's starring Sergey Pyatiburdukov.

List of episodes

The series is conditionally divided into seasons 10.

Season Number of episodes The screens TV Channel
1 40 12.01.2004 — 23.03.2004 31.08.2004 — 04.10.2004 RTR NTV
2 50 21.02.2006 — 31.03.2006 NTV
3 100 28.11.2006 — 09.11.2007 NTV
4 80 13.11.2007 — 26.05.2008 NTV
5 96 09.11.2009 — 28.01.2010 NTV
6 96 29.01.2010 — 07.12.2010 NTV
7 96 10.05.2011 — 05.09.2012 NTV
8 96 06.09.2012 — 30.04.2013 NTV
9 96 03.02.2014 — 20.04.2015 NTV
10 48 21.04.2015 — 15.10.2015 NTV
11 (Mukhtar. The New Trace) 96 20.03.2017 — 14.03.2018 NTV
12 (Mukhtar. The New Trace) 96 14.05.2018 NTV

The series soundtracks

«Come to me, Mukhtar!» (Russian: «Ко мне, Мухтар!») that sounds in the series, was originally performed by Alexander Kosenkov, and starting from the season 2, this song was sung by Vladimir Zlatoust, director of the film. Lyrics were written by songwriter Yevgeny Muravyov. Music by Alexander Kosenkov.


The season 1 was filmed in Moscow. Since the season 2 episodes filmed in Kiev involving local actors in secondary roles. Most episodes filmed in Kiev right bank Nyvky region. In particular, the facade of the police building located there filmed as the entrance of the Russian police, where the main characters serves. In 2014—2015 began filming the TV series in Minsk.

In 28 May 2016 filming of the TV series continued, but under a new name, Mukhtar. The New Trace.[2]


Creative team of the show, including actors, writers and directors, twice (2007 and 2009) awarded diplomas and medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "for creating a professional image of criminal investigator and propaganda service dog Russia".

In 2009 the Mukhtar's return 2 episode was awarded with special prize at the International Festival of Detective Films DetectiveFEST.В 2015 году сериал «Возвращение Мухтара-2» участвовал в «ТЭФИ-2015» и получил главную статуэтку в номинации «Теленовелла», превзошедший «Последнего янычара» («Russia-1) и «С небес на землю» (ТВ Центр).

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