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Oliver Brotherhood, also known as Oli,[1] known on YouTube as Mumbo Jumbo, is an English YouTuber who creates videos about the sandbox video game Minecraft.


As a group channel (2012-2013)

When the Mumbo Jumbo channel was created, it was a group channel between Brotherhood and his friend: Tom. They made some videos together but the channel quickly became an independent channel when Tom left, their most notable series together was known as ServerCraft.[2]

Hermitcraft and Redstone tutorials (2013-2019)

On June 9, 2013, Mumbo Jumbo posted his first episode of Hermitcraft entitled "Welcome Home."[3] announcing that he had joined the Hermitcraft server, a multiplayer Minecraft server where him and other YouTubers play the game like a community, he has since stayed on the Hermitcraft server, participating in every season since his first season, Season 2.[4] In 2013, Mumbo Jumbo also started to grow for his Redstone tutorial, a technical aspect of Minecraft that allows one to create machines and contraptions.

Copystrikes from Warner Chappell and continuing Hermitcraft & Redstone (2019-present)

On May 19, 2019, 1.8K videos on the Mumbo Jumbo YouTube channel was systematically copystriked by the music company Warner Chappell Music for the intro and outro used on the channel,[5] despite having paid license to the song, but samples had not been cleared. Brotherhood had intents to dispute Warner Chappell's claims, but the number of videos copystriked would make this burdensome.[6] Despite this, Brotherhood continued making Hermitcraft and Redstone videos on his channel, but without a music intro and outro, however, he has stated that he enjoys talking at the end of his videos instead of playing music.[7] In 2019 Minecraft started becoming more popular, video game news website Game Freaks 365 credited Brotherhood for being a reason for this.[8]