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Nate Cole (born Nathan David Forest Cole, May 19, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter. He is also a former band member of the band Plus One. He was formerly the lead singer in a band called Castledoor with former band mate Gabe Combs.

Family and childhood

Cole was born in Houston, Texas, United States and moved from there to Sacramento, California with his family. His parents names are Rick and Cathy. His father is currently the senior pastor at Capital Christian Center. He has a younger brother Travis and a younger sister named Laine.


Before joining Castledoor, Cole attended school at Capital Christian School.


Cole and his bandmates appeared in a video in 2001 entitled Plus One: The Home Video that accompanied the release of their first album. The video documented the group from their start to their first tour. It was released on VHS and has yet to be released on DVD.

This video was later followed by the Plus One: Making Of The Album DVD in 2002 which accompanied the release of Plus One's album, Obvious.


Cole appeared in Touched by an Angel in 2001 as Shane in an episode called "Band of Angels." He has also made a couple of appearances on TV as himself; once on DreamChaser Tour and once on Days of Our Lives.[1]

Music career

Cole joined the band Plus One in the late 1990s. He was successful as a member becoming one of the lead vocalists and eventually viewed as the lead vocal after members Jason Perry and Jeremy Mhire left the band. Cole established himself as a vocalist, musician, as well as a songwriter; writing many of the songs in two of the bands later albums.

Cole has since gone on to become the lead singer in his own band Castledoor, an indie band performing all over the Los Angeles area, but based out of Silverlake, California.

One writer, Ryan Rogge, whose column in Patrol ( goes into depth about Cole's switch from Christian music to indie rock. He describes Cole as going from "top at 17, straight to the ditch by 25" but refers to how Cole and his band are working from with the bottom up approach to success instead of relying on previous successes such as from Plus One.[2]

Personal life

He currently resides in Fresno with his wife Lisa. They were married on April 1, 2006. Nate's wife Lisa was also in their band Castledoor. After Castledoor, Nate Cole and his wife Lisa Cole started a duo rock n' roll band called Doom and Gloom.


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