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Netfolder Production is a Canadian film and television production company based in the province of Quebec, Canada. The company is known for having produced discovery films, including one on Peru,[1] Iceland[2] and a scientific series about vitamin D.[3] Up to now, all productions from the company are solely realized in French.


In 2010 Canal Savoir (CFTU Knowledge Channel in Quebec) broadcast the Netfolder series about vitamin D, challenging official views on its toxicity and emphasizing the importance of this essential vitamin (of which there is a deficiency in the diets of northern hemisphere populations).

In 2011 Netfolder finished production on their first documentary film entitled "Perou: Costa, Sierra, Selva" Tome 1, focusing on the arid desert-like coastal region (Costa) and the high mountains of the Andes (Sierra). The film is produced and distributed in French and in 2014 was screened in 45 theaters in the province of Quebec.[4]

In 2013 Netfolder produced its second documentary about Iceland entitled "Islande: Entre feu et glace". A poetic vision of the natural beauty of the volcanic island. The film has been screened in 2013 in 45 theaters in the province of Quebec.


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