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Netoria was a directory services software company, specializing in the development of client side enhancements for Novell Directory Services (NDS) (later renamed to eDirectory[1]). In 1999 Netoria was acquired by Novell, Inc.[2]


Netoria was founded by entrepreneur Phil Montgomery and developer Dave Callaway, in Canberra, Australia. Their first product, SFLogin, was created from the FLOGIN product, originally developed by Phil Montgomery to allow DOS workstations easy login to the beta of NetWare 4.0 (the first release of NDS).

In 1997 Netoria relocated to Orem Utah, and were joined by Ken Sorber as VP of Sales. In December of that year sales exceeded $100K per month, with annual growth a consistent 300%. A number of developers and support staff were brought on board, with the final headcount of 12 full time staff.

Netoria was boot-strapped without any external funding as Venture Capital was unknown in Australia at the time. The company was profitable every month throughout its history, and in 1998 the company negotiated a strategic investment with Novell ventures, but decided to move forward independently.

In May 1999 Netoria was acquired by Novell, and the products and team integrated into the Novell portfolio.


The first customer was Volvo HQ with a corporate wide license for SFLogin. Over the life of the Company more than one million seats were deployed, all to enterprise customers, in over 40 countries. The company was particularly strong in the healthcare, government and financial services markets.


  • SFLogin - Novell NDS login enhancer that offered contextless login, customized screens, single sign-on, and compliance features. SFLOGIN was available for DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 32 bit platforms. SFLogin was configured and managed completely from NDS.
  • SFLock- Advanced Workstation Security System for NDS, allowing administrators to centrally configure and manage workstation security settings.
  • SFSend - Workstation secure communication system that allowed administrators to notify users of any event via NDS.
  • Schemax - Graphical tool to allow administrators to extend NDS to store and present any information. Using Schemax Administrators could implement NDS applications, such as corporate directories, asset management etc. Schemax was the most visionary product developed by Netoria, and won the "Best Commercial Application" award from the Novell Developer contest[3]