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BLP sources Primary sources Template:Tone Template:Autobiography Nicolas Bosc Born in France Avignon, is a top professional Parkour and Freerunning athlete, One France best. Since 2004 Bosc is leaving in the United States, works in the biggest live shows and movie productions as an acrobat, actor and Stuntman

Early life


Bosc lives with his family in a modest house in as small town Sorgues, in the south of France. He is the youngest of two children. Bosc loves acting, and will be playing in many school plays, as well as with the local theatre. One day with his best friend Johan Guy, Nicolas will watch a Jackie Chan movie project A and from that point on his goal will be to become a Stuntman in Hollywood. Bosc will began training in Gymnastics, Martial arts and more...


Nicolas realize that gymnastics is not really the right way to, one day, become a stuntman. So following Jackie Chan's foot steps, he and he's 3 friends they decided to that gymnastics into the streets! It started by coping Jackie Chan pushing off a wall to jump over a gate, jump from a roof to another roof down to the floor using balconies as well as copying some acrobatics he was doing! Remember in 1995 there was no internet like today, no YouTube or Facebook… all they had was Jackie Chan movies on VHS and their own imagination!

They will keep climbing buildings, jumping from their parents house roofs, then one day they saw a new Boys Band in 1997 the 2Be3. They where 3 friends from youth, singing but also doing flips like they never seen before! Our 4 friends really related to the ‘2Be3 and when they realized that they use to do gymnastics and martial arts, they also decided to join the local Gymnastic club ‘’ the A.N.T. club’’ There, they were able to learn new moves and repeat them over and over! Moves like wall flip, front and back flips, side flips, handstands and more… Then one day in 1998, watching Stade 2 for the sports news, they saw the documentary about those young people in Paris, the Yamakasi with David Belle and his team! And they realized that other kids were doing exactly what they have been doing, then they did some research, and found the Speed-Air-Man video

And once again, they said to themselves, that’s cool other people are doing what we do! We should go to Paris one day and meet up, to share and train together. In 2001, the Movie Yamakasi came out to the theatres. They where not to impressed by the performance, and they decided to, one day, go to Paris and try to show their talent, After all, “we are doing the same “new sport”, with a different style, so if they can get some work, why not us?’’ The local news started to get interested on our 4 boys, they will be featured in many local news paper, even getting a few covers, Then some national magazines got interested in them. Then their first TV appearance will be a 6 minutes documentary on France 3 TV Chanel”

Meanwhile their idea to try it in the Capital Paris, keep growing stronger, and in early 2003, they finally go to Paris, go to many production offices to drop their portfolio, and they came up with a team name Fils du Vide which later will become Ronins Soon after coming back from Paris, they receive a call from canal+ TV Channel, which was interested in doing a 6 episodes series with them, but also Cirque du Soleil was interested in them for the creation of their upcoming show KA! After a lot of talks, they decided to go to Montreal and join Cirque du Soleil

2003-08 / 2010-12

Bosc has been recognized by Cirque du Soleil as one of the top performer and make him captain of the house troop, and also make him the first super sub which make him the only performer to know most of the acts in the show, and while be floating from one to another whilst the other will only perform the acts the signed for!

Also Nicolas will be awarded the mast badass high fall of all time for the show KA.


Bosc his hire by the singer Kylie Minogue as one of the four acrobats on her upcoming tour KylieX2008 and will tour all around the world.

2009- 10

Bosc his hired to perform on new britney Spears show, the Circus tour, but 3 weeks after the creation of the tour started, Bosc had to leave the show for visa issues. in the mean time Bosc received a call from Universal Studios asking him to join then in a new stunt show which will be performed in their brand new Theme park in Singapore.

Bosc was also selected by Red Bull to represent his country, France, on their upcoming Parkour and Freerunning competition the Red Bull Art of Motion which will bring to Vienna the world 20 best athletes to compete form the title. As well as the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships in London. Competition in which Bosc will perform 2 tricks never seen before.

2011 - present

Bosc is now working as stuntman for the movie industry. We can see Bosc in various projects such as Man from U.N.C.L.E., Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The walking dead and more...

Bosc is also a film maker, he has already released 2 short films and his working on more. With is editing and film making skills, one of Bosc many goals is to, one day, release a feature film!

Ronins Clothing Brand

in 2014 Bosc released his clothing Brand "Ronins Clothing" a Brand inspired by his love for extreme sport and fashion, Freedom of spirit and love! Already some of the biggest name in the film industry are wearing Bosc's brand. Ronins Clothing website :

Live Shows


As a Stuntman

Year Title Role Notes
2006 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Stuntman TV Serie
2007 Road Rules: Vegas Circus Aerial Coach TV Game show
2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championship Freeunning Performer Television Film
2012 Clash of the Commercials: USA vs. the World Stuntman TV Movie
2012 Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Stuntman
2011-2012 CSI: NY Stuntman TV Serie
2012 Jack Reacher Stuntman
2013 Touch Stuntman TV Serie
2013 RED 2 Stuntman
2014 Community Stuntman
2014 Revolution Stuntman / Stunt double
2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stuntman
2014 The Prince Stuntman
2014 Bang Bang Utility Stunt / Stunt Double
2014 Banshee Stunt Double TV Serie
2014 The Walking Dead Stuntman TV Serie
1997 Helio Stuntman / Stunt Double Short Film
2015 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Stunt Double
2015 San Andreas Stuntman
2015 American Ultra Stuntman
2015 Terminator: Genisys Stuntman T800

As an Actor

Year Title Role Notes
2014 Retribution Hero Short Film
2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier French Pirate
2014 Nico Nico Short Film
2012 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Italian Poliecman
2012 American Ultra The Party Guy

As a Director - Editor

Year Title
2014 Retribution
2014 Nico


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