Object of Obsession

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Object of Obsession is an American erotic thriller film, released in 1994, starring Scott Valentine, Erika Anderson, Elizabeth Whitcraft, Robert Keith, Jane A. Rogers, and Jake Higginson. The film was directed by Gregory Dark.


Margaret (Erika Anderson) is a divorced woman seeking sexual pleasure in this mysterious erotic tale. A mysterious wrong number leads Margaret on a journey that takes her to the edge of sexual desire and obsession.

However, things aren't going quite according to plan when she is taken hostage by her mysterious new lover Blaze (Scott Valentine) and held against her will in an abandoned, furnished warehouse. But is she really a hostage?

After a few days she realises that the door to the warehouse has never actually been locked, and in fact, she has always been free to go. During her incarceration she's involved in sexual acts, including having sex with a man whose face she never sees and watching her new man make love to another woman.

Eventually she leaves but after time, returns to find tapes of previous sexploits with evidence of who her lover really is. After tracing him to his home with wife and kids, Blaze soon finds the tables have been turned. As Magaret plots her revenge, the twists and turns that ensue weave into a shocking conclusion.

Never underestimate a cornered woman.


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