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Olivier Méric

Olivier Méric in E-Commerce Forum, Paris, 2010
Born (1958-09-13) 13 September 1958 (age 62)
Residence Paris, France
Nationality French
Education ESSEC (dropped out in 1981)
Occupation CEO of BMS Moneo
Chairman of Rotary International Reuil-Malmaison section
Moneo official website

Olivier Méric (born 13 September 1958) is a French entrepreneur of the marketing banking and electronic banking. He is a businessman and recognized expert in Online banking.

He initiated several innovations around the new land use and experimentation marketing and technical issues related to the business of bank with a Bank 2.0. approach.[1]

Olivier Méric is a graduate of École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales (ESSEC), Paris, France.

He used to be CEO of Moneo (until August 2010), a small amounts banking System used in France.

Early life under the sign of the bank

Olivier Méric spent his childhood in Algiers, where his father was manager in the oldest French commercial bank. Back in France, he continued his studies at the St. Cloud College.

He graduated École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales (ESSEC) of Paris in 1981.

Between 1982 and 1983, he made his National Service in cooperation in the Embassy of France in Algeria as project manager for the French Development Agency and accompanies the French system of ODA by financing plans in the areas of transport infrastructure and higher education.

1984–1994: Credit Agricole years

Olivier Méric joined the Credit Agricole in 1984 as product manager for electronic payment solutions and remote banking. In 1984, he launched one of the first online banking service on Minitel "Viodéocam.[2]

In 1985, he participated in the creation of Bank Card CB and became an expert on credit cards marketing.

In 1989, he took the post of Director of individuals and professionals Markets. In 1990, he created the first credit card plugged into a revolving credit facility: the "Open Card". He led the deployment of this innovative card in partnership with Sofinco.

1995–2005: CCF / HSBC years

Olivier Méric joined the Crédit Commercial de France (CCF) in 1995 with the creation of the position of Consumer Market and professionals Director, to launch a new "non-business" offer. Olivier Méric launched innovative and value-added banking services in the areas of savings, insurance, credit and marketing of cards.

Olivier Méric becomes Administrator in the BMS Ticketing Service Electronic Banking Consortium, which manages the electronic purse Moneo.

Olivier Meric occurs during operations preparatory to the transition to the Euro.[3]

In 2000, HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) acquired the entire CCF group and Olivier Méric took on the position of Director of Marketing with the direct management of 200 financial engineers. Following this acquisition, Oliver Méric becomes Carte Bleue group Administrator.

2005 to date: Moneo years

Olivier Méric became CEO of BMS Ticketing Service Electronic Banking consortium in 2005. After a reorganization and repositioning of the company between 2005 and 2006, Oliver Méric launches strategic plan from 2007 to 2010 with the adoption of payment for parking meters, then by inserting devices Moneo in student cards of several Universities. 21 Academies over 26 now offer student cards Moneo purse for making payments in Academics restaurants,[4] vending machines but also photocopiers and laundry facilities on campus.[5]

The plan focuses on innovation has tripled transactions in 5 years and give Moneo a leading position among all economic goods and services charging small amounts:[6] Public Authorities, Universities and CROUS, catering companies ...

With over 1.2 million transactions each week, Moneo today is the payment solution that the fastest growth in the French market.

Moneo is the leader in contactless payment in France with more than 500,000 straight trucks equipped with new generation cards BMS2.[7][8]

Personal life

Olivier Méric is a philanthropist with a humanistic vision. As such, he was elected President since 2009 of the Rotary Club of Rueil-Malmaison.[9]

Fan of boat and technology, Olivier Méric surfs "Weta", a high-tech carbon and Kevlar sport trimaran.[10]


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