Orang-U: An Ape Goes To College

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Orang-U: An Ape Goes To College is a 2017 British/American comedy film. It was co-written and directed by Matt Lee, and starred Samantha Kniskern as orangutan James Peterson,[1] Mikayla Bishop as June O'Connor and Geoff Van Wyck as Scott Peterson. Filming took place in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The film is the first feature length live action film to be released under a free culture license, making it possible to watch the entire movie on Wikipedia.


Scott Peterson (Geoff Van Wyck) learns that his father, animal exporter Jefferson Peterson has died. In order to maintain his lifestyle and the freedom of his pet orangutan, James he agrees to attend his father's alma-mater in Boston. He uses his father's frequent donations as a barter that results in James attending college instead, while he pursues his electronics hobby and works in a bar.

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Protests occur when animal rights activists find out that the Peterson family is building a new wing at the school and quickly, his actions attract the attention of local reporter June O'Connor (Mikayla Bishop) and her father (Wolfgang Schuler). June objects to Scott and questions his commitment to his vegan diet and animal rights activism, while her father is determined to seize control of both the bar and the Peterson family business. To this end, he employs a lawyer to challenge James to graduate law school, and later involves the family butler (Bailey Bishop Jr.) who arrives in Boston to bring James back to Seattle.

Later, O'Connor harnesses mythical powers and places his daughter under a spell, while ordering his associate to murder the butler and the bar owner and pin the murders on the orangutan. Failing to kill anyone, the associate quickly attempts to take over the bar, and later shapeshifts into a demon before being destroyed by the power of music, releasing the hex on June and allowing the gang to defeat O'Connor once and for all at the graduation ceremony. The bar owner returns and is last seen having killed O'Connor on the Boston Common. Later, we see that Scott and June have resolved their issues and plan to travel the world, but first Scott shows his new invention—an invention which causes a split in the fabric of time and releases the previously vanquished demon.


  • Mikayla Bishop as June O'Connor
  • Geoff Van Wyck as Scott Peterson
  • Samantha Kniskern as James Peterson
  • Wolfgang Schuler as Wolfgang O'Connor
  • Jacqui Denski as Professor Denski
  • Bailey Bishop Jr. as Les Roberts, butler
  • Heather Huntington Stewart as Dean

The writers also appear with Ryan Dougherty portraying Mac Jr. and Matt Lee as a generic office worker, credited as a badly acted vanity cameo. The movie credits suggest that viewers take advantage of the freely licensed work and edit Lee out entirely.

Release and funding

Orang-U: An Ape Goes To College was successfully funded in May 2015[2] on Indiegogo and released on June 24, 2017. The movie is free to watch online at various sites including Wikipedia, the Internet Archive[3] and YouTube.[4] An accompanying book, based on the film was also released at the same time[5] with unseen material and the screenplay for an unmade TV pilot. The movie is freely licensed, and open to remixes. The complete screenplay, as well as audio and video source files from the movie are being released on the Internet Archive as well, and the film was edited entirely using free software tools including Blender, GIMP and Inkscape.

Two sequel movies, Monkey Business[6] and Double Trouble[7] have also been announced, funded[8] and are currently in pre-production with many of the original cast reprising their roles. The sequels will be filmed as one movie and released a year apart.


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