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Paani (English: Water) is an upcoming Indian film directed by Shekhar Kapur.[1] The film will be set in a future world where there are wars over water, which is now owned by International Corporations. The thirst for water is used as a weapon of control. The film focuses on a young love story that breaks all the rules and in the ensuing war, water flows back to its people. The film will feature an Indian and Western star cast. Sushant Singh Rajput plays the lead role.[2]


Paani is set in 2040 A.D about a multinational company holding a city to ransom by rationing its drinking water supply,but it is also about a forbidden love story. The girl is a 17-year old French-Canadian upper-class elite of Caucasian pedigree,who lives in The Upper City (for the elite with abundant water supply) of Mumbai. And the young Indian boy from The Lower City(for the poor) is a water revolutionary,and has manners of a street urchin and the lingo of a fish seller.The girl's father is the global head of a water company.Water as a commodity is being owned by International Corporations who use thirst as a weapon of control.Love and conflict ensue when the boy from the Lower City sneaks into the forbidden Upper City.




In 2003, reports emerged that Shekhar Kapur had announced a return to India with a $25 million production called Paani whose story would deal with city Mumbai in the year 2060.[3] In May 2004, Kapur entered into a partnership with Barrie Osborne where the latter would produce the film in English and Hindi.[4] In a press conference at IIFA Awards, Singapore, the director made an official announcement of the project. The cast of the film was not declared but was confirmed to completely Indian. Kapur also roped in the Hollywood technicians as the crew. A.R. Rahman was signed to compose original songs while Dave Stewart for background score of the film. Vivek Oberoi was rumored to play the male lead. However, the synopsis of the story was reported as revised that it would be based on the theme of global warming that would cause water scarcity and water mafia will take charge. The film was reported to be entirely shot on a massive set in India to illustrate the advanced look.[1] In April 2005, Osborne arrived to Mumbai to attend the three-day annual Bollywood industry gathering called 'Frames' where in he stated that they would utilise animation technology in the film, introducing computer graphics and other skills to give a contemporary edge. The budget of the film was undisclosed and the plot was re-modified that the film would focus an imaginary city 25 years into the future where water supplies have dried up, revolving around how water would be currency with the rich, owning whatever water is available.[5][6] In 2006, the director moved on to direct Elizabeth: The Golden Age keeping Paani on hold. Post release of Elizabeth: The Golden Age, in an interview with The Hindu in November 2007, Kapur summarized, "It’s (Paani) a deeply political film set in 2025 in a metropolis with a population of 20 million. It’s a city that operates at two levels the upper city that feeds water to the lower city. Water is sadly used as a weapon of economic, social and political power. I believe the next war will be fought not over oil – but over water!”.[7] He added, “This can work as an international film in Hindi as water scarcity is a worldwide problem.”[8] In 2008, Shekhar Kapur was reported to produce to the film. He claimed, "(Paani) It'd require a creation of a whole city with two levels, one for the super-rich and the other for the underprivileged." The casting had begun and Kapur was to collaborate with UTV India for this venture.[9] In June 2009, Danny Boyle who appreciated the script showed keen interest to produce the film though his involvement was not confirmed.[10] In November 2009, Rensil D'Silva confirmed that he was co-writing the screenplay for the film.[11] On an auspicious front, Kapur and Rahman paid a visit to Dargah Sharif in Ajmer to kick start the long delayed project.At 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Kapur unveiled the poster of the film claiming the film to be produced by Swarovski Entertainment and Adlabs founder-turned-producer Manmohan Shetty. Built on $30 million budget, Kapur planned to begin filming November 2010 with additional backing from Walkwater media in Singapore, Dubai and on large purpose-built sets being designed by John Myhre. Jill Bilcock was roped in as the editor. A.R. Rahman had already composed two songs for the project. [12][13] At the press conference in Carlton Hotel, Cannes, as a unique presentation to serve bottled water at the venue, he mixed water from the Dharavi slums into the few bottles. Later he revealed unknown doings to the reporters thereby accomplishing his view about today's scenario about water.[14] The film's story was reported to be loosely based on Maude Barlow's book Blue Covenant. Kapur said that the it would be a love story with a backdrop of global water crisis with broader environmental motive in making the film.[15] In mid 2012, the director was exploring the modalities and the feasibility of the venue for shooting thereby his reconnaissance for the film. In November 2012, Kapur shot down rumors that claimed Danny Boyle as the producer.[16] Opting out so many producer collaborations, on 30 November 2012, Shekhar Kapur confirmed that Aditya Chopra would produce the film under his own banner, Yash Raj Films.[14] Kapur also claimed that he had written Paani nearly 15 years ago.[17][15]


In 2003, Vivek Oberoi was rumored to play the male lead.[1] In June 2011, reportedly, Kapur wanted to opt for a popular 18-year-old American actress, a Latin American pop star that is well known all over the world, and a European actor in his mid-40s.[18]Hrithik Roshan was strongly considered to play the male lead. Perhaps, he even expressed to work with Kapur that made earlier pieces of speculations to near confirmations. However, the director stated that casting was being finalised and the names were kept under wraps. Since 2010 Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart was considered to play the female lead. In 2011, she denied even being approached for the project, however in November 2012, she expressed her view to collaborate with Hrithik Roshan.

In September 2013, Sushant Singh Rajput was finalized for the film.[19] In a statement,Shekhar Kapur stated, "Sushant is one of the most inspiring young actors to emerge out of India. It’s going to be an exciting director-actor collaboration with him on ‘Paani.’"[20][21] Shekhar Kapur decided to cast a fresh Caucasian girl. In October 2013, Shekhar held auditions for Paani in Los Angeles.[22] There were also rumours of Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma being cast as the female lead.[23]

Poster releases

Three posters and a short video was launched at the conference in Cannes in 2010.[15] The main poster that place its credits in the well's bottom. The upper open part of the well showed silhouette character with no water in the pot against the backdrop of a huge city. It introduced the film title as, "2040 AD, when the well runs dry. We will realize the worth of Paani."


Reportedly, the film is finally set to go on the floors by May 2014.[17][24] The project would have a mix of Indian actors and some from the West. The actress opposite the male lead is expected to be picked from the West. The artistes of Los Angeles, Singapore and India have created the futuristic Mumbai with a population of 20 million people. The film will be shot in China and Singapore.[25][26] The construction of a futuristic Mumbai will two sharply demarcated sections: The Upper City (for the elite with abundant water supply) and The Lower City (for the poor).[25] Spain Government reported to be interested in having the shooting of Paani in its country due to the water theme.


In March 2013, Yashraj Films signed an agreement to release Paani at IMAX Theatres.[27][28][29][30] Paani would be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience with proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology for presentation in IMAX.

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