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Pantanal Linhas Aéreas Flight 4763 was a regularly scheduled domestic passenger flight from Bauru to São Paulo, Brazil. On July 16 2007, the ATR 42-300 operating the flight veered off runway 17R at Congonhas Airport in São Paulo into a taxiway. All 25 passengers and crew on board survived.[1]

Aircraft and crew

The aircraft involved was a twin turboprop ATR 42-300, serial number 225, registration PR-MBK; it was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW120 turboprop engines. The aircraft had been built in 1991 and was operated by TAT European Airlines and Air Inter Gabon in before being delivered to Pantanal Linhas Aéreas in March 1998.[2]

The captain had 7,420 flight hours, including 4,993 hours on the ATR 42. The first officer was less experienced than the captain, having logged only 947 flight hours, with 797 of them on the ATR 42.[3]


The was cleared to land on runway 17R at Congonhas Airport at 12:42 local time. However, on touchdown, the aircraft began to veer to the left. The flight crew was unsuccessful in regaining control and the aircraft skidded off the runway into a grassy area between the runway and taxiway C, causing the nose landing gear to collapse, the aircraft striking a small light pole and a concrete box before coming to a stop. All 25 people on board survived with no injuries.[1][3]


At the time of the accident, runway 35L/17R was undergoing construction to prevent hydroplaning. The runway had already been resurfaced, but had yet to receive water-channeling grooves, thus hydroplaning still occurred. The pilot flying the aircraft applied full pressure to the right rudder pedal, only aggravating the situation further. The pilot flying had not been briefed about this before this accident.[3]


The aircraft was damaged beyond repair and written off, making this the 18th hull loss of an ATR 42.[1][3]

Just one day after the accident, on July 17, 2007, TAM Airlines Flight 3054 (an Airbus A320-233 with registration PR-MBK) landed on runway 35L at Congonhas Airport at 18:54 local time. Like Flight 4763, Flight 3054 also experienced hydroplaning and difficulty stopping. Unlike Flight 4763, Flight 3054 was travelling at a much higher speed of 90 kn due to the flight crew accidentally leaving the right engine at takeoff power. Flight 3054 veered left, overshot the runway and crashed into a warehouse, exploding on impact. All 187 people on board were killed, along with 12 more people on the ground.[4]

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