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Musical artist

Patrik Jensen (born 24 November 1969 in Linköping, Sweden) is a Swedish guitarist and co-founder of the bands, The Haunted (1996-present),[1] and Witchery (1997-present),[2] and also the former guitarist of the bands Orchriste (1987-1990), Seance (1990-1995)[3] Satanic Slaughter (1994-1996)[4] and Brujeria (1997).

Jensen received his first guitar when he was seven years old, but started playing when he was sixteen years old - he took guitar lessons for five years thereafter. Jensen plays ESP Guitars and uses Engl amplification and EMG pick-ups.

In 2013, Jensen played some live shows with In Flames for Niclas Engelin, when Engelin was unable to play, due to becoming a father.



  • Necronomicon (1989)


Satanic Slaughter

  • Satanic Slaughter (1995)
  • Land of the Unholy Souls (1996)

With The Haunted

With Witchery


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