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Phallophobia or medorthophoia is an excessive fear or aversion to the erect penis.[1][2]


In its broadest sense the term can be used metaphorically, for example in regards to pro-feminists.[3] However, in its narrower sense it has been described as a symptom that is more like to be exhibited by women.[4] In sources that appear to use it in the original sense, it is sometimes nuanced as a byproduct or hyponym of an aversion, dislike or fear of the protruding appendage resemblance of the male erection, and how this symbolizes an accompanying aggression or assertiveness. This may occur in an aesthetic setting,[5] or in a sociological setting.[6]

Nonliteral and rhetorical usage

Sometimes the word is used in a sense wherein it is metaphorical and unrelated to its etymological origins, as in for instance when a man sees another man as a rival and a potential source of infidelity for his spouse.[7] Other reviews have applied the term as a euphemism or allegory to indicate that society is in contemporary times less willing to be objective and straighforward in discussions of the physiological aspects of the young male body in general due to prudery, or a celibacist and puritan standpoint that in particular targets men and boys.[8] In other writings it has been used as an epithet to describe the lesbian or female asexual aversion to male sexuality.[9]