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Pi Day Die Day is a 2016 horror comedy produced by One Stoplight Productions and Cullen Park Productions that revolves around a group of detectives seeking to thwart the plans of a killer at a local high school on Pi Day. It was directed by Michael E. Cullen II and written by Lindsey LaForest and stars Ari Lehman. Shot on location in Ohio, a fundraising campaign was started on Indiegogo to help supplement the film's budget. The film had its official premiere on March 12, 2016, gathering mixed reviews, and was also released on home media.


A killer is on the loose at a respectable high school in Euclid Falls, and the principal and a group of detectives must enlist the help of a Mathematics teacher to discover the killer's identity and thwart his diabolical plans.


  • Ari Lehman as Principal Hayward
  • Justin Rose as Caleb Crosby
  • Colton Tapp as Lucas Styles
  • Spring JoyLynn as Jennifer
  • Kayla Nicole as Girl in the Bedroom
  • Kayla Elizabeth as Tiffany
  • Matthew Kimura as Clarence Rivera
  • Sarah Bertz Thomas as Jessica Shelley
  • Gabriel Rios-Hannon as Teacher
  • Jeanine Visuue as Detective Mahoney
  • Steve Sabo as Yoga Instructor


Pie Day Die Day was directed by Michael E. Cullen II, and most of the filming took place in Haskins, Ohio; the film was written by co-producer Lindsey LaForest, who described it as a "slashomedy" (slasher-cum-comedy).[1] Actor Colton Tapp, who stars in the film, also expressed that the film "pays homage to the big teen slashers".[2] The entire cast comprises of "local talent"[3] including Tapp and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th),[2] as well as comedian Steve Sabo, who made a cameo appearance.[4] One Stoplight Productions and Cullen Productions also received an additional $3,970 in funds through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.[5]


Pie Day Die Day had a limited release in the United States on March 12, 2016. It premiered at the Cle-Zel Theatre in Bowling Green,[3] and was screened at the Maumee Indoor Theatre two days later on Pi Day.[1] It is also available on DVD.[1][6] The film was given 2.5 out of 5 stars by Matt Boiselle of Dread Central, who writes that "the schizophrenic mix of both practical and CGI effects" overwhelm the "entertaining" aspects of the film.[7] "Reverend Leviathan", writing for the web magazine DarkestMagazine Goth, gave the film a positive review, lauding in particular the "tongue-in-cheek humor" and the "surprise ending".[8]


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