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The Planetrise Cultural and Environmental Association was founded in 2003 by some enthusiastic young people in Kisvárda (Hungary).[1]



"Promotion of sustainable development, protection of diverse cultures, promotion of healthy lifestyle for every social class in order to create a liveable and more unified world." (extract from the Association’s articles)[2]


They aim to promote the conservation of values, of our natural and built environment and to form our society in a sustainable way via their concrete projects, programs, awareness rising and education. To achieve their goals they work together with national and international local governments, civil organizations, educational, health and social institutions, national parks, authorities for the protection of the natural and built environment, business companies and the media.[3]


The Association in Malawi

The Association is in strategic cooperation with the Jacaranda Foundation in Malawi.

The Foundation operate the Jacaranda School for orphans the only entirely free primary and secondary school in the whole of Malawi (in Malawi only the primary education is free). They have more than 400 students. 98% of the children in the school are orphaned by aids, and they have a number of children in the school who are living with aids. The founder of the school, Marie Da Silva is one of the most known names in Malawi for charitable work. She is also internationally acknowledged, especially since she has won the CNN Hero awards back in 2008. The school not just provide basic education but also have many additional cultural and sport projects. They also support the community with their outreach programs (providing food for the most needy families, building homes).[4]

The Planetrise Association have already provided support to the school. In the past years for example they sent a book donation (about 3000 English books) to the libraries of the school. The school itself has 2 libraries (one for primary and another for the secondary students) plus the director of the school Mr. Luc Deschamps has been opening libraries in the rural communities so books are always welcomed. Besides one of their members have helped the school with volunteer work of all kinds, including shooting short movies at the school. Their president has also visited the school every time he traveled to Malawi. He also donated 1 ton of second hand clothes for the orphans.

The agreement between Jacaranda and Planetrise has two main parts:

  • The Jacaranda Foundation have more acres of production areas in Malawi, which could ensure the food supply for the school. Planetrise provide expertise in farming to maximize the land's capacity.
  • The Planetrise convey volunteer teachers for a half/one year period.[5]


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