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Power of the Sea is a TV Documentary on Pakistan Navy, directed by Kamran Qureshi, produced by Avtek Media Group and sponsored by Embassy.

This documentary covers the life of all four dimensions of Pakistan Navy, the Warships, SSG, Submarines and Aviation. It endeavors to include the training of cadets in Naval academy, emergency exercises like Action Station by the soldiers on ships, Marines, Air staff in the circumstances of war & emergencies and part of their training, especially the exercises of Commandos in air, on earth and under water. The Submarine manufacturing factory and dockyards have been filmed showing the capability of Navy on manufacturing side. This documentary is a part of Har Dam Tayyar documentaries series about Pakistan Armed Forces.[1][2][3] Template:Externalvideo


Warships include destroyers, fast speed missile boats, minehunters and combat support ships. Warships have the ability to target from sea surface to air and enemy ships from sea surface to sea surface. There are torpedoes installed in these warships, which can find and target the objective under sea as well.

Far from populations and residential areas, people cannot see these ships floating in the sea and these soldiers, who are determined and busy in efforts to achieve their objectives.[4]

Action station

Action station is the first degree of readiness when the wartime arises. It means when soldiers prepare and take their positions to deal with the expected attack of enemy. The soldiers of Navy travels far into the sea and remains very far from cities but they live in the heart of the nation.[5]

Naval Aviation

Pakistan Naval Aviation's mission is to protect the sea borders of Pakistan. P-3C, Atlantic, Sea King and Z-9 etc, these aircrafts and helicopters have the state of art missiles, weapons and sensors of the world. With the help of these sensors, they do twenty-four hours surveillance of sea, and keep an eye on every movement of enemy.[6]


The life of submarine is simultaneously exciting and dangerous. First submarine, named Ghazi, was included in the Naval fleet of Pakistan Navy in 1964. The feats of Ghazi played an important role in the war of 1965.

Pakistan Navy has modern Augusta 93 submarines. Manufacturing submarines is the most complicated technology of the world. Pakistan Navy is fully competent in submarine manufacturing. French oriented submarines are made internally in Pakistan. The first submarine of this series, PNS Khalid, is currently in the Naval fleet. Pakistan is eleventh country in the world who has got this ability to manufacture submarines.[7]


SSG, special services group, means Commandos. They are like backbone in any force. Commandos of Pakistan Navy are fully capable of attacking the enemy in air, ground and under water.[8]


Pakistan marines is the fourth dimension of Pakistan Navy. Their basic purpose is to provide defence to the Naval installations against the air and ground attack of enemy. And also the protection of border coastal areas during war.[9]

Musical evening

Jawad Ahmad spent time with Naval commandos in the field and he has sung motivational songs for morale boosting.[10]

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