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Prasanth Nair IAS

Prasanth Nair in Calicut
Born 1986
Kerala, India
Nationality Indian
Education L.L.B.
Known for Urban activism
Prasanth at a function

Prasanth Nair IAS is the district administrator of Kozhikode city in Kerala state of India. He belongs to the elite federal cadre called Indian Administrative Service. He is one of the most popular administrators of the state of Kerala and has become noted for some of his novel initiatives like ' Operation Sulaimani' and Compassionate Calicut.

Kozhikode Collector

Prasanth Nair assumed office as the District Collector of Kozhikode in February, 2015. During the congress government, he had many enemies in the ruling party.[1] They even tried to trasfer him out of Kozhikode but he moves didn't succeed because of popular protest.[2]

Conflicts with politicians

In 2016, Prasanth Nair created a controversy by clashing with a parliament member on the Facebook.[3] The MP had complained that the administrator is delaying the clearance of bills connected with MPLADS programme. He demanded the collector to apologize for it. Instead of apologizing, the collector responded with a map of Kunnamkulam on the face-book. The collector was playing a pun with the Malayalam meaning of the word map.[4]

He has become popular by interacting with the common man on issues of general interest. He also conducts various campaigns against social evils. He keeps his office open to the public and their grieviences are always taken care of.[5]

Operation Sulaimani

Operation Sulaimani is the most popular project of Prasanth Nair. It is meant to address the issue of hunger in an otherwise affluent city of Calicut. Through this project, the district administraton distributes coupons to the poor travellers coming to the city and they can eat their lunch with paid customers in all the restaurants in the city. The collector also conducted an initiative to improve the conditons of the lunatic asylum in Calicut. Another project was 'Project 4.N' which was targeted at the fixing of potholes on roads. Then there was the ‘Trimoothri Photo Contest’, in which he asked the people to photograph those who made the city dirty and to send them to him directly.

Kozhikode Encyclopedia

Prasanth Nair has launched an online encyclopedia of Kozhikode city which he calls 'Compassionate Calicut'. This is a documentatin of the stories, anecdotes, folklores and heritage of Kozhikode city.[2]

International recognition

The German organization The Internationale Tourismus-Börse has selected Compassionate Kozhikode as one of 50 inspirational global projects.[6] According to the latest count, he has 226,767 followers on his face book page “Collector Kozhikode”.[7] He uses his facebook page for all kinds of announcements and for accepting complaints directly.[8]

Prasanth Nair has also scripted the Malayalam movie directed by Anil Radhakrishnan Menon.[9]

Environmental initiatives

In 2015, Prasanth Nair created news by bringing public participatin for cleaning a 14-acre pond in Calicut called the Pisharikavu pond. He offered public money for getting a water pump for the project. In addition to this he made another cute offer: All the participants will be fed hot 'biriyani' by the administration. The request worked and about 750 local people cleaned the pond on 26 January 2016.[10]


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