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ProjectLocker is a code hosting website built using Ruby and PostGreSQL.[1] It provides cloud deployment services and tools to Software developers to make the build and release process easier. It offers features such as remote deployment on staging and production servers and allows enabling real-time exception notifications in applications. It provides continuous integration support and offers various services such as Subversion, Git an Trac hosting.[2] It also provides integration with popular tools such as Slack, FogBugz, Jabber, Basecamp and Twitter.[3]



ProjectLocker LLC was founded in 2003 and Corregan Brown is the co-founder of the company. Their current Office headquarter is located at Atlanta, Georgia.[24] Their mission statement is "ProjectLocker will allow developers to achieve an order of magnitude (10x) increase in productivity."[25] As of 2014, there were around 11 to 50 employees working at ProjectLocker.[2] The estimated revenue of the company is less than $1M.[24]


Private Subversion Hosting

ProjectLocker provides a web-based interface for importing your existing subversion repositories into ProjectLocker, managing users and groups.[26]

Safe, Secure and Accessible code hosting

ProjectLocker offers safe storage of the customers code by keeping multiple copies of data with Redundant disk arrays, providing environmental and power controls on the hardware.[27]

It offers physical, system-level and connection security by housing 24/7 online security, video surveillance, by periodically testing using vulnerability testing tools.[28]

It allows accessing the code from anywhere in the world in a secure manner. The production servers are high performing residing on the Gigabit Ethernet network. It is integrated to popular communication platforms like Jabber, Twitter, HipChat, Slack.[29]


Git Hosting

ProjectLocker offers Git hosting for the customers over both HTTPS and SSH.[30]

Trac tickets

ProjectLocker, with an ability to receive tickets via email is among the largest managed Trac host in the world. Trac is an issue management system to create and manage tickets. It helps to organize projects.[31]

T-Sheets Add on

The TSheets add on to the ProjectLocker helps people in tracking their time along with commit comments so that it ensures all the time that is spent on the work is logged correctly and billed.[32]

Toggl Add on

The Toggl add on to the ProjectLocker also helps people in tracking their time along with commit comments so that it ensures all the time that is spent on the work is logged correctly and billed.[33]

Freckle Add on

The Freckle add on to the ProjectLocker also helps people in tracking their time along with commit comments so that it ensures all the time that is spent on the work is logged correctly and billed.[34]

Partnerships and Collaborations


Some of the major features offered by ProjectLocker are also offered by other software services like Beanstalk [1], CloudForge, Google Cloud Platform, Assembla, Bitbucket, etc.[37] All these differ by their pricing plans, providing extra features like protection mechanisms, issue tracking and integration to other software.


  • ProjectLocker ensures 99.9% up time[38] but there are some hardware issues on the servers.[39]

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