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Purnima Gupta
Purnima Gupta

Purnima Gupta (born on 24 dec) 1986 from Delhi is an Indian astrologer[1] and tarot card reader.

Purnima is nominated candidate for Padma Shri (2018). She is also the author of the book Mythocharelife[2] where book is all about connection of mythological characters in today's world.

Education Qualification

She did her graduation from Delhi economic honors from Delhi university and CFP from financial planning standard board of India. She completed her honour doctorate in the field of astrology by Victoria global university USA in 2017.


She got some awards like

  • International achiever award in astrology[3],
  • Best tarot card reader in 2017,
  • Young women achiever - astrology 2018,
  • Best astrologer 2018 by Magicka.[4]
  • Jyotish bhushan 2019 by Nier
  • International achiever award in astrology in 2018
  • Mother teresa sadhbhavana award in 2019[5]
  • Bharat Gaurav in Indo srilanka friendship awards in 2018[6]
  • Women leader with a purpose award in 2018
  • Best Tarot card reader by NIER[7]

Her work

She has been astrologer for some of the celebrities like Rakesh bedi, Ankit Tiwari, Daler Mehndi, Aarushi actress and so on. She use to share some tips with examples to fulfill your wishes in Jyotish Duniya Channel[8] also in many other channels[9].

She is titled as Beti bachao beti padao[10] for the social work she do.


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