Quaid-E-Azam Public School and College Paniola Poonch A.K

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Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College (QPSC), Paniola, Azad Kashmir is situated at about 18 km from the city of Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir, on Rawalakot Muzafarabad Road. It was established in 1982 by Mr.Shouqat Nazar, a respectable person of the society, who was its first principal soon followed by his wife Mrs.Kousar Shouqat who belongs to Faisalabad, Pakistan. It was the very first school of its nature at that time, kinda of an enigma for the people of the region, which served the educational demand and produced many professionals who earned their names in their respective fields. Along with these two personalities, it is essential to discuss the name of the person, Syed Hafeez Hussain Shah, without which QPSC would have been nothing,


To remind you, Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College has always been under the ownership of Mrs.Kousar Shouqat yet its principals has always been changing with time due to different reasons. Immediately after Mrs.Kousar Shouqat when she left the seat of the principal, around 2010, it was appointed to a lady who could not stay any longer and eventually, handed over the seat to Mr.Kanzal Abbas. During this time, QPSC was divided into three sections; one from class zero to Matric, second Intermediate and third belonged to Bachelors. All the sections had different principals.

Period 2010 - 2015

For a couple of years, every thing was going by the book due to the hard work of some great teachers of the time such as Mr.Rajid Hussain Shah[1] (Bachelor plus Intermediate section), Mr.Nayyar Khan (School Section) and Mrs.Mavish Agha who really burned their midnight oil for uplifting of the institution but all their efforts ended to smoke eventually. It was because the misunderstandings and differences of the three administrations of the same institution which finally led QPSC Paniola to the point of nowhere in the educational competition. All the authorities were rather busy in conspiracy against each other due to which many careers of some shining students were compromised.

Period 2015 - 2017

As the time went by, QPSC had experienced many principals and it was Mrs.Nazia Razzaq in 2016, who was yet another appointed principal at QPSC. During this time period, clashes between the three different administrations were on the rise. On one side, it was Mr. Kanzal Abbas, the principal of Intermediate and Bachelors section, and on the other side, there were Mrs. Nazia Razzaq and Mr. Ejaz Naseem, the principals of school and Bachelor section, they were busy in arguing each other down by using different means and tactics.

Period 2018 Onward

Finally, in 2018, due to the rising tension between the two sections and also the academic imperfections, the authorities took a major step to change the whole picture by replacing both the principals with a new administrator, who would act as a principal of both the sections (School + Intermediate). Now, this school has been running by Mr. Shahid Aslam, the principal, and Mr. Zubair Ahmed as a vice principal. As a team, whose third member is Engineer Asher Kabir, they have been doing really good for the betterment of the institute. In the nutshell, QPSC is one of the best educational institutes in the region to provide quality education in Paniola. The students of the institution are comparatively active in academic and other aspects of life.


The Library which is present in school devotes considerable efforts and resources to the development of a library collection. The library collection includes extra-circulation books, reference books, encyclopedias, handbooks and periodicals.


The institute has a well equipped laboratory which covers wide range of practical instruments for Matric as well as Intermediate level. This laboratory has been further divided into three sections: Biological, chemical and physics one. As said well equipped with all modern tools and instruments and far advance than any other laboratory of any institute of the region, it is not only serving the students of its own institute, infact, students from different schools and colleges of the area come to perform the practicals here what they cannot do in their own laboratories.


Being a private institute, QPSC Paniola does not grant scholarships of the types what you might be possibly thinking, but it does provide financial support to the needy students irrespective of their educational standard in the shape of full fee concession. There have been hundreds of the students who were taught by QPSC without any fee.

Sports Week

Since 2017, when Mrs Nazia Razzaq was the principal, QPSC, under the management of Asher Kabir, had started arranging sports Week for the school students. This activity did them really good by developing mutual understanding, self-control and teamwork.Template:Coord missing Keeping in the view the benefits students had been gaining from the Sports Event, QPSC has set it its yearly planner which means Sports Week is arranged every year after 2017.