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Rachel Galvin is an American actress, writer and editor who has performed and worked in Colorado, Los Angeles, and South Florida.

Film actor

She also was featured in several productions, including Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Power Rangers. She also was seen in Damon Packard's Early 70's Horror Trailer[1] and in The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show.[no citations needed here]

She went on to do several independent films in Florida, including features "Film Contest?" and "Elixir." She was a lead in many short films, including, "Someone Special" [2]"It's Happening", "Intersect", "Life Worth Living", "End of the Living", "The Delivery", "Refusal",[3] "Faded", "Lockbox", "Wrong Turn", Casting Call", "Final, Job","End of the Living," "Lucky Streak & the Crimefighters",[4] "Repugnant Verocity," "Trap" (as voiceover)"6th Day" and "Frozen Styph". She was in the web series "Absolution".[5][6]

She did several commercials for BocaRaton.com.[no citations needed here]


In Los Angeles, she worked as a talent coordinator for ESI KIDZ, now called The ESI Network.,[7] working with young actors who have gone on to have a career of their own, such as Malcom David Kelley[8] who appeared in the TV show Lost.


She produced a webisode called "The Insight" for BocaRaton.com.[9] The show is a three-host format discussing ideas about Law of Attraction, Holistic Health, Forgive & Forget and more.


She has been an editor at CitySmart Magazine, created a trade publication about film entitled "Independent Streak Magazine" [10] and is editor at the Observer Newspaper (Deerfield Beach).[11]Template:Failed verification


She moved to South Florida and began a career as a writer, working with various publications, including as a theater critic for the Miami New Times. She received an award for Best Freelance Writer 2016 with Women in the Arts [12][13]Template:Failed verification Highlights include:

She was also a theater critic for Talkin' Broadway. Highlights include:

  • Amadeus at The Mosaic Theater[22]
  • Necessary Targets at Lehman Theater[23]

She has written about art for Art of the Times[24] and Cultural Quarterly,[25] among othersTemplate:Which.

She has her own column in DUO Magazine talking about film, as well as writing additional articles.[26]Template:Failed verification

She was lead writer (editor) for In the Biz Magazine[27]Template:Failed verification and is assistant editor and school editor at the Deerfield Observer.[28]Template:Failed verification

She has written for Coral Springs & Parkland City News about various topics, including business profiles,[29] about events,[29] about beauty[30] and restaurants,[31] among others. She has had her own fashion blog called Let's Talk Fashion.[32]

She has written about many celebrities like Julian Lennon [33] and Jane Russell [34] for publications like Edit International, a wire service. She also wrote about Jackie Evancho [35]

She has written her own 184-page book on the acting industry entitled "Basics of the Biz: A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Actor"[36]


She worked on several independent projects as a producer but took on a directorial debut, starring in a short film called To Mine Own Self Be True,[37] which was shown twice in 2005 at Screamfest.

Online publisher

Galvin is the publisher for Independent Streak Magazine (www.independentstreakmagazine.com)[38] and is the founder of a social networking portal and blog (IndependentStreak.Ning.Com).[3]


Galvin is also a photographer. She took photos of FTL MODA, a fashion show held in January 2007 in Ft. Lauderdale.[39]


She is a frequent host on ObserverTV.[40]

She has her own radio shows on blog talk radio: IndieStreak [41] in which she interviews filmmakers and Basics of the Biz [42] in which she talks about the acting industry. She was nominated for a Women in the Arts Award for Best Web Show [43] and won Web Radio Show of the Year.[41][44] She has interviewed many guests, including hosting guru and coach, Marki Costello[45]

She interviewed filmmakers on the red carpet at the Palm Beach International Film Festival for BocaRaton.com. Video is available on www.bocaraton.com.[46]

She was a guest reporter on CityTV25's program "In the Loop.",[47] on BocaRaton.com. She was also can be seen in a segment on the French Film Festival at Cinema Paradiso.[48]

She was a guest host for the podcast KoreNewMedia.com[49]Template:Failed verification

She was a host for podcast KoreMovies.com as well as a guest host on KoreNews.com.[50]Template:Failed verification


Galvin was the illustrator for "Davy Jones & the Heart of Darkness",[51] which tells the creation myth about Davy Jones' Locker.


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