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RadioIO (pronounced “radio eye-oh”) is a New York-based internet radio and streaming media service owned by RadioIO, Inc. (RDIO).(1) Since its inception in 1998, the service has been widely recognized as the original internet radio pioneer.(2) During its history, the company has enjoyed a number of other “firsts,” including the distinction of being the first company in the internet radio space to be publically traded.(3) RadioIO provides handcrafted, customized music and cutting-edge talk radio products and services for the consumer and business-to-business marketplaces.(4)

RadioIO offers over 100 music and talk hosted channels and shows.(5) RadioIO’s proprietary award-winning music programming ranges from popular or “mainstream” genre channels such as “Classic Rock” and “Today’s Pop” to niche formats such as “Ambient” and “Reggae.” RadioIO producers specially curate and update daily an eclectic array of programming to provide a fresh mix of deep music playlists. RadioIO music channels are managed by “StreamHosts,” which include nationally and internationally celebrated radio and music industry personalities such as FJ Forest (Musical Starstreams) (6), Robert Goodman (DJ/producer) (7), Doug Wendt (Midnight Dread) (8), Lloyd Barde (Backroads Music), and others.(9)

RadioIO Talk remains the exclusive internet radio “home” of #26 “Top Talkers” (2013) (10) shock-jock “Bubba the Love Sponge” (11) and Shannon Burke.(12) Its unique talk channels also feature notable personalities Sam Simons (co-creator of The Simpsons) (13), Jonathan Bailor (author of the New York Time bestseller The Calorie Myth and The Smarter Science of Slim)(14), and Diane Sanfilippo (New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo)(15), among a lineup of other blockbuster talent. RadioIO Talk channels dial up the discussion on love and relationships, sports, music, and comedy, with branded channels such as “Be Well Radio” delivering health and fitness talk programming through an exclusive flow of cutting-edge content and current news produced daily to engage the audience in the dialogue of living a healthier life, which includes Robb Wolf (bestselling author of The Paleo Solution).(16)

RadioIO’s internet radio service can be found at (17) RadioIO can also be accessed via media streaming devices such as Logitech/Slim Devices, Grace Digital, Sanyo, Sangean, and other Reciva-powered devices, and various internet radio directories including iTunes, TuneIn, and via Sony PlayStation Home. RadioIO is a featured preset station in selected GM automobiles such as Cadillac via MiRoamer.(18)

RadioIO’s Business Music, an internet streaming background business music service and highly specialized business solution, launched in 2008 as IO Business Music (, a wholly owned subsidiary of RadioIO, Inc. (19) It provides in-store music solutions to millions of customers a month and offers branded and non-branded business music channels featuring localized advertising as well as nationally placed ad messages. Leading national chains such as quick service restaurants, including SUBWAY and Burger King, as well as spas, hospitals, airports, hotels, casinos, auto dealers, and specialty retailers use its growing service.(20)

History: In 1998, pioneering internet broadcaster Michael R. Roe launched a single SHOUTcast stream after starting it as a hobby out of a spare bedroom in St. Augustine, Florida. The following year, Roe named it RadioA3 (a radio industry term meaning “adult album alternative” music) and in 2001 changed the name to RadioIO (IO meaning “internet only”). (21) As one of the founders of Voice of Webcasters (VoW), Roe along with a grass-roots group of small webcasters, organized the first “Day of Silence” protests against the high royalty fees for Internet radio in 2002 and 2007.(22) (23) (24) In July 2009, RadioIO, Digitally Imported, and AccuRadio reached a revenue-sharing deal with royalty collector SoundExchange securing music rights.(25) (26)

RadioIO’s listenership has grown rapidly since its inception. The first internet radio audience listener metrics were measured in 2002 by Arbitron Webcast Ratings and Measurecast Communications’ Internet Radio Report. RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) reported on June 14, 2002, that “Florida-based webcaster RadioIO made an impressive debut in both studies at #10 (260,800 ATH Arbitron; 284,313 TTSL Measurecast).” (27) In December 2002, RadioIO partnered with Limelight Networks and Apple to deliver the world’s first QuickTime 6 / MPEG-4-based, live internet radio broadcast. (28) Based on total listening hours logged, RadioIO's "Eclectic" channel was listed as the second most popular web music channel by Arbitron Measurecast in December 2002. (28 ) By March 2006, RadioIO was streaming 20 proprietary music channels. (29) SInce that time, it has grown its content offerings to over 100 music and talk channels.(30) On December 18th, 2013, RadioIO, Inc. upgraded its delivery quality and scalability to serve its rapidly expanding internet radio business by delivering its content through Triton Digital.. (31)

RadioIO became the first publicly held internet radio operation on September 22, 2005, when it was acquired by PowerCerv Corporation, and then renamed ioWorldMedia, Incorporated. (32) On September 3, 2013, a corporate organizational restructuring brought Julia Miller, a former Apple and Microsoft (Xbox) executive, and Zach McAdoo, a Principal of McAdoo Capital, on as board members to assume active management roles in the company.(33) (34) (35) In October 2013, the shareholders of ioWorldMedia (IWDM) approved its merger with RadioIO, Inc., which subsequently began trading common stock under the ticker symbol "RDIO" on the OTC market on January 10, 2014. (36) (37) (38)

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