Raising Shrimp

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Raising Shrimp is a 2014 documentary that explores the last hope of a dying industry: fishermen and shrimp farming.


Why does our food come from so far away? Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the United States, where we eat over a billion pounds a year of it. But 90% of it is imported,[1] and most of that is farmed, not wild caught. America's most popular and iconic seafood is really a cheap foreign import. Raising Shrimp paints the economic and medical perils of an outsourced food supply, and follows Ted Caplow,[2][3] an engineer, and Andy Danylchuk,[4][5] an ecologist, on a quest for a better shrimp.

In Texas, they find fishermen pushed from riches to rags by imports. In Belize, they find shrimp farmers striving for a natural balance with jungles and lagoons, but again globalization takes its toll, and the best farm collapses.

But back home, pioneering farmers harness the power of bacteria to grow shrimp inside a darkened warehouse without any waste. Encouraged, Andy and Ted see that Raising Shrimp this way offers hope for all.


  • Ted Caplow (narrator)
  • Andy Danylchuk


A 52-minute version of the documentary will be released mid-2014.


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