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Musical artist

Rajib Hossain (Template:Lang-bn; born 6 April 1980) is a Bangladeshi music composer and producer.[1] He became popular after the release of his first solo album (Ohetuk)'s title track "Ohetuk".[2]


Rajib Hossain is a Bangladeshi rock music composer, lyricist, and musician.[3] Sound Engineer. He was born in a Bengali upper-middle-class family on 6 April 1980 in Dhaka Town, Bangladesh.[4][5]

In 2015, Rajib Hossain released his first band album OHETUK, which proved to be a success many local area in Bangladesh.[no citations needed here] The Band album had a mix of folk and modern electronica music.[6][7]


Year Name Pattern Label
2015 OHETUK' Band CD Choice


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