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Template:Use Indian English Template:Infobox dot-com companyRankMF is a Mutual Fund research & Investment platform created by Samco. The company claims it to be the best mutual fund investment application as it uses proprietary algorithm named smart SIP, which can additionally generated a return of 5.9%[1]


RankMF was made public for investors in Nov, 2018 by Samco Securities [2]

Features of RankMF

RankMF has following features:-

  • Smart SIP: its an automated SIP and help investors by providing signals like like, skip, dislike, 2 likes based on current market conditions. The algorithm is backed by a margin of safety index that identifies severe markets fluctuations [3]
  • Strength Indicator: It indicates the funds strength based on its several data points like Quality of Portfolio, Interest Rate Risk, Volatility, Ability to generate returns at lower risk and more.
  • Portfolio Health Checker: The investor can upload their CAS/ NSDL or CDSL Demat Statements that can help to track its funds overall strength in its portfolio.
  • MosDEX - Margin of Safety Index: Estimates the price and gain of the fund scheme over a time frame and at occasion of extreme ecstasy with negative margin of safety, they shall recommend to stop investment in such fund schemes[4].

Mutual Fund Baskets

These baskets are the combination of mutual funds schemes that are grouped to meet investors’ goals based on time horizon, retirement goal, target corpus, risk appetite etc. For example- Target Corpus Funds, Retirement Focus Funds, Time Horizon Funds, Best Funds for Tax Saving and more.

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